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The term Vanilla when it comes to sex means different things to different people. There are people who are so vanilla in my opinion and by my standards that it is almost ridiculous that think they are not vanilla. They think of vanilla sex as missionary sex plus kissing and fondling. Going beyond that is getting wild. Then there are people who would consider me vanilla. I know this because I was many moons ago friends with a girl who considered me so. I also was once friends with a guy back in the 90s who thought I was “kinda vanilla,” but not. The girl however was infamous in Hollyweird as a pretty over-the-top and Top Shelf if you’re lucky enough to ever be allowed to lick her boots type dominatrix, and the guy was one of the kings of the 90s San Francisco Kink scene who was known globally for his antics in certain circles, so I am unsure how far their opinions would go on my vanilla status in those days.

In the 90s I thought vanilla meant total monogamous one on one sex without kinks. Kink is also a thing that has different meanings to people. Mutual masturbation with vibrators is an extreme kink to some. Being blindfolded and tied down at a sex toy party with 30 attendees is nothing kinky at all to others.
Oral sex is a kink to some. Glory-hole oral sex is vanilla for others. You get the point.

Vanilla Vixen Hotwife Shirt Design for hotwives that like it good and simple

Like the design? It is available via the Vixen Games Redbuble as a T-shirt.

In the early 2000s I found out that swingers and others who were lifestyle adjacent to them considered non-swingers vanilla. It was almost universal as a slang term amongst those in the lifestyle to call those who weren’t vanilla. I went to “swirl parties” a lot because I found them fun. Swingers throwing vanilla parties but inviting their friends they knew from the lifestyle as they called it. Nothing sexual at these parties ever went down, they were vanilla to the core but called swirls because of the mixture of people.

Hotwives, stags, vixens, and even the bulls use this term I’ve found. If you are not vanilla, can you be in some ways? Of course, you can. Tons of swingers didn’t do anal, and most didn’t do the sadism play, but some did. So can there be a Vanilla Vixen Hotwife? Heck yes, there can be. What is a Vanilla Vixen Hotwife? Well… by my way of thinking… a wife, a hotwife, and in a vixen stag-type relationship, who is not physically monogamous because she is a vixen hotwife, but she is zero kinky and likes it all pretty straightforward and simple. By my way of thinking a lot of hotwives fall into this category. Swingers too. Vanilla swingers. Vanilla vixen hotwives. Their play consists of what most consider vanilla sex, but just with people outside of their primary partnership, or with minor adjustments to the scenario.
For swinger couples, it may be a four-on-a-bed partner swap, but the sex consists of pretty much what would otherwise be vanilla without the swapping.
A vixen may have sex with a man in front of her husband, and the husband may even masturbate, but the sex may be what would be otherwise considered vanilla outside of the new or extra partner and the primary partner watching.

A Vanilla Vixen Hotwife = A hotwife who enjoys sex scenes and situations that don’t involve a bunch of stuff out of what most people consider ordinary.

I’ve got to add this last bit of opinion. You can be a Vanilla Vixen Hotwife. You can be a vanilla swinger. You can be vanilla and poly, or whatever, but you are not just vanilla if you partake in any of those lifestyles. To be purely vanilla you must be the most simple version of the norm that society in mass has declared as the proper way to be. A vanilla Hotwife is not a Vanilla Wife.

Anyway, I already shared my shirt design for this topic above, (Here is the Redbubble Link again) but I wanted to show it as a phonecase as well because I’ll be doing an entire post on phone cases for play invites soon.

vanilla vixen hotwife phone cases by Vixen Games designs

This case is available via the Vixen Love Zazzle HERE – Vanilla Vixen Hotwife Case-Mate iPhone Case.

The design was created for a Vixen who in general just likes to keep the action part pretty straightforward and simple. The way I did it I was going for G-rated, but barely made it. I could totally see a vanilla wife who likes her ice cream cones plain ole’ vanilla buying this one without catching on ever to what it was truly hinting at.

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