Part-time Unicorn full-time Vixen

This Part-time Unicorn full-time Vixen design was inspired.
It also led to this post idea so besides being an awesome design for any Vixen Hotwife that likes to play as a unicorn, it has functioned as a catalyst for an interesting Vixen Games post.
Part-time Unicorn full-time Vixen!

Part-time Unicorn full-time Vixen T-shirt design for vixen hotwives that play as unicorns.

You can get this design HERE – RB – Part time unicorn full time Vixen by Vixen-Games,
and because I liked it so much I made sure there were a lot of style options available as well HERE – S-Shop – Part time unicorn full time Vixen.
Check them out.

Topic time:
Part-time Unicorn full-time Vixen.

Vixens differ from other sorts of hotwives and other sorts of swingers (whichever camp they feel they are in) in many ways, but in some ways, they mesh right up with the norms of both camps.

A majority of hotwives prefer playing with men. That is their goal and desire. Their husbands no matter if cucks or Stags or something in between usually also prefer them to play with men, but that does not mean all hotwives are 100% heterosexual and only play with men. They are often in the Heteroflexible realm, and sometimes even prefer women or are loud and proud bisexuals.
These women will often, but not always play with couples as often as with single men.
This usually has to do with their husbands’ wishes as much as their own. Even if a hotwife plays on her own without her husband there, it is a couples activity.
Married, but playing as a unicorn does exist when it comes to hotwifing.

In the world of swingers, you’ll find that Heteroflexible is the norm. You’ll also find many a Vixen in the swinger lifestyle. They blend right in and can play with the other swingers without much notice sometimes. The crossover between swinger wives and Vixen wives is huge.
Most women who are married and swing however do not play the unicorn game, or very seldom.
In the case of Vixens however, it is not so rare. A Vixen will easily play with a couple she finds attractive if they can charm the pants off her with some flirting and wit just as quickly as she will play with a single male. Unlike most other swingers it isn’t a case of “hubby must get some” for the Vixen to play. Some Vixens play solo, but most don’t. You’ll most likely have her husband there because he likes to watch. He as her Stag loves to watch as much if not more than playing himself. You now, if lucky have found yourself that unicorn play, but you’ll need to be cool with some exhibitionistic sex.
The thing to remember though is that she is a part-time Unicorn full-time Vixen, and has a husband whom she is completely emotionally monogamous with. She’s not a polyamorous unicorn for your triad or quad. She is a Vixen, and she has a Stag. She may play with you, but that is it. The Vixen Stag dynamic is not as many people assume, an open one besides sexually.

If you are a swinger couple who seeks unicorn play, my advice to you, if you wish to pursue a Vixen for such things, is that you approach the situation as you would approach a couple whom you were hoping to swap with. The Vixen wants a fun time and the Stag is as well. Her fun time is going to be having great sex and putting on a great show for her Stag. The Stag’s good time is going to be watching his Vixen put that show on. The Vixen knows that your good time is having sex with her, but if you neglect the Stag’s needs you will fail. Think of it as inviting a couple for a swapping experience, then neglecting the husband completely. Just because the Stag may be into watching as much or more than physically being involved himself does not mean he is not part of the action. For the Stag and Vixen couple, this is them having sex. They are experiencing it together in a way that turns them on and is gratifying to them.
Lastly, don’t be self-conscious or worry about the Stag being happy if you are pleasing his Vixen.
He wants her pleased.
That is part of how he is experiencing pleasure. He is pleased by her pleasure. Part of it is compersion, but in the case of a Stag, it is often rooted in other things as well.
He wants you to rock his Vixen’s world.

So, for those of you who are Part-time Unicorns full-time Vixens… You just keep being you. The world is lucky to have you.

