Hotwife Watcher Stag Art Design

I was trying to get really into making something original here with a stag design and came up with this idea. A Stag as art, in a frame, but also out of the frame, and the frame and image is cut through and melded with the background. Never did a stag design exist like this before. Didn’t know what to call it so went with it just being my Hotwife Watcher Stag Art Design. Please note that very small it says Hotwife Watcher on the ears as if it was tattooed or tagged.

Hotwife Watcher Stag Art Design for T-shirts and stickers Via Vixen Games

In general, I was going for a design that would make a great sticker a guy who was proud of his Stag and Vixen relationship would like. The sticker can be found HERE – Hotwife Watcher Sticker, and is definitely a win for cool stag stickers.

Designs for Stags are sorely lacking. It took me a while to realize this because, like most men who have tunnel vision for their Vixens, I simply was concentrating on the Vixen designs. I’d made many designs with the idea of them being for a hotwife vixen, but only a few for the Stag husbands. As the Stag you / I / We should be wearing shirts that say “I am lucky to have my amazing Vixen,” but in all sorts of ways. Stag designs are coming folks. This Hotwife Watcher Stag design is sadly only the second design I have posted on this site specifically created for the stag instead of Vixen. My other design was the Hotwife Photography Club one.

So, this was done with the idea of being a sticker, but I also had to add it to the T-shirts. Then when doing so I stuck it on a baseball cap (Which I wear a lot of) and realized it was a stellar cap design.
This is one I’m going to sport myself.
The writing on the ears that says hotwife watcher ends up being super tiny, but I am good with that because it allows me to wear it anyplace and anytime.
Accidental baseball cap win.

If you like this Hotwife Watcher Stag Art Design, both shirt and cap can be had via our Vixen Games Spreadshop HERE – Hotwife Watcher Stag Art Framed. Happy watching you lucky stags.