Certified Hotwife Shirt

When I made this Certified Hotwife Shirt I thought I was being clever. Then the female critic of my designs saw it and said “What makes a hotwife certified?”
I had a very simple answer to this very simple question, but it wasn’t accepted because I had added “Married To A Man Who Likes To Watch.”

Certified Hotwife Shirt Design from Vixen-Games

“Does he have to watch to be a certified hotwife? What if he is blindfolded or in the next room, but knows it is happening?”
She had a few more witty questions as well.

I had no perfect answer because we had a greed that If she did the wild thing with someone besides him, (the husband) and he was aware of it, and it was something they had agreed upon being an acceptable action for her within whatever bounds they had created in their marriage, she was in fact a hotwife.

So I reflected on my design. I mentally came up with an answer before uploading it to our Vixen Games TeePublic and Vixen Games Redbubble stores.
My answer was this… Yes, he needs to watch. He needs to watch at least once so that he knows she did it.
This was my answer because I am sometimes temporarily naïve through my own self-centeredness. When looking at a thing I often think of it only through my view until I step back from it. I am a watcher. I was thinking of it as a watcher.
The girl has a bit of a creampie fetish. She’s given that to me through her enjoyment, me wanting her as she wants it.
Stepping back after a nonrelated conversation I realized before uploading this shirt design that a woman who is acting as a hotwife does not always perform in front of her husband. In many cases never. Every couple has their own desires and kinks. They all have their own hotwifing rules.
Back to the creampie fetish. If your wife goes out for some action and returns with a creampie, that would definitely be proof. Result = Certified Hotwife. You’ve earned your Certified Hotwife Shirt. It just wouldn’t be this certified hotwife shirt. For this one, he’d have to have watched you in action because it says married to a man who likes to watch. That is my take on it anyway.

You can get this Certified Hotwife Shirt Here – Certified Hotwife Fitted Scoop T-Shirt, or via the store links mentioned above in different looks and styles.

Also, because I am really into the phone case trick now I must suggest a phone case if you are into random pick-ups and first-time vanilla guys.

Certified Hotwife phone case

If you missed my post about the phone cases, you can find a bit on it in the post – My Husband Will Drive – where I also talk a bit about picking up random guys, vanilla venues vs. specialized clubs, swinger groups in cities, and pre-arranging with people for your Vixen Games.

The Certified Hotwife case can be purchased on our Vixen Love store via Zazzle HERE – Certified Hotwife Case-Mate Case, and though I am really into phone case fun at the moment I can’t say for sure which would be best as a gift if you are the husband in the relationship. For my Vixen I’d go with the shirt, but that means she’d possibly prefer the phone case for nights when we went out. Decisions decisions.

I know the shirt design is one that a hotwife would buy for herself, especially if she likes surprising her husband because it would be great to just have it on (the wife) when heading out and not mention it to the husband until it was noticed. Give him a mini-thrill. Even so, on making it I was thinking of it as something the husband would buy for the wife if she was a “Certified Hotwife” and he was a husband who enjoyed watching her. Basically a fun gift shirt.

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