Queen Of Diamonds Black Hotwives

Our very first special request design was this Queen Of Diamonds with White Cock Rooster card design from a guy who said there isn’t anything out there for Queen Of Diamonds Black Hotwives.

Queen Of Diamonds Black Hotwives card shirt for black hotwives that enjoy BWC

I have heard the term before, and from where I heard it the meaning was a black hotwife who was all about the BWC. Basically a reverse of the common internet theme of white hotwives and BBC. BBC is “Big Black Cock,” and BWC is “Big White Cock.”
This is a huge fetish-type thing within the hotwifing world and in swinging.
My own personal opinion is this fetish exists primarily because people for the most part have larger friend circles within their own races than a big mix. It is then pushed in adult media and becomes a fetish, or if not a fetish at least a major curiosity or turn-on. Either way, we end up with white wives going for BBC.
Why isn’t it as common for the reverse when it comes to hotwifing?
I’ll go with my view again because there is no documented reason. It is simply because there aren’t that many black hotwives.
In swinging you will run into all ethnicities and the mix is usually pretty close to the overall population mixture of the area you are in. If your population base is 60% white you’ll see a bit over 60% white people at a club or mixer. If your population base is 20% black you’ll find a bit over 20% black people at those same mixers and clubs.
It is always a bit more because certain races aren’t very prevalent. The reasons for this I will not delve into here because it would get too long, but in general you don’t find a huge amount of Arab, Indian, or Asian couples in such venues. When you do they are often mixed-race couples with one spouse being white or black. My general take on this is it is cultural.

So, back to the whole Queen Of Diamonds Black Hotwives topic. Lots of black women in swinging, not a lot as hotwives. Why? Again I think it is cultural, but not deep rooted. From what I have personally witnessed within swinging communities, the adult entertainment industry, a lifetime of traveling, and never being a monogamy fan, I’d say it comes down to the men rather than the women. Very few black husbands seem to be cool with the idea. I’m not talking about nonmonogamy, I’m talking about their wives being hotwives. Swinging can be seen as an even exchange, or close to it. You get some, I get some. That seems to be a concept that is accepted pretty evenly in white and black social groups. Not so much the hotwife thing.

Some claim all of it is racist.

Is a white hotwife seeking BBC racist? Is a black hotwife seeking BWC racist? Queen Of Diamonds Black Hotwives or Queen Of Spades White Hotwives. Some say fetishizing a person by race is racist. Personally, I don’t see it any different than being someone who goes for blondes. Maybe if you are a woman you only go for tall men. Over 5’8″ seem a good number? Over 5′ 10″ ? What if you are attracted to women with big booty? Not into flat-bottomed girls? Some people are into accents. The point is that attraction and turn-ons are personal. In hotwifing it is about play. A primary partner exists already. It makes sense some people who play hotwifing games will be seeking out different things.

The man who requested this design (which is based on a Queen Of Spades card design from us he saw) is very into his hotwife being with white guys over black. He called her his Queen Of Diamonds. They have a loosely put-together Vixen and Stag dynamic. She is not BWC only, just a preference for play.
He also mentioned that though he doesn’t play as a Bull, he actually gets more requests from white couples on specialized dating type sites than she does even though they actually seek that.
I found that particular thing odd.
That is what I got from our short conversation.

I will be re-creating two other designs that originally were done as Queen Of Spades card designs into Queen Of Diamonds designs as well. For now, I have just done the one to make sure it could be there for Christmas.

Queen Of Diamonds black hotwife seeking white socks

Socks in the Christmas sock, and a T-shirt wrapped as a gift.
Special requests are awesome and very welcome as it gets me making things I otherwise would not have thought of.

Black hotwife Queen Of Diamonds shirt design.

If enough interest happens on these few I will probably make a few more designs specifically targeted towards black hotwives. My goal is to create things that pretty much cover the whole spectrum of monogamish people out there.

If you would like this Queen Of Diamonds with White Cock Rooster card design on a T-shirt, mini-skirt, sticker, hat, socks, etc. you can get it HERE – Queen Of Diamonds with White Cock Rooster card design.

If you would like to read another post that deals with race in hotwifing, but not talking about the differences in how many black women vs white women are hotwives I would recommend this one Skin color in hotwifing. I recommend it because this Queen Of Diamonds Black Hotwives post may make it sound like race is the biggest thing ever in the hotwife world. It can very much seem that way if jumping around on social media and forums. In the real world, it is not actually how things usually are.

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