A peach with a couple of eggplants

The emoji is now a part of our culture. Texting, messaging, etc. We communicate with them. They have taken on meanings never intended by the originators of the emoji because that is how we work. We’ve created visual slang. This design which features a peach with a couple of eggplants is based off that emoji slang. We all know what it implies to some degree. This design of a peach with a couple of eggplants is also design number two after my design number one was a failure to send the proper message. I failed with my emoji slang making a shirt design just as I sometimes fail to send my intended message with emoji slang when texting.

A peach with a couple of eggplants threesome innuendo shirt design

My successful design. I like it. A very wet peach could even be more than just wet…. and two, not one eggplants. Oh, what a happy peach this is. Center of attention and all.

This design is available HERE – Peach and Eggplants.

My failed design didn’t look bad, but my primary target audience for all these shirts are hotwives, swingers, and men who are married to hotwives.

Here it is.

double eggplant emoji shirt design

I thought since Eggplant emojis are the go-to for phallic symbols I’d put two together and it would be a cool design for a hotwife. I was all about making the design look cool, but wasn’t thinking outside my own box. My end result is a shirt design that can be what I intended, and in the right context would work well, but on its own merits doesn’t scream two cocks for a lady, but just two cocks. Basically, it is as suited, and even more suited depending on context for a gay or bisexual man than a hotwife. I Really liked my image though, so I set to making a peach that would go with it. Save the design and make it obviously an innuendo about two men and one woman. I added the cream to get extra naughty, but also kept it chill so it is still just suggestive and only taken as naughty if the person’s mind brings it there. The reality is the fail design is just two vegetables, and the non-fail is two vegetables and a piece of fruit.

The double eggplant without the peach design still became a shirt. You can get that HERE – Double eggplant emoji Vixen Games Design.

The second version which became a peach with a couple of eggplants instead of just the eggplants is HERE – Peach and Eggplants by Vixen Games.