Vixen Wife Jealousy Games

Mainstream media often pushes the idea that many women can benefit from making their husbands or boyfriends jealous. They claim it can rekindle the fire, create interest, and make your guy know that you are desirable.
Stags already have a burning fire for their Vixens, their interest is high, and they get off on the desirability their Vixens have. Vixen Wife Jealousy Games have a completely different goal than what you’ll find from advice writers targeting vanilla women are talking about.
Also, a lot of the ways those advice columnists suggest a woman make their significant others jealous are downright dirty in a bad way. They may work on men with low self-esteem to prop up some temporary interest, but some of their methods will just piss a Stag husband off. Stags are rarely low self-esteem individuals. If they are it is only in some ways rather than a big part of their personality. Low self-worth doesn’t make for a man who thinks the woman he adores above all others will always choose him when she gets to play the field constantly. Stags assume their Vixens love them so playing that they should chase and beg and worry you’ll be taken away won’t work in any beneficial way.

When a Vixen plays at making her Stag jealous her goal is to heat him up in a way that lets him know she is doing it playfully for him rather than to manipulate him. She wants him to see her sexiness, naughtiness, and flirtyness in a manner that turns him on rather than puts him in worry mode or anger mode.

Playing around with a person’s jealousies can be like playing around with matches in a barn full of dry straw though. If you are a Vixen and you like to push your Stags jealousy buttons you better figure out which buttons are safe and which are not safe to push before going for it.
Like in all things, communication is key. If your Stag is a bit cuck like he may get off on you talking about past relationships and lovers. If he has zero cuck tendencies he will usually not care or possibly even be annoyed at such talk. In both cases, he will experience jealousy at some level most likely, but in one case it is a plus and in another a negative.
Discussing what makes a person jealous is pretty easy if you have a strong relationship. Stags and Vixens must have a strong relationship to be Stags and Vixens so if discussion of these things can’t happen with honesty then you shouldn’t be playing the games.
Before Vixen Wife Jealousy Games ever happen discussions with the Vixen asking “What makes you jealous?” must occur.
Be specific. “would this make you jealous?” or “How jealous would you be if X happened or I did X with_____?”
Then the most important part of these questions and answers involves the question “Is that a good jealousy or a bad jealousy?”
Good and bad should be discussed too. If the good is a turn-on, if it is just fun, or if it gives lovey feelings for example.
What is bad? How bad? Possible responses to these actions?
Talk this talk before you walk this walk. Not all Stags will be into any of it, and not all Vixens have the personality that makes them want to play with their Stags minds in such a manner anyway. Some Vixens are straight-up sweethearts who cater to their Stags and ego-bump them at all times. Most Vixens though like to tease, taunt, and push the envelope with their Stags. It seems so common amongst hotwives of all sorts I sometimes suspect it is part of the general personality requirements to really enjoy hotwifing. If it wasn’t for those non-teasing and taunting sweetheart hotwives out there who occasionally come across my radar I’d believe it completely.

Vixen Wife Jealousy Games. I’m going with the X-rated naughty, but first A few mild non-bedroom ideas for newer hotwives that are not cuckolding related, but that many cuckold husbands may appreciate as well.

  • Put on something eye-catching, revealing, or suggestive when you go out with your husband. This could be a short skirt, see-through top, F-me heels, or even a Vixen Games shirt or tank. The idea is to make sure men sexually look at you.
  • Flirt lightly with any guy you deal with when out with your husband. Even a coy smile will get some interest coming your way.
  • Point out and tell your husband which men you find sexually attractive.
  • Find excuses to touch other men innocently in front of your husband to build tension. This could be lightly touching an arm in conversation or even leaning into a man while waiting for drinks at a bar.
  • Find excuses to innocently, but compliment other men in front of your husband. Their hair, shirt, shoes, etc. are examples.

Those are some simple ideas. If you’re already deep into your Stag and Vixen relationship it is doubtful your Stag will get jealous of such things, but he still may like it for different reasons.
A Stag sees things differently than the average guy when it comes to his vixen.
In a vanilla relationship if a couple goes to a bar and the wife wears a short skirt and accidentally her panties are exposed her boyfriend or husband may get upset, or maybe even so angry the night is ruined from jealousy when he realizes other men are looking.
If an already in the lifestyle Vixen did the same thing and accidentally forgot her panties so a few men get a glimpse, her Stag will most likely think it is hot or amusing if he sees men trying to get looks. Rather than jealousy, he’s more apt to feel turned on his Vixen decided to be naughty in such a minor way or feel like it’s obvious people would want to look and he’ll imagine them self pleasuring themselves later that night thinking about a woman who belongs to him.

Hotwifing isn’t for the timid, and Vixens that like to taunt and tease their Stags are rule benders and opportunity takers usually.
They sometimes get off more on messing with their husband’s minds than the sex they get out of hotwifing. If Vixen Wife Jealousy Games are in their arsenal they most likely find making their husband jealous about as rewarding as having an orgasm.
Note that I am referring to Jealous in a good way as explained above. They learn their Stag’s ways through both conversations and experiences while bending rules and pushing the envelope very slowly to make sure their Stag is going to be happy at the end of the game rather than pissed off. It is always about both the Stag and the Vixen having a good time, not just one of them.

