Peace, Love & Pineapples

Can’t say this one was designed with vixen wives in mind. Nope, but it can still be worn by a Vixen because even though this Peace, Love & Pineapples shirt was made with swingers in mind a lot of Vixens are in the swinger lifestyle as well.

Plus, a lot of people just straight-up dig the whole Peace, Love & Pineapples deal anyway. You can wear this one anywhere and I can envision people with nothing to do with the monogamish lifestyles wearing it as well.

Peace, Love & Pineapples T-shirt for pineapple people

My reason for making this was because I heard the term “pineapple people” used today in reference to people who swing. It seems the upsidedown pineapple thing, which just a short while ago became a well-known joke type thing across the internet for vanilla folks has settled into it’s home as a swinger lifestyle emblem pretty well. I’d not have guessed that would happen. I like it though. Pineapple people.

As for it being Peace, Love & Pineapples, well… I already had planned to make a Peace, Love & Swinging design. I then was inspired to change it to this after hearing lifestylers referred to as “Pineapple People.”

It all grooves together. Can’t spread the peace and love in a much more obvious way than swinging.

You can get this shirt HERE – Peace, Love & Pineapples T-shirt by Vixen Games.

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