A Generic definition of what a Vixen Hotwife is

A regular topic that comes up when people are starting to explore hotwifing and other forms of monogamish lifestyle dynamics is what a Vixen Hotwife is.
Basically, my goal here is to share a very basic description of a Vixen. Give you a generic definition of what a Vixen Hotwife is to play around with in your mind if you are just starting to explore.
Here it is:

A Vixen Hotwife is a woman who engages in consensual sexual relations with another person or persons, sometimes together with their male partner, sometimes not, but always with the knowledge and approval of the male partner who is referred to as a Stag.

A major part of the enjoyment for a Vixen is thinking of and witnessing their Stag’s sexual arousal, adoration, and desire as the Vixen engages in sexual relationships and encounters with others both for herself and her Stag. Though in most Vixen and Stag relationships, a Vixen plays with others only with the Stag present, some Vixens may have sexual encounters on their own without the Stag present, as long as the play is pre-agreed upon. Often in such cases, the agreement includes that the Vixen video documents the play or that they describe in detail the sexual encounter to their Stag later.

Unlike in Hotwife/cuckolding scenarios, there is no degradation or humiliation aspect in a Stag and Vixen relationship. Vixens will usually be reclaimed by their Stags after the sexual encounter by having sex together themselves. This reclaiming ritual allows the Vixen and Stag to reconnect as a couple.

That is the basics. Many people also consider a requirement for a Vixen to be that her Stag is a primarily dominant male. Some add that the Stag must be a straight male. Many believe that to be a Stag and Vixen couple the man and woman must be married in a traditional manner because a Vixen is a type of Hotwife, and to be a hotwife you must be married. Some also believe that to be a Vixen and Stag the dynamic requires that the male partner also engages in sexual relationships and encounters with others, but the overall focus is on hotwifing with and for the Stag.

There are other variations and variables that may be involved, but those are the most common.
Thus ends my generic definition of what a Vixen Hotwife is with a few common modifiers.

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