Happy Wife = Happy Life

Most Vixens are pretty happy with their lives, but it is very much dependent on the Stag to make sure she stays extra happy.

One of the ways many stags can ensure their lovely hotwife vixens are kept happy is to arrange for some extra good play times. Yes, seeking out and finding her some hot and attentive play partners who are sure to bring her to the big O multiple times before the evening is over. You end up with a wife that feels sexy, content, and because you arranged it… giving in return.

Maybe you’re a stag that likes to participate, maybe just watch.

I’m more of a watcher myself, with the show being a sort of foreplay leading to a very needy reclaiming if I am the stag. Because I’m a watcher usually I’m a showman if playing the extra guy with someone else’s Vixen wife.

To give a good show it is best to have an idea what the stag husband is into and what will set off fireworks for the vixen. Pleasure for both, and knowing you’ve set them up for even more pleasure afterward.

So communication is the key to making the hotwife play hot and the husbands who watch get off just as much as the vixen.

In the image above we have a hotwife between two attentive males and a husband off to the side giving a thumbs up because he likes what he is seeing. Happy Husband just as much as a happy wife. That is what it is all about.

You can get this happy wife = happy life design on a T-shirt in our Vixen Love (because vixens should be loved) mini store on Zazzle HERE – Vixen Love Happy Wife Happy Life Hotwife T-shirt.

I also really like this one as a coffee cup design which you can see HERE – Happy Wife Happy Life Coffee Mug.

I am a hardcore coffee drinker though, so my taste in items leans towards hotwife vixens and coffee.