Sometimes A Mystery

Stags and vixens love their games and their fantasies. Unlike people in the vanilla world, many stag and vixen couples actively work to realize their fantasies in the flesh.
Sometimes it works out and becomes a staple part of their play, and other times it turns out to be not so fabulous as a real-life adventure as they had hoped when comparing it to their fantasy scenarios.
A very common fantasy scenario for Vixen stag couples is a fantasy of the woman who is the hotwife being involved physically with a man or multiple men while blindfolded and unaware of who the men are.

sometimes a mystery blindfold vixen hotwife artwork for T-shirt design

This fantasy can be held as more desirable to either the woman who is turned on by the mystery or by the husband of the woman who wishes to see the games. This fantasy usually either involves the woman never knowing who the participants were or attempting to figure it out over time.

Usually doesn’t mean always… another common requirement of the hotwife is to know immediately, often making it so she must know during, but not until some time has passed.

When it comes to fantasy vs reality there exists a big gap. One of the problems people who actually wish to live out fantasies have is arranging for the thing to take place.
This particular fantasy calls the husband of the couple to do all of the arranging. He must find men, ones he himself will find to be visually pleasing with his wife if he is a big-time watcher. He must attempt to screen these men to fit whatever criteria his wife has. He must explain and get confirmation of whatever rules are to be in place and how the situation will play out from the man. He must run all these things past his wife and have big discussions about how she wants the play to go.
Does she wish to have music on? Does she wish the man to speak or be silent during the event to increase or decrease the mystery? Does she wish to be in control while blindfolded or be in a more submissive state? Should the husband speak or be silent? Should he act as a director for the action? Are all normal play rules in effect? An example of that would be condoms vs no condoms, rough or sensual, husband joins or just watches? Those sorts of things can be altered when experimenting with a new fantasy. Always discuss EVERYTHING ahead of time and make sure all participants are on the same page.

So you’ve set it all up and it is going to happen. It will go great, maybe bad, and most likely fall somewhere in between. Afterward depending on both of your views of the evening you will add it to your regular play or not. You may even delete it as a fantasy, who knows until the deed is done?

Many scenarios exist with this mystery context, so many a full, or even close to full list would be a post unto itself.
The one constant is the blindfolding.
So in that, I’ll add some words of advice taken from experience.
Double blindfold!
How you do this is you use a light blindfold or a piece of silk or even something gauzy underneath the main blindfold. It should be comfortable and airy. The combo will keep mishaps from happening and allow for slight movement of the main blindfold without allowing the blindfolded person to end up being able to see.
As a very visually oriented person myself I like to make the blindfold an integral part of the outfit. Match either the silken or gauzy piece to the lingerie or get a blindfold specifically that matches. I’m also really into taking pictures, and to make sure those pictures are great getting the blindfold to match the lingerie seems a small thing.
You will not in the picture above for the Sometimes A Mystery shirt design that a double blindfold is included. To skip that step is to not be serious about the blindfolding in the first place.

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