100% Natural Hotwife

To be a “natural” hotwife can mean a lot of different things. When I made this image that says 100% Natural Hotwife I was meaning a very specific thing. The first person who saw it thought it was about something completely different.

100% Natural Hotwife T-Shirt design for natural hotwives

I was going for a look that resembled the labels you see when something is marketed as organic. My idea was that the hotwife was a natural thing, or way of being. She was just naturally being her and she was what she was without any chemicals and such.
The first person besides myself to see it totally got that, but took it a step further and thought along the lines of modern hippie-type girls and back-to-nature girls.
These are women who stereotypically dig nature, camp, hike, grow their own foods, use products that are all natural without chemicals, often are vegetarian or vegan, don’t shave their armpits, and sometimes not legs, etc. Can’t offer this design on a shirt made from organically grown hemp so many of that crowd may skip it.
When this stereotype of a particular type of woman was mentioned a girl I once knew came to mind. She was definitely the stereotype I just mentioned, and she was also married, but they were swingers, semi-open outside of their marriage, and she semi-often gave her husband sexy shows with people who would not allow him to play with them as a sort of tease.
For her teases she usually went with other girls that were hard-line lesbians but agreed to play in front of him.
I used to call her style Mary Moons because she and a few of her friends reminded me of the girl described in the song called “New Age Girl” by a now-defunct (I think) group called Dead Eye Dick. Basically a super hippie new age crystals type girl, but she “liked the bone.”
Point here, these types of hotwives exist, and they are actually pretty common from my experience. I believe, but don’t know that it is because they are a bit more sexually open and promiscuous in general than many who lead less nature-driven lifestyles. That openness leads to more experimentation.


100% Natural Hotwife. Yeah, so I’ve explained where my head was when I made the design, and who it was intended for. I missed the boat.

Body image is a big thing for people in the lifestyle. Swingers, hotwives, Stags, Vixens, Bulls… and people here in America (where I live) get “work” done on a regular basis. With hotwives, I’d say the most common things are tummy tucks, breast implants, liposuction, botox, and collagen injections. Natural?
Arguably you could make the case that lipo, tucks, lifts, and the like leave a person “natural” because there are no additives to the person.
Can’t try that argument with implants and things though.
Either way, isn’t something I care about personally or have a preference about.
For some, it is a big deal though.
This leads some to be very proud of being “natural” when it comes to the subject of their body. Especially so with some hotwives and swingers because certain augmentations are so obvious and so common.
Turns out this design is well suited for the hotwife that is natural in that way as well as those whom I was thinking about when I did it.

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Whatever type of natural or not hotwife you are… just keep being you and doing what you enjoy.