The basic benefits of being a Vixen

The Vixen- what is she? What does she do? What does she get out of it? The basic benefits of being a Vixen wife are pretty obvious, or are they?

Not all are Vixens. A married woman who becomes aroused by the idea of having intercourse or performing other sexual activities with another man while her husband watches generically falls under the umbrella of consensual non-monogamy or ethical non-monogamy. This practice, often associated with terms like “hotwifing” or “cuckqueaning,” is a consensual arrangement between the married couple where both partners in a committed relationship agree to engage in sexual activities with others while maintaining their emotional commitment to each other.

It is an obvious thing that a hotwife will enjoy the physical aspects. What else is happening though?

Here are some benefits of being a Vixen along with some physical and psychological explanations for why individuals might be interested in or aroused by hotwifing scenarios:

  1. Variety and Novelty: People are naturally inclined to seek novelty and variety in their sexual experiences. When in a purely monogamous relationship those urges must be stifled and redirected to non-sexual activities. In the context of consensual non-monogamy, many individuals find that engaging with different partners can bring excitement to their primary relationship by adding new experiences with others to their sex lives. This novelty can be extremely arousing and can enhance the overall satisfaction levels in their primary relationship. It also allows the couple to feel more free and open because they are not required to completely stifle their desires. In the case of a Vixen and Stag dynamic, the Vixen gets to experience a novel sex partner while also sharing the experience with her Stag husband as an entertainer of sorts. She enjoys the effect her pleasure has on her Stag. This enhances the overall experience. The Stag watching his Vixen receives sexual gratification from watching her perform with new people and in new situations. This increases his lust for her.
  2. Erotic Experiences and Fantasies: Most people have diverse sexual fantasies and desires. a common fantasy of many married women is to be the focus of extreme desire. They desire to be desired. Another common fantasy of many women is to engage in sexual activities with more than one person at a time or in succession. Some women find that acting out their fantasies in a consensual and controlled manner can be incredibly arousing. When the person who desired them most is the person who loves them most (her stag) it is very uplifting for some. They are their husband’s fantasy and reality. A live version personal favorite porn star. Add in that as a Vixen the woman is able to live out many of her fantasies in a way that is safe and without certain types of anxiety she may otherwise experience because she has her husband with her as a partner and protector.
  3. Enhanced Connection and Communication: Engaging in such hotwifing or any other sort of monogamish lifestyle often requires a high level of trust, communication, and mutual consent between partners. The act of discussing and negotiating these desires can lead to increased emotional intimacy and a sense of trust within the primary relationship. A Vixen and Stag must know and trust each other far better than a vanilla couple to have an ongoing relationship. This is why most Vixen and Stag couples end up having such close relationships.
  4. Power Dynamics and Control: For women, the appeal of hotwifing may involve elements of power dynamics and control. Both the woman and her husband may derive pleasure from the dynamics at play. In a majority of hotwife relationships, there exists a form of power play that puts the woman in a high position much of the time. Various Vixen games such as a Stag deciding to set up a blindfolded mystery night for his Vixen may tip the power dynamics the other way. Who is in control? Most Vixen and Stag couples play in a way where the control and power Teeter Totters back and forth. This doesn’t hold true for all types of hotwifing. Many hotwives hold all the power all the time.
  5. Compersion: Compersion is an almost overused term often used in polyamorous or other consensually non-monogamous relationships that resemble polyamory to some degree. It is not so much used in hotwifing or swinging lifestyle conversations. It describes the positive feelings one partner can experience when they witness their spouse or partner enjoying sexual or romantic connections with others. In the case of hotwifing the husband may experience compersion by deriving satisfaction and joy from his wife’s pleasure and experiences with another man. The wife may experience pleasure not just from the sexual activity she is involved with, but by witnessing the pleasure she gives to her husband through her actions.
  6. Shared Sexual Exploration: For some couples, the Vixen and Stag lifestyle can be a way to explore their own sexual desires and boundaries in a safe and consensual manner. It can be an opportunity for both partners to learn more about their own desires and those of their partner. The whole idea is to share the other’s wildest fantasies, discuss, decide whether they should be lived out, if they can be lived out, and then do it or not. Even the scenarios left in the fantasy realm are shared experiences most couples in purely monogamous relationships can’t share. These shared ideas help each other grow as both individuals and as a couple.

Here I will emphasize that consensual non-monogamous relationships of any sort are built on trust, open communication, and clear boundaries. Both partners should have a thorough understanding of each other’s desires and feelings and should continuously communicate to ensure the relationship remains healthy and consensual.

As with any sexual or relationship preference, it’s essential for individuals to explore these dynamics with respect for themselves and their partners, without coercion, and in ways that prioritize the well-being and happiness of all involved parties. Couples interested in exploring consensual non-monogamy should definitely think it through very well before taking the plunge. What is right for some is not right for all.

Thank you for attending our boring lecture on The basic benefits of being a Vixen wife at Hotwife University.

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