Cream-Filled Donut Innuendo

Everyone should love a good innuendo. They should especially love a cream-filled donut innuendo. If you happen to be someone in a Vixen and Stag relationship I think enjoying a cream-filled donut innuendo is almost a requirement. Enjoying it and wanting it as a T-shirt are two different things though. This particular design, which features a cream-filled donut with a bit out of it and text that reads “Sometimes a girl just wants a filled donut” is not a daily wear type thing for most people.

Cream-Filled Donut Innuendo

Though it is theoretically a G-rated design, the obviousness of what it implies pushes the boundaries in my mind. Then again, I had a little something to do with the donut biz for a few years, and I know this design would have sold easily in a donut shop to the regulars who are completely vanilla folk. They’d have loved it because they buy the things regularly. They’d have gotten the innuendo, but also would have taken it as simple humor. They’d have hoped someone would mention it when they wore the shirt so they could have a great chuckle and tell about their favorite shop and treats.
Maybe the reality is that because I made it with a specific thing in mind, and that my target wearer for the design was to be someone into hotwifing when I was making it, I’m simply lacking the innocence to enjoy it only as a humorous shirt.
Humorous it is, and it would possibly get comments, and if you wished the comments could be naughty in nature rather than just playing off the humor of sexual innuendos. A cream-filled donut innuendo can be played in both ways… “I just love donuts,” or, “Well, I sure wish I had a filled donut right now.”
Again, do I go too far? Is it as far as the ‘MY Husband Will Drive‘ design?

I’ll leave that up to all of you.
If you are a girl who sometimes just wants a filled donut, you can get this as a T-shirt HERE – Sometimes a girl just wants a filled donut Fitted T-Shirt.

Maybe a coffee mug is more your style, if so you can get one of those HERE – Sometimes a girl just wants a filled donut Mug.

So this cream-filled donut innuendo shirt design is not a “hotwife” specific design. It is pretty much a for anybody design that likes it. It does work as a hotwife design though, and the idea came from my designing all of these hotwife-oriented shirt images.
Plus, it allowed me to eat a cream-filled donut and call it work. Had to get a good picture after all.