My Husband Will Drive

Of the more common Vixen Games played one of the favorites for many couples is both easy and hard to play depending on where you live, how you interact with people socially, and the types of places you frequent when going out. That game is basically one I like to call “My Husband Will Drive.”

my husband will drive vixen games design

There are a ton of variations to this game. The most common one in fantasy, and possibly in reality as well is the couple picks up a guy when out at a club, bar, musical event, etc. and the husband drives around while his wife and the newly found playmate get it on in the backseat.

For the Vixen this is a pretty exciting and heart-pumping event as they are in semi-public, but moving and usually with a bit of window tint so can’t easily be caught. They may be seen at stop lights and things depending on the vehicle. Also, she is having a great time knowing that her husband can see, but also can’t see much of what is going on. He basically for the most part is getting to hear her/them, but is mostly limited to what he can catch in the rear view mirror for an actual view. That is something that turns him on as well sometimes. The wanting of more, but can’t get it until they get where they are going aspect.

The two most common variations of this game are as follows.

  1. They pick up a guy, they drive around, the wife and guy have sex in the back or whatever is agreed upon if not sex. An example of that would be oral. Then when finished they either return to the place they were or drop the guy off and go home for some reclaiming time. This scenario is often a quickie, but not always.
  2. They pick up a guy, and they head to a place of play like home or a hotel, the wife and guy are in the back and getting some heavy petting-type foreplay going that often goes beyond foreplay. Again the husband can mostly just hear, so isn’t even sure of the happenings sometimes.

Picking up a guy is the hard part for most couples. Hotwifing and the whole Vixen Stag thing is a weird thought to grasp for some people. Because of this, the scenario is often a setup. It is pre-arranged and spelled out ahead of time what the plan is. Not as much spontaneity, and if you are always seeking new playmates rather than continuing on with ones you’ve already played with there is a high risk of flakes not showing or getting cold feet over the idea if such activities aren’t normal occurrences for them.

Personally, I like the random maybe it happens and maybe it doesn’t aspect of non-planned along with the quick drive around and back to drop him off version. The female half of these games however would think going back in for another drink a great idea if it wasn’t late, while I would want to immediately go home for reclaiming time. The fact she knows I’d want that is what would in most cases choose going back inside for another drink…. to make me wait.

If the random not pre-set-up type idea appeals to you, but you are not extremely successful at meeting people in vanilla bars and getting them to instantly agree to sexual shenanigans, there is a solution if you live in a larger city. Most, if not all cities have lifestyle groups and or clubs. In my experience (and I’ve traveled a lot) every city does. Hunt them out. You can through these groups get invited to off-premise private bar takeovers and the like. At these events, you will find primarily people involved in the swingers lifestyle who have gone to mingle and meet people. They will be more open and social, and you can straight up say what you want to do. There are usually some single guys at these events and they are often up to it, Unlike in vanilla bars, these guys will be a bit more apt to perform as expected. The reason for that is many times these parties are vetted males only. In other words, they come with couples or have standing invites from the hosts because they are regulars and are known in the lifestyle. Please note that commercially operated clubs will not work well in this scenario. You may however find people at such clubs to arrange the scenario at another time.

My style for this scenario is just regular bars with something going on to bring in a crowd like a good live band. If nothing happens it is still a good time. One of the reasons I started doing all the shirt designs was because of that.

wanna go for a ride my husband will drive suggestive hotwife shirt

This is a shirt design the female part of the crew came up with. I made the images, but she described it and supplied the text. The shirt is available via our Vixen Games designs on TeePublic HERE- Wanna Go For A Ride Hotwife design T-Shirt. At the beginning of the post, you can see it on a light color vs. the dark you see here. The text is small and on a light shirt can be read semi-easy in bar lighting from a short distance, but not far away. On a dark color a bit closer is required. Because of what it is about that is a good thing for many depending on how they operate. Not everyone is as brave or open as some when it comes to playing Vixen Games. For us the shirts work great because we usually go to the types of establishments where it is casual and a pair of jeans and a T-shirt is the norm for at least half in attendance.

The truth of the matter is though, that if you are just a drab wallflower nothing is going to happen. If your personality is that of a wallflower you must be an inviting one. Watch the room, smile at a person of interest, etc. If you can’t do that then dress the part. You can do that in two ways. One is to dress up provocatively. Top 1% of most provocatively dressed in the room type level of provocative. This will get eyes on your wallflower self. If dressed in that fashion you must be comfortable though. If it is something you aren’t used to and you don’t feel comfy it will show. You’ll now be an awkward sad-looking wallflower. The other way is to just go casual and make yourself approachable that way. Put this shirt on and it does give the message. You don’t need six-inch heels either. I’m not saying such things don’t have their place, but they will hurt your chances in a regular bar setting. A pair of flip-flops would do you better.

Not brave enough to wear such a shirt? Doing it in an area that you feel you don’t want easily outed?

my husband will drive hotwife phone case by Vixen games

My recently discovered magic trick is the phone case. Super recent so I actually feel kinda foolish for not figuring it out before. You can get this one right HERE – Wanna Go For A Ride Hotwife Design Phone Case.
These little babies are like magic tricks to me now. Sit yourself in a semi-high traffic area of the bar or club where people are regularly walking by. You pop on the case and set it where it can be seen. You can pull it away when you like and even swap it to another case if you choose at any time. People notice them, and you can easily make them noticed, but unlike the shirt, it isn’t out there 100% of the time unless you put your jacket on. Like the shirts I’m putting them up differently in different Vixen Games collections so that options exist. As an example this one is also available for those that want to be extremely discrete, but can purposely let it be seen if they desire to do so.

discrete pick up trick case for hotwives quicky my husband will drive design

This one is available via Zazzle HERE – Wanna Go For a Ride My Husband Will Drive Case-Mate, and it is as discrete as can be, but I’d recommend going a bit more bold myself.

The My Husband Will Drive game is an awesome game. It is as awesome as fantasy or reality if your life is moving down that lane. It is however a fast lane game that requires a bit of boldness or a lot of invitation. If you have had trouble making this game move from fantasy to reality and you want it real you can’t just expect it to magically happen without setting things in place to make it easy. You must either be inviting or be the one to initiate conversation. It is that simple. Or, if you are in a city you can seek out those clubs and private groups. They are there and if you want to put on those six-inch heels, you’ll be in the right place for them.

Always remember, if you are married to a Vixen she is the best so treat her so, and if you are a Vixen remember that Hotwives Are The Best Wives, so rock that confidence when out looking for your fantasies to become realities or make them happen more often. How many times have you gotten to say “My husband will drive?”

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