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Questions in the age of the Internet are a bit different than in years past. Instead of “what is a Vixen and Stag relationship?” people simplify it to “Vixen Stag Meaning” and hope for fabulous results. To be fair I’ll add in here that the people didn’t label these relationships as Vixen and Stag relationships pre-internet. Nor did they label the sexy wives who entertain their husbands, themselves, and lucky others so well as hotwives. Both terms/labels are rather new. They arrived because of the internet and people’s expanding need to label things. When information was needed pre-internet it was gathered through magazines, newsletters, clubs, and through moving in certain social circles. It was not as easy to get, less specific, and usually more spot-on for the individual.

Now we are here in the world of quick access information that is usually desired in tiny nibbles instead of big bites. No “What is a Vixen wife and Stag husband?” Instead, it is “Vixen Stag Meaning.” Lazy. We get a lot if people here on Vixen Games from that simple inquiry.

That is the reason for this post. This a simple question worded so strangely by people who most likely have no clue about different forms of nonmonogamy or the monogamish lifestyles many lead. You heard the term Vixen and Stag, maybe in the context of Hotwifing or swinging. Maybe in the context of polyamory. It doesn’t matter, it made you type in Vixen Stag Meaning, and now here you are.

For this simple query, I will give simple answers. You may peruse our other articles if you’d like to get a more in-depth and better feel of it. I’m translating Vixen Stag Meaning into “What is a Vixen and Stag relationship?” and also I’m going with “What is a Vixen and a Stag?”

A Stag & Vixen relationship is one in which the woman who is called the Vixen has sex or plays in some way that is sexual with other men besides her husband with the full knowledge, consent, approval, and encouragement of her husband who is called the Stag. This activity is enjoyed by both the Stag and the Vixen as a couple.

The Vixen is a hotwife, but unlike some forms of hotwifing a Vixen never seeks to humiliate, humble, or belittle her Stag husband. It is the opposite in fact. A vixen hotwife is almost always heavily motivated in her choices of activities by having a desire to entertain, turn on, and make her Stag happy and fulfilled.

The Stag is often, but not always the orchestrator of play times for his Vixen wife. He is usually present, and always involved in some way with these activities no matter who set them up.

Stags and Vixens operate as a team, each one supports the other, and both work to make sure their partner is happy.

There is a lot of crossover with Stag and Vixen couples into other various monogamish lifestyles. Many are involved in the swinging lifestyle for example.

Typically the Stag husband is heterosexual, but that is not a requirement. Typically a Vixen wife is primarily heterosexual, but many enjoy other women sexually. That also is not a requirement.

Lastly, it should be noted that Vixens and Stags are emotionally monogamous. They keep their bond between themselves close and sacred. They are sexually nonmonogamous but within the boundaries set by themselves as a couple.

So, there you have it. The Vixen Games response to someone typing in “Vixen Stag Meaning” instead of whatever their real question was.

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