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Are hotwives swingers? Are swinging wives hotwives? Not necessarily, but there is a lot of crossover between the swingers lifestyle and hotwifing.

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A hotwife can be a swinger too, and a swinger can be a hotwife, but there are some differences.
The main thing is that swingers usually play together, and socialize as a couple with other couples and singles.
A hotwife may often only play by herself, never involve her husband except through stories, and may avoid other couples.
The dynamics of swinging is usually a case of a couple equally exploring together as a team.
With a hotwife it is expected that she has sexual encounters with other people, but it isn’t required that her husband does.
Hotwifing can have a dynamic of the woman being in complete control and dominating the husband.
In swinging both partners in the marriage have the goal of mutual physical satisfaction during the play times.
In hotwifing a part of the play may be to make sure the husband gets no physical satisfaction at all.
An entire article could be written on the differences, but Vixen-Games.Com focuses on the Vixen Stag dynamic. With Vixens and Stags, there exists a lot more crossover and similarities between hotwifing and swinging than when just generically talking about hotwives of all types.
Like those involved in the swinging lifestyle, Vixens and Stags are a team that is seeking mutual physical satisfaction in their play. Like those in the swingers’ lifestyle, they enter their play as equals or near equals at the least.
The crossover between Vixen and Stag type couples and Swingers lifestyle couples exists so strongly that in many cases there is barely a line separating them.
You can often find couples in swinging who identify as lifestylers, but the male has far fewer sexual moments with others than his wife, and often has either MFM threesomes, or simply watches his wife. Even in a club setting you may find a wife who plays with multiple people vs. her husband playing with just one?
Is the woman who participates in a swap with her husband a hotwife if she then participates in a group situation after her husband is finished and he just watches? What about a couple that has mfm threesomes on a regular basis, but rarely participates in swaps, foursomes, or fmf threesomes?
A lot of it comes down to attitude and how swinging and or hotwifing is approached. A lot of it comes down to primary types of play.
A vixen who regularly has sex with other men, and maybe women or couples, but does it with her husband only as a spectator is a hotwife. If occasionally she loans her husband to another vixen or asks him to play with her during a show she is still a hotwife. If they go to a club and they have a foursome with another couple she is still a hotwife. They are at the moment participating in activities considered part of the swinger’s lifestyle, but it doesn’t change their primary relationship style.
Unlike those who identify as being in the swingers lifestyle, there is never any you get to, so I do going on. There are never any “We both must play, or none do” type scenarios. She as a Vixen Hotwife. The Stag receives his pleasures in many ways, but playing with her as a Vixen is what matters. He is not a cuckold to be degraded or left without pleasure, but he is also not expecting to experience what she experiences. He is experiencing her pleasures through her actions, and therefore getting his own.
He as a Stag is there to watch, be amazed, and be proud of his vixen above all else.
He wants her to have as much as she desires and gets off on her sensuality.
Are there swingers like this? Yes. I have met many. I have met people in the swingers lifestyle who also are hotwives as I described.
Going to a club, meeting up with couples, sexual play, and then also seeking out men just for her. Swingers’ lifestyle couple and Stag and Vixen too.

I’ve also noted that many people who’ve started with some sort of sexual partner equity play rules in swinging relax on that eventually and slowly become more of a Vixen and Stag couple. In this case a lot of times it depends primarily on how the two view each other. For example, the male of the couple has to be really into his wife the entire time. If he isn’t, the hotwifing won’t work. He won’t be getting what he needs from the situation.
Some couples enter swinging to spice things up, or because they have lost the lust. Some enter swinging because they don’t find their own partners sexually appealing after many years, but they still like each other in other ways.
Swinging can renew a lot of things, and bring back lust for a spouse, but it can’t turn a guy who doesn’t find his wife to be extremely hot into an obsessed Stag who wants to just watch.
Not all swingers are going to be into any sort of hotwifing. Even the ones who don’t have a if you get some I must get some mentality.
Not all hotwives would swing, and not all Stags would either.
They do seem to have enough commonality though to respect each other’s play styles.
and in my humble opinion… both are fun additives to a good relationship if the people are completely secure with each other and in agreement. A good blend of the two lifestyles is great if it is your cup of tea. You can be a Swinger hotwife. You can be a swinging Stag husband. It does work like that for many who are open-minded, sexually adventurous, and have great relationships to start with. If you fall into any of the above descriptions with your sexual activities but are otherwise living as most monogamous couples aim to live, then you are monogamish. That is a crossover between swingers and hotwives that almost always exists.

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