You should know my husband will be watching

This design I thought was spectacular. A super fancy keyhole design with a seductive woman viewed through the keyhole and the text “You should know my husband will be watching” made me smile.
On showing it to my female design critic I got less than stellar reviews. It was basically “Eh, I don’t really like it.”
She wanted something more real and more happening through the keyhole I think, but I was already pushing it on being subtle I thought. Adding something “more” would bring it from PG to R, and I don’t want R-rated designs because when the heck can a person wear those?
Anyways… I’m a watcher, and I thought “Oh, this is great, and if my gal was wearing this it’d say everything that needed to be said.”

You should know my husband will be watching hotwife t-shirt design

The weird thing about me loving the design is that I am not someone who likes the idea of watching from the other side of a door. Some guys like that sort of thing. Some guys like watching on camera, or being in a different room and just hearing and knowing… some guys even like it when their hotwife is playing somewhere else and they must wait.

I’m a right there-for-every-second sort of guy. I’m even a want to take five hundred pictures and videos type of guy. Maybe you recall the Hotwife photography club post? You can consider me in that club.

For me to be into a keyhole viewing it’d need to be a darn big keyhole and it has to be my Vixen’s top-of-the-list current fantasy play request.
That is me though, and Stags all have their own likes and dislikes.
For many a man with a Vixen wife, the through-a-keyhole scenario is HOT.
The shirt design was not about the keyhole though.
The design was about being able to have a flirtatious and question-inviting image that made things obvious to people who already had the idea. It was not a design to wear to a PTA meeting or church picnic. It was something I thought would be great for going out to a club or bar,
and obviously on a night when feeling playful.

Since she (that female critic) didn’t dig it I think someday I’m going to stick a sticker of the design on her phone when we are out for drinks. (Stickers can be found HERE) The stickers are awesome. Probably put them on her drinks all night too.

My imagination has a guy walking past and seeing the image, then reading ‘You should know my husband will be watching’ and looking us over with a wondering mind. How brave shall he be? We shall see. Sadly my imagination has more experience guiding it than daydreams in such situations so I also imagine he’ll say something stupid to ruin his chances and I won’t be watching a thing that night.

Still… The T-shirt is awesome.
You can get this great design via our Vixen Love Zazzle HERE – My husband will be watching vixen hotwife T-Shirt.

Maybe someone will see it, say something, and it won’t be the most lame pick-up line or boring opening ever made. Good Luck to you.