Vixen Queen To A Stag

There are about a million and one ways people can be monogamish or live in a manner that falls under the umbrella term of consensual nonmonogamy, but very few turn a participant into a queen mentally. Not all stag and vixen relationships do this, but as a whole, it seems that more do than don’t. To be a Vixen Queen to a Stag husband is almost the norm rather than the exception.

To the Stag his wife is often seen as a Queen, a Goddess even, and almost always an obsession. It is part of what drives the hotwifing aspect of their relationship in many cases. The woman is the obsession, and the husband finds pleasure and gets satisfaction from viewing the scenes and seeing the pleasure she receives. It is more than just a simple case of compersion for many Stag husbands. It is a validation that his wife, who he believes to be an eleven on a scale of one through ten is at the very least a twelve.

vixen queen to a stag queen fox hotwife  T-shirt design for her

When a husband truly believes his wife is the end-all and puts her on a pedestal when he’s known her for many years it lifts his wife’s belief in herself. He knows her inside and out, faults and all, but finds her to be the one he wants, needs, fantasizes about, and adores without pause. The more she plays the more it validates his beliefs in her, and the cycle constantly raises the vixen wife’s confidence and self-esteem until she too knows herself as a queen.

Vixen queen to a stag, not hotwife to a cuck, note the difference there. Hotwives come in many shapes and flavors so to speak. Their motivations are vastly different. Vixens it can be said the same thing about, but, they have some commonalities that if they lack they lose their status as a vixen to a stag. For example, they are there to entertain and please their stag husbands as much as they are there for themselves. They do not at any point want their husbands to feel slighted, put down, humiliated, or less. She is part of a team with her husband’s wants and joys always in her mind.
The stag,
well, he is hers as she is his.
He is not there to be a cuckold or to be a second potato. He is someone who finds his own pleasure in their games, is an equal if not dominant, and is active with what is happening in their consensual and agreed-upon scenarios.
Many hotwives aren’t vixens by my definition, and the men they are married to are not stags. Some may bow down to their wives, but as lesser partners, undeserving, submissive, etc.
Is there anything wrong with that?
If everyone is getting what they wish out of a relationship style or relationship dynamic then it is all good in my book. More power to you all… and all hotwives of any type I’ve run into seem awesome to me. I’m pro hotwifing, and I’m pro all the consensual versions of play that are encompassed by the terms hotwife and hotwifing. They are all Queens in that sense, but not “Vixen Queens To A Stag.”

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When I made this one I was trying to think cute, daily wear, something a woman would be able to put on and not feel like she was being “all that” towards others, but still something that said “I’m Awesome” while attaching it to her husband. It at the same time came out with a gift vibe as a thing to say “You are my queen” from the stag husband.