What is a stag husband?

What exactly is a stag husband? This is a common question. It is at its core easy to answer if going with the most simple definition. A Stag husband is a man who actively participates in facilitating or observing his wife’s sexual encounters with other people. He receives personal pleasure from encouraging and providing a supportive and safe environment for his wife to experience sexual activities. In most cases, he also derives pleasure from either watching, listening, or hearing stories of his wife’s encounters. In all cases, he is an equal and encouraging partner. In no case does he receive pleasure from humiliation or degradation as a cuckold would? That last bit of the equation is arguably the most defining characteristic of the stag in such relationships.

There you have it, the simple answer to the question “What is a stag husband?”

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As with all labels we apply to ourselves and others, variations on the theme are the norm, nuances make a difference, and opinions vary.

Let us take it a step further and explore the question of “What is a stag husband?”

The term “Stag Husband” is commonly used when discussing Hotwifing and play/relationship dynamics to designate that the male of the couple is not a cuckold or submissive. This is because many relationships that involve hotwifing also involve a cuckold-type situation. The wife is often perceived as seeking better and more satisfying lovers. The cuckold is considered lesser and often ridiculed for his lack of performance, size, game, attractiveness, desirability, etc. The hotwife will often humiliate the cuckold husband, deny him, and maybe even have her bull (extra lover) join in the humiliation. Also, it may be the case in a cuckold-style relationship (but never with a Stag situation) that the wife cheats on the cuckold husband without his knowledge and with no regard for his personal choice of her partner for the cheating.

The similarities between cuckolds and Stags are that ‘usually’ their basic activities are similar but without similar dynamics. Both enjoy the idea of their wife having other sex partners, both often enjoy watching, listening, or hearing about it, both want their wives to be extremely fulfilled, and both promote their wives’ behavior.

The similarities end there for the most part besides minor incidentals and what I like to think of as individual-based kinks. Examples of those would be a husband who likes to help his wife get dressed up for her play times or a husband who enjoys hunting out playmates for the wife. These are things some cuckolds and some Stags may enjoy but aren’t necessarily an essential part of being a cuckold or a stag.

Outside of the hotwife-specific lifestyle or playstyle the term Stag is also commonly used for certain types of people who are in the swingers lifestyle. Usually, this label is applied to husbands who enjoy participating in threesomes with their wives that involve an extra male, or it is applied to husbands in swinging relationships that allow and encourage their wives to have more sexual partners than they themselves have when partaking in swinging lifestyle activities.

The reason some husbands in swinging get this label while others do not is that commonly couples who swing maintain a sexual numbers balance. As an example, a couple meets another couple at a swinger venue, they swap partners for sex, and they are done. Even if the wife didn’t achieve orgasm, or is in the mood for more fun, the rules of the couple will demand that if she is to participate with more partners the husband must as well. If he (the husband) is done for the night, she is too. A Stag swinger husband who is done for the night would allow his wife to play more, and if she had not had a satisfactory experience he’d almost surely encourage her to seek one out. He would enjoy watching her, or knowing she was having fun even if he was spent and could not attain another erection to join the play. He as a Stag receives enjoyment from her enjoyment and from knowing what is going on.
Think of it like couple A swings for a year and each up their body count by 9.
Couple B swings for a year and the husband upped his body count by 7 while the wife upped her body count by 15.
The husband of couple A is more likely a traditional type swinger while the husband of couple B may be a Stag.
He also may just be very relaxed about it all though.
Now if even 3 of those extra encounters the wife of couple B had involved her having sexual fun with another man while her husband just watched for pleasure, her giving a show, the husband a viewer… he is a Stag.
Swinger sure, but Stag as well. The wife is also both a Swinger and a Hotwife in couple B. She may self-identify as one or the other. She may identify as both. It depends on her motivations and how she feels about herself. It also may depend on how her Stag husband views her.

In the end, there is no catch-all covering everything answer to the question of “What is a stag husband?”
All people are slightly different, and all relationships are as well.
I’m pretty sure the question has been answered here to a degree that it can be understood semi-well by most people though, even if they’d never heard the term before looking it up and landing on this page.
If not, just keep reading. I’d recommend first going through the posts tagged STAG here on Vixen Games.

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