Always on their minds

A stag and Vixen relationship is unique in many ways, but one of those ways is that Stags are often completely obsessed with their Vixen. The Vixen is always on their minds.
It isn’t always sexual, but it is always happening. The thoughts of her just float through the background when the Stag is busy, and then often come forward when the Stag is not otherwise occupied.
It is a type of obsession.
I think of it as a healthy or workable version of “Obsessive love disorder.” OLD refers to a condition where a person becomes obsessed with another person they are or think they are in love with. They constantly think of them, feel a need to protect them, worry about them, and if the condition runs in an unhealthy direction it can cause a person to become controlling of the one they are obsessed with.

Some common symptoms of OLD:

  • an overwhelming attraction to one person
  • obsessive thoughts about the person
  • feeling the need to “protect” the person you’re in love with
  • possessive thoughts and actions
  • extreme jealousy over other interpersonal interactions
  • Self-esteem issues

Often an obsessive love disorder is attached to other types of attachment disorders, OCD, and delusional beliefs about the person who is the target of the obsession.

Why do I think an obsessive love disorder is workable or healthy if it is part of a Stag and Vixen relationship?
Pretty simple really. It is because it can enhance the relationship and make it better rather than cause problems.
If the Stag and Vixen Dynamic exists it will include a Stag who adores watching his Vixen. The Stag will desire her to enjoy herself and is into her above all others. Without that, the dynamic falls apart.
The Vixen must also adore being the fixation of her Stag. She will want to please him as she pleases herself. It is a two-way give and take.
The more she plays the Vixen the more he obsesses over her and makes her feel like a goddess. The more she feels like a goddess the more confident and happy she becomes. The happier she is the more the Stag feels their dynamic is great.
It is a circle that feeds on itself and causes both Stag and Vixen to feel joy and feel better about themselves as well as their partner.
The obsession in this instance is healthy and works well.
For Stags like this, the Vixen is always on their minds.
The Vixen wants to be always on their minds.

Would general society consider this a workable and healthy situation?
Not a chance. At least not currently in our society.
Current society doesn’t consider a Vixen and Stag relationship healthy. Instead, they prefer that two people attempt to pair off into 100% monogamous relationships for life. They prefer that these people tell lies to each other, hide things like feelings and desires, cheat on each other, and regularly split up with each other and attempt the same thing with someone else. Serial monogamy is what society currently prefers.
It isn’t monogamy, but they call it that.

Not everyone should be a Vixen. Not everyone should be a Stag. We are all wired differently. It’d be nice if we could all be whatever we wished without other people’s opinions being involved, but most people can’t help themselves when it comes to proclaiming their ideas of the right way the only acceptable way. Usually, it seems from my observations that the less happy they are with the outcomes of their own decisions the more they want to push their ideas on others. Humans are strange.
For myself, I say be a Stag or Vixen if you like and it fits you. Be polyamorous if it fits you. Swingers rock, hotwives rock, actually monogamous couples rock. Do your thing if it truly fits you.
Don’t let the naysayers break you down.

Be happy for the Vixen wives who enjoy the attention of their Stag husbands and want to be always on their minds.

Be happy for those Stags that constantly are thinking of their Vixens.

Live and let live.

and for those Stags…

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