Hotwife Photography Club

One thing many men who are married to hotwives enjoy doing is taking pictures or filming their wives in action. If you are one of those men then you are in the Hotwife Photography Club.

Hotwife photography club image subtitle married to a vixen husband

The reasons are various, but in most cases, the photos and videos are to allow the stag husband to relive and enjoy the experience of watching his vixen hotwife in action over and over.
Sometimes the photos and videos are used to spice up the private moments between the wife and husband at later dates, but usually, it is the stag alone who keeps, views, and enjoys the visual documentation of his hotwife’s doings.
It is extremely rare for a stag to show his videos to others unless it is via internet sharing sites, but many love to show the photos to people they think will understand and appreciate his wife’s activities.
Whatever the motivations a man has for taking the images or filming it all boils down to it being a common scenario that many men married to hotwives enjoy.

The image above which shows a camera and the words “Hotwife Photography Club” above it, along with the words “Married To A Vixen” below the camera is available as a shirt HERE – Hotwife photography club, married to a Vixen T-Shirt.

It also makes a dandy coffee cup for a guy who likes to take pictures of his wife playing with others. You can get the cup HERE- Hotwife photography club, married to a Vixen coffee mug.