Hotwife and Stag baseball caps

The designs I make for all our shirts are often meant for daily wear. Some are a bit racy, and a few are even as naughty as can be for a T-shirt design, but in general, I’m trying to make a lot of fun stuff that can be worn at the grocery store without causing a fuss. Another big portion of what I design is meant to be leading or flirty, but in a way that is just a hint. The you know if you know type of stuff, things to wear if you go to your local pub. Designs that invite conversation and will maybe lead to new adventures, but aren’t direct. They are all meant to be casual and or playful though. I’m not designing lingerie or evening gowns here. They are T-shirt and sticker designs primarily. They also go on other casual everyday items like socks and baseball caps. Casual, and warm, wear them with your jeans-type socks. Hotwife and Stag baseball caps are definitely in the chill’n casual department. I am a hat wearer. Baseball caps.

Am I going to wear a baseball cap to an evening swinger party? Am I going to wear one to a lifestyle club? No. Hotwife and Stag baseball caps are right there with the socks and are meant for everyday use or going out to your favorite dive bar. They are meant for places where you’d not see a lot of guys wearing ties.

Hotwife and Stag baseball caps

The ones I am showing here are from our Vixen Games Spreadshop. You can check it out HERE – Vixen Games Accessories. I like the Flexfit Baseball Caps which are shown here best. The Snapback Baseball Caps seem more popular though. I have only put a few designs on the Organic Baseball Cap and that seems to be primarily popular just with women’s designs. They have a lot of options.

Anyway, these Hotwife and Stag baseball caps were kind of an afterthought for me when I started doing this. It is a bit funny because I wear a cap constantly at work. I also very much like the look of baseball caps on women. Tennis shoes, jeans or shorts, a T-shirt, and a baseball cap are a look I find very cute and often sexy. I especially like it with braids, pigtails, or a ponytail. It is probably a remnant of my past when I was a bit of a gym rat and hung out with a lot of sporty type women. Seems to be that sporty girls almost always have a few baseball-style caps. Nature girls too seem to do the hat thing. Must have a hat for the hike.

The thing is, those casual times are our biggest and most prevalent times. If a couple gets into Hotwifing it becomes a big part of their identity usually. A Stag and Vixen are always a Stag and Vixen. Swinger couples live the swinger lifestyle. It is identity changing usually. Even so, it is just one tiny part. Most of our time is spent living just like the vanilla people but with lots of fun flavors added. We are still going out to dinner and drinks without any other intentions. We are still stopping at the grocery store on the way home from work. We are ordering our beverages from baristas and talking about mundane things. We get the benefit of inside jokes and looking at the vanilla world with different views, but still it is ordinary and casual. That is why I thought Hotwife and Stag baseball caps to be a good idea. Vixen, swinger, poly, etc. included obviously.
So, from now on more designs (as I make them) will be going on hats. Some are for the brave and out, others are for the secret lives types that want to show a bit without worry. It is all good because it is casual time.

Again, the hats shown above came from HERE – Vixen Games Accessories.

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