Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt roundup for December 2023

Our December 2023 Shirt design roundup. No articles or opinions, just a great Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-Shirt Roundup of the shirt designs I posted in December 2023 with links to the articles that accompany them. You’ll find larger images of the designs in the original posts, and links to get them as T-shirts. Until you click, the articles you will find are a mystery, but the shirt designs that accompany the article may give a hint. May, not will. Enjoy.

stag with vixen on his mind shirt design

Always on their minds – Stag design (for stag husbands) with a Vixen on its mind. It simply says “The Stag,” and the Vixen image is small so not noticeable easily at a glance.

sweet cherry pie hotwife innuendo shirt

Sweet cherry pie – Not a hotwife lifestyle-specific design, but a design made with swinger wives and hotwives to wear in mind. If you are unfamiliar with the song this image hopefully brings to mind for many viewers, part of the lyrics goes… Well, swingin’ on the front porch Swingin’ on the lawn Swingin’ where we want

so good Santa came twice hotwife shirt
naughty list hotwife pin and shirt design

The Lifestyle and Christmas – A couple of different ones here, both Christmas-oriented, and both design themes found in the vanilla world. The I’m so Godd Santa Came Twice design was pretty much made with a woman in mind, and it has a lot of mistletoe. The Help Me Make The Naughty list which is shown here as a button instead of a T-shirt is pretty unisex in nature. More swinger-oriented than hotwife-oriented because I went with an upside-down pineapple, but many Vixens are both swingers and hotwives, so it works.

heteroflexible swingers shirt

Heteroflexible Swingers – Obviously this one was designed for swingers whose play styles aren’t totally what we’d call straight.

stag and vixen play-styles shirt

Play frequency with Stag and Vixen Couples – Another one of our awesome Stag and Vixen together designs. I don’t think we can make enough variations on this theme. Stags and Vixen both seem to love them because it semi-secretly gives a shout-out to their lifestyle. I’ve also noted from comments we’ve received that a lot of Stags think of these designs almost like a pride-type design. Pride for their Vixen.

one more inch hotwife shirt

Does she want bigger? – A six-inch ruler and it says “One inch more, and I may have said yes.” This is just a playful shirt design with a flirty vibe that is perfect for any hotwife, not just size queens.

bull available for hotwife shirt

No Bull – I thought myself tricky with this wordplay. AvailaBull. Designed for the man who is the bull, or maybe just wants to be the bull to a hotwife. If you’re going to be a bull, be a good bull, and hopefully be an available bull.

unicorn hotwife shirt

Part-time Unicorn full-time Vixen – Part time unicorn, full time Vixen. This design was made with those Vixen Hotwives who enjoy playing with both a man and a woman on occasion. Many a Vixen has made a couple’s unicorn dreams come true. We have a couple more designs with the heteroflexible monogamish hotwives of the world who play as unicorns coming soon.

That was our Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-Shirt Roundup for the Month of December 2023. It was a busy month that didn’t allow time for posting more. Hopefully, you found a design or article you enjoyed.
Please feel free to share our articles, but also please remember that they are just opinion pieces. There are no “experts” when it comes to this stuff. Anybody who claims they are an expert is sneaky trying to sell you something.
Hotwifing is a way of life that is experienced differently by all who do it. No Vixen is the same as another, and one Stag will have completely different reasons for being a Stag than another. Nonmogamy is just now starting to gain a bit of acceptance in America. The culture is rapidly changing. Nobody can be an “expert.” Do what is good for you.

As for me, I’m going with what is good for me, and I am non-sneaky trying to sell you something. Sweet T-shirts for Vixens, Stags, Bulls, Swingers, and pretty much everyone playing adjacent to those things.

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Happy 2024!