Hotwife teasing 101

Most hotwives enjoy teasing their husbands, and most men who are married to a hotwife enjoy being teased. The type and level of teasing will vary based on the overall relationship dynamics, but in general, teasing is a common part of the hotwife lifestyle. Thus, Hotwife teasing 101.

This is going to be geared towards hotwives who are just starting out, and to women who are just playing with the idea or have gone with the hotwife lifestyle as a fantasy play situation.

Hotwife teasing 101 I love to tease my husband

Hotwife Teasing 101 for newbie hotwives and fantasy hotwives should be the full title to this one.

Teasing can be fun for both the wife and the husband. It is a form of flirting between you and builds sexual tensions and desires. It fuels fantasy and creates almost obsessive wanting. For you (The Wife) it will also give you a bit of relationship power and knowledge that your husband is thinking of you as a sexual goddess. Just make sure that the teasing is of the right sort or it can backfire.

First, a few ideas that are pretty universal no matter the dynamic or if actually participating in the lifestyle or just toying with the idea.

  • Talk about being a hotwife. Basically, let him know the idea is appealing as often as you can.
  • When out and about point out men and women you find attractive or would like to have sex with. Bonus points for being semi-explicit or adding in what you’d like sexually with them.
  • Dress in a manner that attracts attention when you go out. If you notice eyes on you point it out to your husband.
  • Wear something that advertises discreetly such as an anklet, a pin or brooch with a Vixen or upside-down pineapple, or a shirt with something flirty and suggestive on it. Tell your husband if someone notices it may happen.
  • When at a bar or nightclub take the lead in getting drinks, then while at the bar strike up a conversation with a man. You don’t even need to be flirtatious. Your husband can’t hear, he will assume.
  • If you like to dance, get a little close with someone besides your husband on the dance floor. Get naughty if you’re brave enough.

When alone together and in a sexual mood you can really spice your moments up with some teasing. Edging him, orgasm denial and similar activities will enhance the suggestive power.

  • Whatever you are doing to him, just ask if he’d like to see you do the same thing to someone else.
  • Tell him you wish it was someone else, and tell him you’d want him to watch and masturbate. Or go the opposite route and tell him you’d want him not to touch himself, or that he he wasn’t allowed to watch, just listen from outside the door.
  • Tell him you’re imagining fucking another man and make yourself cum while doing so.
  • Tell him you’d like to know how big of a cock you could fit inside you. Bonus points for adding that you’d like to know how his (your husband’s cock) would feel right afterward.
  • Deny him an orgasm until he agrees to a scenario you’d want that he isn’t sure of.
  • If he cums inside you make him lick you after and tell him you are fantasizing that you just had sex with another man, and now he is warming you up to be reclaimed.

Those are some nice tease ideas for prospective hotwives not yet actually participating in the lifestyle or just toying with the idea in a fantasy form. Once you have gone forward with actually being a hotwife (if you do) you can still use those, but they become more powerful because reality is involved.

Now for a short list of some more basics, but we will call it Hotwife Teasing 101 for women who are not extremely experienced, but who have taken the plunge and are now Certified Hotwives. Think of these as teasing ideas that are targeted toward a husband who already knows you as a hotwife and is thrilled with your sexiness.

  • Talk about wanting another cock. Tell him how much you enjoy it, and how much you enjoy him watching or not being able to watch, whatever it is that turns you both on.
  • Go out to dinner or drinks wearing a dress, and once there inform your husband you aren’t wearing any underwear because you are feeling naughty and hoping someone catches a peek.
  • All men have a maximum number of orgasms and erections per session. One, two, three, etc. depends on the guy. If you and your husband hit that number resulting in him being spent. Tell him you’d have liked more. Need more.
  • If you live in an area with a semi-large populace you can usually find other hotwives in your area. Some like to get together for drinks or even just coffee and chat. Find one of these little groups, or befriend a local hotwife or two. It is a tease for your husband because he will be assuming you are getting some crazy ideas.
  • If a full month has gone by since you had a hotwife adventure, start complaining. Say you need more or are craving another, etc. This is one sort of complaining that will turn your husband on rather than annoy him if he is into you hotwifing. Adjust the time based on how often you like to participate in these activities.

The ideas mentioned above are pretty universal. They work with pretty much all hotwife lifestyle dynamics. Many of the best teases to keep your husband enthralled and obsessing about your sexuality are however specifically geared toward people with certain likes, fetishes, and in some cases fears.
Many of the most common desires for a man with a cuckolding fetish would be abhorrent the average man who engages in full swap swinging for their primary fun times. A man with a cuckolding fetish may not even begin to understand the motivations behind a guy who is only into the one-for-one type swapping of partners prevalent in many swingers’ circles. Some Stags would get in a rage if their wives humiliated them at a sex party, but some cucks would get off on it. On and on I could go with those comparisons, but the point is that a fun tease for one type is not always a fun tease for another. This next list is still geared towards hotwives who are just starting out, and to women who are just playing with the idea or have gone with the hotwife lifestyle as a fantasy play situation, but is what I’d consider universal hotwife teasing ideas.
Talk with your husband, and know his turn-ons and turn-offs. Don’t tease in ways that cause problems, but in ways that lead to lust.

First, let’s look at some simple verbal topics.

Hotwife Teasing 101 talk topics for newbie hotwives and fantasy hotwives that are case-specific:

  • If your husband is into denial, deny him orgasms, talk about blindfolding him and making him sit in a chair, or tell him he’ll have to wait in a hotel bar while you play and only be allowed in the room afterward.
  • If your husband is fetishishises on your pleasures talk about how hard you’d cum, or how many times in a given scenario with someone else.
  • If your husband is into you being creampied talk about how much you want to be filled, and how much you love the feeling.
  • If your husband is into the idea of other people knowing how amazing you feel, when having sex mention how other men will feel exactly what he’s feeling.
  • If your husband has a goddess fetish aimed at you talk about how sexy you’ll look, and talk about how he will cum just watching you.
  • If your husband has a cuckolding fetish and focuses on the idea of you having better, bigger, etc. Talk about how you want to feel stretched and filled. Talk about how long it will last and how much harder you will cum with someone sexually superior.
  • If your husband has a cuckolding fetish talk about how you can have sex whenever you want with anybody, and he can’t do a thing about it.
  • If your husband has a cheating/Cuckolding fetish you can tell him you may decide to have sex with someone without his knowledge, or hint you already are.
  • If your husband has an oral fetish you can talk about how much you’d enjoy having him go down on you before or after you have sex with someone else. Usually, both are best, preparing, then cleaning up and making you orgasm again.
  • If your husband likes denial games you can tell him he will only be allowed to perform oral when you play with others.
  • If your husband is into both swinging and hotwifing make sure to talk about how no matter what you get more than him in regard to both partners and orgasms.

So, that little list is as previously mentioned a case-specific list for talk teasing ideas aimed at hotwives who are just starting out, women who are just playing with the idea, or have gone with the hotwife lifestyle as a fantasy play situation.

I’m not including a Hotwife Teasing 101 list that is case-specific for actual play times here because I feel we cover enough of those basic ideas in our other posts on a regular basis. They are Vixen Games.

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Thank you for attending Hotwife Teasing 101 brought to you by Hotwife University.

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