Part time bull rider – Full time Vixen

For some people being a Hotwife is one of the more dominant aspects of their life. They are always playing and much of their lives revolve around hotwifing. Others may include hotwifing activities in their lives as more of a rare occasional activity. The majority of Hotwives fall somewhere in the middle. The activities are a big part of their relationship dynamic, but not something that life revolves around. That was the original idea I started with, but a conversation I had as I was contemplating it brought forth the bull and spade visuals. The result is this Part time bull rider – Full time Vixen T-shirt.

Part time bull rider - Full time Vixen Hotwife T-shirt

The Part time bull rider – Full time Vixen shirt is available HERE- Part time bull rider – Full time Vixen QOS by Vixen-Games.

So the conversation becomes activity frequency + overall part of lifestyle + bulls + the Queen Of Spades play and how this all comes together as a pretty standard part of the lives of people who are living in a Vixen and Stag dynamic and play mostly recreationally.
It seems like a lot, but in the real world, it is a common and easily worked out system many choose. It is also sustainable on a long-term basis for most who are into it.

The breakdown:

Frequency is either semi-scheduled or whenever it works out, but not so often it affects life in a way it takes from any other activities. Also, it is something that happens on a regular enough basis it isn’t an outlier sort of play. Nobody is constantly scheduling around it and altering their lives regularly for it, but it isn’t just a do-it-once-a-year type activity like how many schedule trips to certain favorite vacation destinations. The result is the Vixen assumes full-time Vixen status, which in turn gives the husband of the Vixen full-time Stag status. Why this is important is because it alters the dynamic of an otherwise vanilla relationship and the self-perceptions of the husband and wife. They may not play weekly, but they do it enough that she walks around in life identifying and feeling like a hotwife vixen 24/7. Her husband views her as such as well. She is his sexy and amazing hotwife. If they treated it as a seldom, but do it type thing you can’t get that self-perception. If comparing it to travel, this would be like the difference between going to Mexico once a year vs going to Mexico, Greece, Japan, and Iceland in that same year. If each year is similar one person will think “I went on vacation,” while the other person will think “I am a world traveler.”

The part of the lifestyle “bulls” and being a Queen of spades plays is also not a 100% required and defining thing with these couples, yet they play at it. Unlike some who have a fetish for the BBC/QOS play that drives their play, these couples enjoy such play as sidequests in their overall story. They enjoy and partake, but it isn’t required and sometimes may not even be desired. The Queen may desire her big black cock. She may want a dominant bull. The Stag may want to see his wife used in such a manner. They will engage in the race play. It adds fuel to their personal time, but so do many other aspects of the hotwifing lifestyle. In reality, they could take it or leave it. She is a part-time Queen of Spades. She is a part-time Bull Rider. She is however always a Vixen Hotwife.

The Part time bull rider – Full time Vixen shirt is available HERE- Part time bull rider – Full time Vixen QOS by Vixen-Games.

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