Size preferences for hotwives

It is a common thing for men to wonder about a woman’s size preference. Some men even sweat about it and suffer from anxiety over their size.

Sizes differ around the world, but here in the USA where I live, the average is six inches in length with a circumference of five inches. If you are above 5″ in length and 4.5″ in circumference you are basically in the average category until you surpass 7″ in length and 5.5″ in circumference.

Women do have preferences obviously, not just in size, but also in appearance, curvature, etc. Most don’t have a lot to compare with, so sometimes they are even unaware of what they would like best.
Obviously, that would not be the case with an active hotwife. Active being subjective of course as one person’s idea of extremely active in the lifestyle might be another person’s idea of hardly playing at all.
Even so, they will eventually have a bit more to compare to than the average woman, and preferences will form. The norm it turns out for a majority when hotwives respond to this is “Average,” or close to it. There you go. The question has been answered. I got that from a lot of women.
If they swing as well, which many do, they will also have a slightly larger-than-average sampling.
Not that a large member is a prerequisite for the swinging lifestyle, but rather a majority of men who are regularly active in such activities are average and up. The reason I guess (but have read no actual studies on it) is that many men who are below that average don’t have the confidence to begin the lifestyle in the first place.

Hotwives arent the average wives, nor are they doing the same things the average woman is, so let’s look at size preferences for hotwives when it comes to play. Remember guys and gals, it is all in fun, and a sprinkle of humor on top always brings a smile.

size preferences for hotwives ruler humor shirt

So, besides hotwives having actual preferences for their daily lives, significant others, and depending on the mood, we have in hotwifing a few other factors to consider. In general when asked about preference a majority respond with something around average, or average with size, but not always, and especially not always when it comes to play dates.

For play dates a large number prefer larger than average. When it comes to play dates where their husband is an observer or plays cameraman it is even more common to desire larger than usual. In many cases as large as possible.
The reason for this is that it is often part of the game.
Here I will list a few of the reasons (part of their games) that some women go for the bigger is better deal when it comes to their hotwifing play.
Please remember that the people involved are all adults, and have lives outside of these games where their lifestyle dynamics may in no way resemble how they play in the bedroom.
Hotwifing is a consensual form of nonmonogamy agreed upon by both parties in the marriage.
Judge not another person’s kinks.

A Few Possible Reasons:

  1. They have a Hotwife and Cuckolding scenario relationship. In this case, the male of the couple plays the role of a man who is unworthy and focuses on being too small in size. The play partners chosen are to be superior lovers and have larger and better equipment. The woman is receiving more pleasure from her lover, which is often called a bull in this scenario than is possible from her husband. The bull is usually also supposed to be seen as an “alpha” male while the cuckold is meant to be seen as a “beta” male.
  2. The hotwife plays as a size queen. In this scenario, the wife hunts out the bigger men so she can “be filled” completely. This scenario can be a part of the cuckolding scenario but is actually independent of it because there are size queens that are married to men way above average in size who play various roles, including that of a dominant stag.
  3. The something different because it isn’t the norm scenario. In this case, it is simply a desire to make things as different as possible from the usual and is often a few times curiosity situations leading to not really caring about size after a while in the lifestyle.
  4. The stretched and overfilled scenario. In this situation, it can be the hotwifes desire to be overwhelmed and filled beyond the normal. Or it can be the husband’s desire to see it. When it comes to the husband’s desire to see it, often we are dealing with it just makes for a more intense show.
  5. The reclaiming. Here we have a situation that is extremely common where the bigger than average serves the purpose of making the reclaiming sex more intense for both the hotwife and her husband if they are into it. If the male play partner is bigger then afterward when the couple reconnects it makes it more obvious to both what has transpired. She (the wife) will feel more open and he (the husband) will feel smaller. It gives a physical confirmation of the need for reclaiming more than if the play partner had an average-sized penis. This sensation is massively increased if condoms were not used, and for couples into this scenario that is the ultimate fix to their craving and gives them a great connection.

I could go on listing reasons, but I think I’ve gone far enough. Also, it should be obvious that these reasons and others easily and commonly overlap each other. Mix and match them. Remember also that we were talking about play scenarios. Size preferences for hotwives in play vs their daily lives are two completely different things usually.

The image above shows multiple rulers. It is a shirt design meant for a wife that is playing at the size thing. It starts with a ruler at 5″ and says “NO,” then goes to a 6″ ruler and says “doubtful,” then goes to 7″ and says “ask my husband,” before hitting 8″ where it says “I’ll ask my husband.” At 9″ it says “He’s going to take pictures.” At 10″ it says “Nope I’m scared.”

This is a just-for-fun T-shirt design for Vixen wives, hotwives, and swinger wives. It wasn’t made for daily were, but depending on your lifestyle maybe you can. It was more of special places shirt. somewhere you can both be super casual, but still flirty and flaunt your naughty side. The chances of anybody you run into being an actual 8″ plus is astronomical. Even in clubs specifically geared towards such play. It is kinda like winning lotto, but hey… it happens.

You can get it as a scoop neck shirt HERE – How Big Hotwife Ruler Fitted Scoop Neck T-Shirt.

You can this design on a sweet 16oz beer glass HERE – Length of rulers humorous preferences glass.

If you are a hotwife , vixen wife, or swinging wife this makes for a fun shirt to wear out with your husband if he is into such things. If you are a stag or cuck or male half of a swinging lifestyle couple it makes for a fun and humorous gift if your wife is into such things. Though it is a G-rated design it is strong enough on the innuendo side of things that it isn’t for everywhere and every day for most. Just remember if the need arises you can complain about corndogs at street fairs all being different sizes and say you wish the shirt or beer glass went up to 12″ because those foot-long dogs are way too much.

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