Locktober is a lot of different things to different people. It is a way certain people fight the perceived misogyny in the world. It is a thing for some types of Gym rats that they think helps them gain muscle. Loctober is something people do as an anti-incel type protest. It is “Giving Power” back to the women for some.

It is locking your cock up for the month of October no matter what your reason.

This is a thing many who are into the hotwife/cuckold dynamic already do on a regular or semi-regular basis. It is something some people into hotwifing that have more of a Stag and Vixen relationship do just for October. It is about power dynamics amongst other things. It is another way to play with teasing and denial.

Unlike the Hotwife with a cuckold husband, the Stag and Vixen dynamic usually requires some sort of reward or special entertainment to get the Stag to agree to attempt a full month. In the cuckold situation, the man usually desires the locking, feels deserving of the locking, or is submitting to the locking without such bribes needing to be offered. It doesn’t really matter the reasons why as long as all participants are in agreement and wish to partake in locktober for whatever personal reasons they have.

It is a week late because I was busy, but here is a fun Locktober shirt for you.


You can get this design as a shirt, sticker, magnet, or cup HERE – Locktober by Vixen Games.

On a personal note, I find it humorous that Loctober (October) comes before No Nut November because there are a lot of people that think both are things to participate in. Locked for a month and then expected not to ejaculate for the following month? For some that sounds like the grandest of games, but not me. I can’t even imagine what prize would need to be offered up to get me to agree to do this for my partner if she wished it of me. I don’t think she could talk me into both.

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