Flirty suggestive T-shirts

Visual innuendos, double entendres, obvious allusions, etc. Oh, how I love them, and they certainly make for great flirty suggestive T-shirts.

Here I have a couple of flirty suggestive T-shirts for you that are pretty obvious, with one being punny, and the other just suggestive.

This first one works for both men and women. It isn’t gender specific. Nor is it aimed at only people who are into hotwifing, but definitely works for that crowd as the design creates naughty ideas and can bring about conversations that you can easily control and bring in any direction you like.

What is better than pizza?

better than pizza flirty suggestive T-shirts by Vixen Games

The idea here is that the wearer of the shirt is claiming to be better than pizza and that they are referring to the well-known saying “Pizza is better than sex.” How this saying came about is that originally people started saying pizza was better than sex. Then some would say “Then you are doing it wrong” as a joke or insult. Eventually, it all became a big thing with gossip news and fashion sites writing humor articles about why pizza is better than sex.
The articles would point out humorous observations like how you can watch TV or play video games and eat pizza at the same time without angering your partner. Or how it is acceptable to finish your pizza first and then immediately go to sleep. You can even eat pizza in public at lunch without worrying about being arrested.
The theme makes for some great flirty suggestive T-shirts. “What is better than pizza?
I love shirts that can easily bring about comments that go straight to naughty if you want them to go that way. I also love it if you can steer them away from naughty immediately if it is a person you don’t want to be having such a conversation with. You can take this one in any direction you like. Win!

The Better than Pizza design is available on T-shirts, stickers, and hats HERE – Better Than Pizza By Vixen Games.

This next design was made with a woman as the wearer rather than it being for just anybody. It is also a bit more obvious, but still punny, and done in such a cute manner it just oozes innocence without being innocent.

A buttered muffin is a happy muffin. Innuendo muffin T-shirt from Vixen Games

A buttered muffin is a happy muffin. As far as flirty suggestive T-shirts go, this one rides a thin line in my brain from going over the top into purely naughty, but I have learned that people who think sexually think everything is sexual. Basically, I see it as more on the naughty side than the average person would. Most of the readers of my posts here on Vixen Games will do so as well. The idea came from the saying “butter my muffin.” That is a common sexual innuendo along with “Butter my biscuit.”
The saying “Happy wife = Happy Life” is also a common one. It has been used mostly as a sarcastic type of saying referring to men often having to put up with things or agree to things their wives want to keep them from complaining and nagging.
People into hotwifing, swinging, and other such activities long ago co-opted it and began using it to basically say that the extra a hotwife or swinging wife gets in the sexual satisfaction and attention departments keeps her extra happy, and then the wife keeps her husband extra happy. I have used that saying before for a Vixen Hotwife design that isn’t so G-rated. You can see it here if you like: Happy Wife = Happy Life.

So, A happy wife plus butter my muffin, and voilĂ , a buttered muffin is a happy muffin.
This shirt design is also available as a sticker. You can get them HERE – A buttered muffin is a happy muffin by Vixen-Games.

Neither design requires a person to be into a monogamish lifestyle of any sort. They are both flirty suggestive T-shirts designed with the intention of making a viewer use their own mind to turn it into something sexual and then possibly get inquisitive. I do love my visual innuendos, double entendres, obvious allusions, etc.