Vixen Club – Our Husbands Like To Watch

Hotwives aren’t always into their husbands watching them. Of the ones that are, they have all sorts of different motivations. A lot of hotwifing is based around a cuckolding narrative, but rarely so with the ones who are Vixens.

Vixen club our husbands like to watch cute vixen hotwife with shades T-Shirt design

A Vixen needs a stag, and a stag is not a cuck. The motivations, actions, participation styles, and overall dynamics are almost extreme opposites.

Stags are often the dominant figure in the scenario, but at the same time bow down to their Vixen because they find their Vixen so enthralling.

Participate or not, they almost always love to watch their wives.

To be a member of the Vixen Club means to be married to a stag that adores them and wants them pleased. It means to be a wife that likes to visually please their husband amongst other things.

Here we have a cute watercolor of a Vixen fox with shades because she’s so darn cool. It says “Vixen Club” above the foxie head and “Our Husbands Like To Watch” at the bottom.

We obviously put it on a T-shirt because we are all about the casual T-Shirt thing, but we also put this one on a phone case so you can pop it over your phone when you are going places you want to semi-discretely allow people to know you’re a Vixen.

Vixen club hotwife phone case with cute watercolor vixen design.

You can get the phone case HERE – Vixen Club Our Husbands Like To Watch Case.

and the T-Shirt link is HERE – Vixen Club Our Husbands Like To Watch T-Shirt.

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