Vixen Games 2023 Year in review

The very first post on Vixen Games happened on July 30th, 2023. It was a bit rushed, but I wanted to get it online in July so I could be thinking I had half a year to get some good content up before 2024.
The reality is we are five months in. Our “Vixen Games 2023 Year in review” is really just a few months in review. That first post was Happy Wife = Happy Life. It’s not a popular post overall, but it was our kick-off post so I’m good with it. The idea was to just start posting little opinion-based pieces that went along with random shirt designs made for Stags, Vixens, other sorts of hotwives, and maybe people in the swinger lifestyle if I could find the time.
The idea was also to sink or swim on public perception in a nitch market without really promoting anything.
Basically, if I can make designs and give information that the monogamish crowd enjoys they will share it around. If I fail they won’t.
I assumed some level of success because I am not just a person selling shirts and stickers without any related background. This is my own niche. I am designing for myself, my Vixen, and all the people I have known through many years in the swinging lifestyle and who otherwise practice various forms of consensual nonmonogamy.
As for no promotion, I did share things on some personal social media to get a little kick in visitors and I also broke down and made an Insta account @vixengamesdesigns in October that was specific to this website. It has few followers so far but is serving its purpose.

So, 5 months in. Our Vixen Games 2023 Year in review.
These were our most popular posts.

  • Hotwife teasing 101 – This one looks at how many hotwives enjoy teasing their husbands, and explores various ways to tease their husbands. Titled Hotwife Teasing 101 because it was an article geared primarily toward newer hotwives and those just starting to explore the hotwife lifestyle.
  • Vixen Stag Meaning – Beyond the basics of A Stag and vixen relationship being one in which the woman who is called the Vixen has sex or plays in some way that is sexual with other men besides her husband with the full knowledge, consent, approval, and encouragement of her husband who is called the Stag. That is an excerpt, and pretty much what the generic answer is. We go just a tad deeper to let people get a better understanding. Sadly I have noted that many younger (or just new to the lifestyle) swinger lifestyle podcasters spread a tone of misinformation on the Stag and Vixen dynamic. If you are a swinger lifestyle podcaster and in the lifestyle for less than ten years or so I suggest reading this one and pretty much everything else Stag and Vixen related on this site before “educating” people on it.
  • Blindfolded with a stranger – Here we explore the very common fantasy of blindfolded mystery sex and how it can be, and often is a reality for a Vixen Hotwife rather than just a fantasy.
  • Pre-Hotwifing threats – This is a bit about how some hotwives enjoy pushing certain boundaries and playing with a devilish and commanding position. For example, I used the pre-hotwifing threats I was personally subjugated to. I had no idea this would be one of our most popular and shared posts on Vixen Games.
  • The basic benefits of being a Vixen – Excerpt = The Vixen- what is she? What does she do? What does she get out of it? The basic benefits of being a Vixen wife are pretty obvious, or are they? A post looking at some of the basic benefits of being a hotwife in a Vixen and Stag relationship.
  • Hotwifing Rules – Here we talk about hotwifing rules and boundaries. We talk a bit about why the rules are needed and must be respected. We also talk about how to talk about and create rules. We use our own initial rules as an example of what we did, how, and why.

Those were our most popular posts on Vixen Games over the five months it has existed.
Besides sharing my opinions, perspective, and knowledge of this subject I am also here to sell my designs though.
The people buying these shirts, stickers, hats, cups, etc. are the people who make it possible for me to devote time to this project
For this section, if you click the link it will take you off-site to the actual product page.
Without further ado, here are our best-selling (not in order) designs from the last five months:

hotwife university shirt from vixen games

This Hotwife University shirt was a big hit. It features an upside-down pineapple on one side and a little Vixen on the other. Simple, casual, and classy. It is available HERE – Hotwife University Women’s Premium T-Shirt – Vixen Games SS. Student, alumni, or just thinking of attending… doesn’t matter. Hotwife U is the greatest university around.

hotwife retro shirt swirl

This hotwife retro tones swirl design was a bit of a sleeper when I first added it to the catalog, but it seemed to get popular all of a sudden a couple of weeks before Christmas. I can only assume it was being purchased as a gift for hotwives, but I could be wrong. You can get this HERE – Hotwife T-shirt Retro toned Cosmic fire swirl Active T-Shirt Designed and sold by Vixen-Games on RB.
I’m glad it took off though as I liked this one.

vixen stag and bull hotwife t shirt

This design which features a Stag and a Bull with a Fixen upfront and a stylized writing of Hotwife which looks like HW from a distance was a design that saw a lot of love. You can get this HERE – Vixen Stag and Bull HotWife artistic silhouettes from Vixen Games SS.
A similar design that is a tad different, and doesn’t include the Hotwife HW font was also popular in both men’s and women’s styles. You can find it HERE – Stag Vixen & Bull Hypno Design Classic T-Shirt RB.

hotwife shirt

Simplicity wins out with this hotwife shirt. My goal was to keep it simple, but not be lame like most of what I see out there on the internet for generic text hotwife shirts. I must have succeded because there are now a nice amount of proud hotwives out there who own this shirt. You can get it HERE – Hotwife shirt by Vixen Games SS.

vixen hotwife shirt

This one was meant to look like one of those 100% Grade A choice guaranteed awesome type labels. I did it in a distressed style as if it was stamped. It says 100% Vixen Hotwife and has a very tiny Vixen. It turned out to be popular on every site we put it on and not just as a T-shirt or hoody. You can get this HERE – One Hundred Percent Vixen Hotwife SS.

Those were our top five. That is basically the end of our Vixen Games 2023 Year in review. Of note though, is many people seem to enjoy stickers. The main place they were grabbing them was from our Vixen Games Redbubble.
We also sold a lot of guy’s shirts on our Vixen games TeePublic. More men’s than women’s, and when women’s designs sold it was often with men’s designs. The men’s designs were primarily on the most basic low-cost shirt style offered. That leads me to believe they have a larger amount of male shoppers and they are buying the shirts for casual regular wear. It could be a presentation thing though, and a majority of shirts were sold when the site put them on sale which makes it so we (Vixen Games) get just a couple bucks per shirt. That isn’t a complaint about how they operate, if I had a few shirts in my cart and knew they’d all be $4 to $6 cheaper soon I’d wait as well. I also am apt to buy that most basic shirt for my daily wear stuff. Different shirts, styles, and fits for different things.
We are just super happy to sell our designs and know people appreciate them.
So, we thank you for supporting us in whatever way you do, and we hope that our designs keep you coming back.
I hope to add a ton more this coming year and also have some great articles for you to read. The Vixen Games 2024 Year in review should be way better than the Vixen Games 2023 Year in review.

Vixen Games 2023 Year in review

If you have ideas on articles or topics you’d like covered please reach out via messages on our new @vixengamesdesigns Instagram. You can also comment about designs on our posts. I love getting ideas from people. My experience isn’t going to match everyone else’s, and I hope to be able to make designs that represent everyone’s various ways of approaching their own best version of consensual nonmonogamy.