QOS Vixens

Race can be a touchy subject in 2023. People have all sorts of opinions, and a lot of people think their opinion is the only one that counts. Many people that are into hotwifing also have some race play involved.

The race play takes many forms, and participants are all very much agreed to it. The most common way this manifests in the hotwife lifestyle is with women who are not black that seek out and play with black males. In most cases, the husband is not black as well, but that is not a very important aspect of the game. Women who do this are often referred to as a Queen of Spades (QOS) and they often seek black males who have larger than average equipment which is referred to as BBC which stands for Big Black Cock. The QOS wives are sometimes exclusively seeking BBC or black men in general, while avoiding play with all other races. In many cases, the black men refer to themselves as bulls. As a bull, they are also expected to be very confident and usually dominant in the bedroom. This is especially the case when the QOS wife is married to a non-dominant male who is in the role of cuckold. This cuckolded husband often gets off on being humiliated, playing at servitude, and being denied. In a Vixen and stag relationship this is not the case at all, and the couples may even avoid men who refer to themselves as bulls to avoid confusion.

Note that many variations of this exist and that the opposite scenario is extremely common as well, with a married black woman who seeks only white play partners. The term for BWC stands for big white cock, and that is also something very sought after. Some of these women refer to themselves as Queen Of Hearts. That is based on the more known QOS moniker.

This is all a type of play obviously, and many women you see sporting a QOS anklet or similar (an anklet is a common thing for women who play that game) are very much into the game, do prefer BBC because of the game, but in reality, are usually very willing to play with men of other ethnicities including white.

As long as everyone is happy with the scenario and playing their part in their games willingly it is all good.

Vixen Queen Of Spades spade with vixen design

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This image shows a sultry yet cute redheaded vixen with fox ears and a fox tail in black lingerie within a spade shape along with a capital Q to represent the queen position she holds and the word “VIXEN” at the bottom of the spade.