Vixen Wife And BBC Shirt Design

This design features a lovely lady as our Vixen wife and a big blue cock which she appears to be very friendly with. BBC = Big Blue? Not really, but I was going with some art styles that make it so that using blue instead of brown as the lighter tone is the norm for representing black in an illustration.

Vixen Wife And BBC Shirt Design by Vixen Games

You can get this design on a shirt, hoodie, hat, sticker, or coffee mug HERE – Vixen Games Vixen Wife And BBC.

My goal with this design was simply something fun. A Vixen hotwife and cock obviously, but it was just about the design overall. My choice in going with the black cock was 1) there is the BBC and hotwifing element, and 2) I wanted some dark to create contrast in the design because I’d given her red hair. My original version had a white/grey rooster. I enjoy the visual innuendos. Pictures that are innocent on the surface, but can have very sexy connotations. A woman, a rooster, some floral work… nothing here to see.
The proper term for a drawn-out visual innuendo is a graphic implication, but I prefer visual innuendo.

I topped this one off on the bottom with text that reads “Vixen Games” just to make sure that the innuendo was meant rather than accidental if seen by a person who was in the know. The average person walking around has no knowledge of hotwifing, and many who do have knowledge of what a hotwife is in general won’t know what a Vixen is. The ones who will get it are basically the people very in the know. They will see a Vixen wife and BBC shirt design. Others will see a lady and a rooster with some flowers along with some gaming text. How fun it is to flaunt a secret life in front of everyone without them catching on.