Just a Vixen trying to swing

Are you out as a Vixen? Probably not. That is going to be a lot of the focus of this one. Public perception, acceptance, awareness, and having a voice as a group of people with similar practices.
Sometimes the biggest challenge for a Vixen wife and her Stag is finding suitable participants for their games. Hotwife or swinger, it doesn’t matter, it is an ongoing problem unless you’ve basically gone semi-poly. You’re just a Vixen trying to swing in a world where single males seem to be everywhere and swinging husbands are filling the chats and clubs, but, they either suck, don’t get it, or don’t fit the bill in some other way. Going for the vanilla world games is even harder, but less work. Now you are just a Vixen trying to swing and nobody knows what a Vixen is, and if they know what a hotwife is you’ll deal with ideas taken from watching X-rated flicks. They most likely know what swingers are, but it’ll be a skewed idea. Oh, how sad to be a vixen trying to swing in a world where people are usually, but thankfully not always clueless.

vixen trying to swing nonmonogamy shirt design

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Who’s fault is it that it is so hard?
Truth be told, it is partly ours.
People in the lifestyle, hotwives, Stags, Vixens, and everyone else playing these fun and sexy games as a completely secret thing.
If we were out and proud, people would be more knowledgeable. You see it with the polyamory people. They are teaching and saying “My choice.” We as a rule don’t. Very few at least are out.
That is fine though, and for many that secret part of the whole thing is what makes it so darn exciting. It is like being Batman and Catwoman, but dressed normally and blending in with the vanilla.

How can we teach though? Luckily we have the internet. It spreads as much misinformation as truth. Actually, it spreads more misinformation than truth because of online gossip type sites and social media. Everyone spreads their ideas equally. Want bad advice on hotwifing? Try Quora or something similar. You’ll get a 22-year-old virgin pretending to be a 35-year-old hotwife explaining how to pick up a hotwife.

As acceptance builds for people who are not living in a 100% socially dictated and outlined family unit that behaves in whatever manner the current norms decide we as the monogamish do get to be a little more out there even if we can’t be out and proud. We don’t have to fear instantly being fired from any and every job in existence as we may have been in generations past. We won’t be ostracized from all social groups either. Could we face repercussions if outed? Yes, some. It would depend on your location, your profession, your standing in the community, etc. but in most cases, it’d just be gossip, weird questions, and possibly altered treatment by some people you know. That treatment could be better or worse, it is a crapshoot. The fear of being outed is not as great as it was even 20 years ago. I remember many swing club members in the 90s acting like it was a serious cloak-and-dagger event to get out of the house and to the club. Huge strings of lies and changes of wardrobes. Getting caught could have been the end of everything. For some it still is risky, but most of us would survive. The cloak and dagger game has tamed down. It exists but is not as extreme. Also, most of us have confidants outside of our naughty play world. A few people who know. People we confided in, and we hope to keep zipped lips. These people ask questions. They learn. Slowly ideas are changed.

Educating the masses about all the different lifestyles and play styles helps us all. It gives us not just understanding, but also opportunity. This Just a Vixen trying to swing design is cute, and it will be relevant even if activities like swinging and hotwifing become as mainstream acceptable as polyamory, but in a different way. The themes will be more recognizable and people will be more apt to inquire in a good way. I see this happening slowly, but surely already. In my life polyamory went from I’d guess a 99% plus publicly stated disapproval to current polls stating that one in six people would like to be in such a relationship. In the 1980’s according to most polls over 60% of people thought gay and lesbian relationships were something that should not be legal. Now, around 18% think gay and lesbian sex or relationships should be illegal. It will never be 100%. Nothing is 100% accepted. You get up around 3/4 approval though and your worries are over. We are heading there. Times are changing. If you are in a Vixen and Stag relationship you are in a relationship that is much more accepted today than a poly relationship was 10 years ago, and much more than a homosexual relationship was 20 years ago. These people have done our job for us. Especially the polyamorous because we all get lumped into the protective umbrella term of consensual nonmonogamy.

If you’re just a Vixen trying to swing and like the image above, you can get this design HERE – Just A Vixen Trying To Swing by Vixen Games on T-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, or as a simple sticker.

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