I’ll share my personal experience now when it comes to all this.
You could say it even is a bit about how I got here with wanting to watch my Vixen and being her Stag.
All lust stems from the mind, and it is what we think that drives us to do the things we do.
As for my own take on all of this regarding my Vixen…
I fetishize her as a goddess.
I was enamored with her at first sight and after many years it has not diminished one bit.
In fact, it has only grown.
Nobody and nothing has ever held my interest in such a way.
My fetishizing of her is a big part of my Stag mentality and wanting to watch her with others. She is my Aphrodite.
So my desire to watch her with other men is big.
I want to see her pleasure. I want to see her filled with lust and excitement. I want to know her heart is racing and she is experiencing something new. I want her to feel pure lust and then be able to juxtapose that with my pure adoration and love for her. I want her to know she turns me on. She needs to be desired in my mind probably more than her own.
These wants increase both my desire for her and my love for her.
I also have a thing in my mind that I want others to experience how amazing what I have is. As my Vixen she belongs to me and I get to touch her always.
They get to experience it once, twice, maybe three times, and wish forever after they could do it again. My mind which is so focused on her tells me they will envy me. I will feel even more blessed to have her as my wife.
My lust for her can only grow by her behavior that I deem as “naughty” or playful, and the idea that her lust for me will increase because of these games drives me crazy.
The more naughty she is the more turned on I am. Sometimes my mind takes these images and makes her almost hard to touch because she seems so sexy.
It is an endless and ever-growing cycle.
Because I am a man and I experience her as a sexual goddess my desires are centered on that experience.
This makes it so I’d rather see her with men.
This doesn’t mean her being with a woman is not hot to me. Watching her walk is hot to me. Every sigh is hot to me.
So watching her with another woman (or women) is hot.
Watching her with a man and a woman is hot. Finally full circle back to the Part-time Unicorn full-time Vixen topic.

My Vixen enjoys activities with both men and women. It is an easy scenario to enact as she is more energetic than I am, so if for example, we meet a nice couple that plays the couple’s swap-only game as many swingers do, usually after one play round I’m now going to be out for the count and a spectator. She is most likely going to go for more if socializing occurs, and I am not going to do so if, for no other reason, I now get a chance to just watch her which is my big thing. As another reason, I also need a good bit of recoup time and am limited on how many times I’ll rise in an evening. Such a scenario works for me well because I’m not able to but in and screw with what she is doing because I’m out of oomph. She will be turned on by this because she knows my carnal nature will be driving me to touch, to play, but I can’t. I’m at this point just going to be watching with ever-increasing lust and wanting to reclaim her at the end of the night.
Throw this same scenario into a busy club setting and she has the opportunity to play a bunch while I watch and want. She can if she so desires play for a long time knowing I’ll be saving myself for her at this point because two is my max. Again this will increase her lust and make her more playful as she enjoys the idea of me being wanty and sexually frustrated.
You now have your part-time Unicorn full-time Vixen being pretty much every couple that wants an FMF threesome club dream. Every couple that she is into obviously, not every couple.

Since I’m talking of my mindset with my own Vixen here, I’ll add in another personal tidbit.
Everything about my Vixen is in my mind the top level of sexy.
Some moments get stuck in your mind.
The very first threesome we had was an FMF threesome. There was a moment when she was on her hands and knees pleasuring the other woman orally, and I came up behind her and teased for a moment.
I stared at the gates of Venus and thought that there could not be another half as desirable. Coupled with what she was doing and the position I was in I almost lost it.
That vision of her stuck in my mind, and to say I almost lost it is a big deal.
As an oversexed male to a level my behavior lost any bit of being humorous I had gotten to a point where I had trouble finishing at all before my Vixen entered my sexual life.
Trouble as in I sometimes couldn’t, and I was often in situations most people just dream about because of my unconventional lifestyle and previous work involving a lot of adult talent.
This girl set me off when even groups of others couldn’t get me there.
I’m lucky she stayed around. She has cured me of that problem and even pushed me in the direction where I now must be careful. She also has learned my triggers, so I am at her mercy.
Basically, she’s my perfect.

She also is perfectly made to fit the label of part-time Unicorn full-time Vixen.

Remember the design shown at the beginning? If not I’m reminding you because it is awesome and I must pitch the designs to warrant this site taking up so much time. You can get the design HERE – RB – Part time unicorn full time Vixen by Vixen-Games,
and again, because I liked it so much I made sure there were a lot of style options available as well HERE – S-Shop – Part time unicorn full time Vixen.
Check them out, see what you like, and maybe if nothing else you can show your love of the lifestyle and Vixen Games by grabbing a few stickers. They are located HERE – Vixen Games Stickers. Not just for Vixens. Stags, poly people, swingers, and every type of hotwife. From funny and flirty, to straight-up serious, you’ll find a good variety.