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This design can be taken in many ways. To “Enjoy Hotwives” is to enjoy watching them? Knowing them? Participating with them? Being married to one? Maybe you enjoy hotwives just in fantasy? Maybe you fantasize you are a hotwife, or maybe it is a fantasy your wife is a hotwife? Perhaps you fantasize about being invited by a hotwife to be a play partner of some sort. So many ways to enjoy hotwives.

Personally, my enjoying Hotwives covers most of the above. I follow a few hotwives on various social media sites. Mostly Twitter and Reddit. There are a few on Tumbler and Instagram I follow as well. Some post strictly for fun, and others have turned their hotwifing into a sort of side hustle by monetizing it with sites like Onlyfans and JustForFans. I have seen a few that were hotwives of mellow recreational level get popular on such sites and it became their whole life. I’ve seen a few do almost the opposite. A small percentage turn it into full-time work. I’d assume it is more fun just as a side hustle. A way to get a little extra $ from something they’d already be doing. These hotwives with the side-hustles and the ones that just post for fun are I think part of what has made hotwifing grow. Men see these women and either imagine hooking up with them or imagine their wives doing these things. Women see these women and think “Oh, that looks fun.” Not all who see them obviously. Some would see such behavior and think “Never in a million years!” For the ones who enjoy the hotwives posting online though it is great. They are enjoying hotwives. They become fans, and those hotwives are literal celebrities to them. Some inspire and set examples, and some just entertain.
Vixen hotwives are my kick.
It is with them I can relate.
I follow a few Stags as well.
With them, I also can relate.
I understand their enjoyment of their wives. I understand why they love watching their wives. In most cases, not a rule, but certainly not an exception, the Stags do most of the internet posting. They run and build sites, and they video and edit.
I get this too. Side hustle or just for fun and free posting it is the same. They love showing off their wives. The more people who enjoy what they post the better. It is validation as to how they view their wives. Sexy, hot, and desired.
For these lucky Stags, not only are their wives their personal porn stars, but they are actually stars to many others. They can think to themselves “My wife is your porn star.” They can know that their reality is someone else’s extreme fantasy. That is a level of hot that can’t be beaten.

My point in all that is that you don’t have to be actually involved with hotwifing to be into hotwifing and enjoy hotwives.

Fantasy is all that is needed for most people. We humans are able to enjoy things vicariously through screens, videos, pictures, text, and stories. We can watch a hotwife in action and pretend that the hotwife we are watching is our wife if we are married and monogamous. We can watch a hotwife being pleasured by a man while her husband films and imagine we are the ones being ravished and entertaining our husbands if we are a woman in a monogamous relationship. If single we can still imagine. We can read an erotic story, or we can read an actual account from a hotwife. We can be the guy she seduces or the man her husband picked to pleasure her as a surprise. We can be the blindfolded wife tied to a bed that has no idea who is touching her. We can enjoy this way.

It is enough to make a person thirsty!

Enjoy hotwives glass gift design for stag husbands or cuckold husbands married to hotwives

So, if you are a Stag to a Vixen you obviously enjoy hotwives. Besides enjoying your own hotwife and watching her, you most likely enjoy the doings of other hotwives as well. Maybe they are inspirations, maybe they help give you play ideas… maybe not though.

In my case, I’ve lost interest in pretty much anything outside of activities that circle the dynamics of hotwives. My person is my obsession, and I want things only with her. If another single woman is involved they need to be actively enjoying my person as well or I can’t get into it. If it is a traditional swingers lifestyle type straight swap the other woman needs to be married. It is the ‘wife’ thing. My top desire though for a majority of the time is just the watching. Play styles and desires of people obviously will vary.

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You can get the glass shown above HERE – Enjoy Hotwives Glass, and quench your thirst unless it is a different kind of thirst. Never hurts to enjoy a nice cold one either way.

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