Vixen Wives In Art

Part of what got me making all these T-shirt designs was that I noticed there was very little out there besides the most basic and boring designs I could imagine. Designs that I’d never wear, nor would anybody else I know. The only wearable ones were simple text shirts, and even with those it appeared like whoever made them didn’t invest more than 2 seconds in the layout. I’d already been doing some art that focused on the theme of Vixens and stags. Vixen wives in art are not a common occurrence. Vixen wives in art should be though. Primarily what I’d done was of an erotic nature, and they’d all been 100% traditional in method. Paint on stretched canvas applied with a brush. In doing these shirts I’ve been mixing techniques. I decided to mix it up with something more artsy too.

I titled this simply as “The Vixen Wife.”

Fine art painting Vixen Wives In Art

The working title was “The Vixen Hotwife At Night,” but that ended up developing into something else. My goal here was to show a woman, a wife, someone beautiful, but also just your normal wife. She is however more, so she puts on a mask to play. It is a symbolic mask, it is not necessarily anything beyond the idea of a mask, but she puts it on and for a short while becomes something new, more, different. She becomes a Vixen Hotwife while wearing her mask.

I also wanted this to be a piece of art that could be displayed in any home without it seeming out of place or leading to questions. Any home that would have an art print on a wall. The style, subject, and composition were chosen specifically for that. You could find this print in your favorite restaurant and not question it, yet, like the woman who puts on the mask to play, there is something more here. It is hidden from the people who see it and don’t know. It isn’t hidden to the Vixen or Stag who place it on their wall.

Vixen wife framed fine art print

So, like the lack of fun and interesting T-shirt designs that inspired me to make some, the lack of Vixen wives in art has inspired me to make some. If it wasn’t such a small niche I’d make so much art it would boggle the mind, but… I am forced to make art dealing with other themes that have a larger market so I can pay bills and feed myself.

Maybe my audience will grow here and I’ll eventually be able to devote more time to creating art focused on monogamish lifestyles. Until then posts are sporadic, but still going to happen.

You can get a framed print of this art HERE – The Vixen Wife Framed Art Print.
You can get a canvas print HERE – The Vixen Wife Fine Art Canvas Print.
and… you can get a regular poster of it HERE – The Vixen Wife Poster.

I’m going to do an illustrative version of this theme from the sketches for shirts as well. Hopefully soon. Come back and look for it if you like it.