Heteroflexible Swingers

They are for the most part straight, but in certain play situations, they will go the other way. That doesn’t make them truly bisexual. Isn’t like they are going to date the same gender. Nope, they just physically play that way.
A label exists for everything nowadays. This particular label has been around for a long time though.
I first heard the term heteroflexible back in the late 80s from heteroflexible swingers.
To be fair I’ll say I didn’t think them swingers, nor did they claim to be, but by today’s definition, they would be considered part of the swinger lifestyle with a tiny dash of polyamory tossed in.
Neither was gay or bisexual. They were a generally heterosexual married couple, and just in group play they slightly went the other way. Usually, just the wife did, but he could be “friendly” as he put it if it was required as well.
Heteroflexible Swingers

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Swingers have some odd lingo for many things. When it comes to straight or “mostly straight” people who are in the lifestyle there are a few very common ones. Bi-curious, Bi-Playful, and Bi-Friendly top the list. If they are in the lifestyle and don’t straight up say bisexual they are all in reality heteroflexible swingers.

The weird thing is that for such a sexually progressive group, there still exists a lot of stigma in regard lgbtq+ members within the swinger lifestyle.
It will vary from area to area, within certain cliques, and for clubs. Some are very open, and some are almost backward about it.
A pretty common theme is that bisexuality and heteroflexibility are semi-expected for women, and sometimes even pushed on them with something akin to peer pressure, while it is frowned upon for men.
It is a vibe of girls should play with girls, but men should keep away from men.
I function well in that environment as I am a straight male.
I also function well in situations where there are many bisexual and homosexual males though because I just say “no thank you.” Saying “No Thankyou” is something all people who swing need to be able to do so it really should not be a problem for anyone.
In my humble opinion, I think the “No Homo” mentality that floats around in many swinger circles when it comes to men is something that should be done away with. I especially think this is the case since women playing with women is almost a celebrated activity in those same groups. If nothing else, heteroflexible swingers should be treated equally no matter if they are men or women.

The solution to the problem is I think being more open about such things. If you frequent swinger lifestyle dating websites you’ll find a majority of women listing themselves as Bi-curious, Bi-Playful, and Bi-Friendly. They are all claiming to be heteroflexible to some degree. Men on the other hand are predominantly listed as straight.
Often in both the description of the woman and the man, it is a lie.
You meet up with enough couples and you find sometimes that the woman isn’t all that bisexual or even bi-friendly. They are just going with it because it was expected. That isn’t the usual, but it is semi-common. They are cool with it, but not a ton of interest.
Then the other side of that is finding out the male of a couple who listed themselves as straight is bisexual or bi-curious. Some level of heteroflexibility exists, but they don’t put it on their profile because they fear it will cause them to get fewer positive responses or it will cause them to be ostracized at their local club or within a group they frequent.
It isn’t like you meet up and they blurt this all out either. It is in most cases a situation of hanging out a few times and them becoming comfortable enough to tell you something they normally wouldn’t.
Again, I think the solution is for everyone to just put it all out there until it becomes normalized within all the swinger communities.
Both men and women need to be a bit braver with their truths.
Nobody should be playing with people they aren’t into in ways they aren’t into, and nobody should be having to hide what they are into when running in social circles that are already living taboo lifestyles according to the masses. Those who would like to be accepted should be accepting themselves.

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