Hotwife Vixen Wife Jealousy Games

You can get this design on a shirt or a phone case HERE – I like to make my husband jealous by Vixen-Games.
Such a fun design. She’s a bit of a devil with horns to prove it. She has a small upside-down pineapple earring showing because many people nowadays associate that with the ability to play well with others. She has a nice tattoo that says Vixen because she’s that type of hotwife. She also has a very mischievous look in her eye with that big cock rooster behind her. The text says “I like to make my husband jealous.”
Wearing this T-shirt with some tight jeans and those F-Me heels mentioned earlier out to your local pub with your Stag could lead to some situations that turn into opportunities to make the man jealous. Pretty much invites it. I’d call this a cool for someplace’s shirt, but not for everywhere design.

So, time for the Vixen Wife Jealousy Games for those already playing Vixen games.
These are things that I have learned often spark jealousy in a good way with Stags through reading “Help” and “What do I do?” type posts in various forums and in groups specific to the topic. I have access to many such forums and groups because I belong to an abundance of sites geared towards couples dating, hotwifing, swinging, etc. Too many really, but the more you know the better, and the more sites you belong to the better the pickns’ and more play partners you have to choose from.
Every Stag is different. What tickles the jealousy in one may not in another. What is a good and fun jealousy trigger for one may be a bad trigger for another. I’m going with some common reoccurring themes here.
Also, remember that playing with a person’s jealousies can be like playing around with matches in a barn full of dry straw. Exercise caution and never forget that communication is the key to successful adventures in hotwifing. Also, remember that this list is for Vixen married to Stags. I’d be making completely different lists if aimed at other types of hotwife dynamics or women who are swingers that like to play with their husband’s jealousies in a good way. The dynamics and personalities involved with these different types of nonmonogamy, though related, are in some ways vastly different.
All right then. Some Vixen Wife Jealousy Games. Most are not fun jealousy triggers for me personally. These are in no particular order.

  • Foreplay style. Couples who’ve been together a long time tend to wash and repeat their physical foreplay. They know what works, what they like, and how to go about it. There is less exploration over time as well because they are no longer exploring. They are savoring.
    As a Vixen you get to explore the new. Do it. Explore with your hands and mouth. This will often register as something very different to the Stag and make them jealous of how much attention you are giving to a man in a way they don’t get attention from you as much as they once did.
    Drag it out and make a big deal of it.
  • Heavy kissing. Many Stags, though fine with kissing during play will find themselves becoming jealous if the kissing is more than what they expect. That means if you do this every time it won’t work, but if say every fifth partner you pull this trick out it can trigger jealousies.
  • Volume. Like the kissing, you can’t do this every time or it becomes part of the regular course of events. Purposely raise the volume of your moans and sighs. If you are someone who restrains yourself usually when it comes to noise, just let it go. If you don’t do that just consciously push yourself to be louder. The bonus in this one is that for almost all stags that don’t get their jealousy triggered from this, it will be a massive turn-on anyway.
  • Exaggerated orgasms. Same rules as kissing and moaning. If you occasionally exaggerate your orgasms with other men it will prick the jealousy almost every time.
  • Getting sensual. Most Stags are possessive of their Vixen wives to a level that exceeds the norm. They share and love it, but they are thinking SEX with XXX rather than lovemaking. The act of slowing down and having some sensual sex with someone, though it isn’t lovemaking, not even a chance if you just met the guy, will push that button almost every time. The reason is that we often associate this type of sex with lovemaking based on a myriad of things in our minds both conscious and subconscious. So if you pull this trick out and go slow and sensual sometimes it works well.
  • The last-second condom. This is for people that have condoms always rules. As you go from basic foreplay, to oral, etc. there comes a time to put that condom on and get down to business. Instead of doing this extend the forplay. Go back to some heavy petting and kissing and such with a lot of rubbing. If your Stag is adamant about you using condoms it will first cause anxiety and then jealousy to see all of that condomless rubbing. It is however not breaking your rules, and if you don’t push it too far he will probably not even know why he is frustrated and jealous.
  • The exception to the rule ploy. Again for people who have condoms always rule. Especially potent if both the Stag and Vixen are hard against bareback play. Midway through your sexual escapade, you say you don’t want the condom, you ask your husband if you can go bare just this one time, etc. You must keep paying attention to your sexual partner while this to work as if for the moment your husband is a side thought, but you know you must have permission. Note with this one that it is possible your husband says yes. This could be problematic. If your husband likes to masturbate while watching you it is best to save this for times when he has already cum. The state he will be in at that point is called “post-nut-clarity.” He is at his lowest level of horny and not thinking with his smaller head. Less chance he’ll say yes. Know your husband extra well before this one.
  • Tell him about it. Some Vixens are vocal, and some aren’t. It doesn’t matter which you are if you do this right. Many Stags like to talk to their Vixens a bit too. “Is that good baby?” They hope to get a yes. That isn’t relative to this one. Save it for a guy that really does hit home well so it is believable, and then vocally say things to both the man you are having sex with and to your husband. Things you’d not usually say are best, but examples in general would be “Oh my, you’re hitting it just perfect, don’t stop, it feels so good.” to the man. Then say things like “he’s filling me just right honey, I can’t believe it, Oh babe it really is so good.” to your husband. These things should not be answers to questions, but you just saying them. Make a big deal of your orgasms with this person too. Bonus points for talking about how amazing it was the next day to your husband. He will be pleased, he’ll be turned on, but he’ll also be jealous.
  • Dragging it out. In this situation, you must have a man who is capable of repeatedly rising to the occasion. You as a Vixen if planning this one ahead should make sure the man is capable beforehand, let him know what is expected, and get some extra sleep the night before. It must also be a situation where your husband has agreed to just watch you and after all is done he gets his turn. The point is to drag it out for hours, keep asking the guy to stay and go again as if it wasn’t planned, and seemingly just want to keep going with him till all hours. Your Stag will most likely be wanting the guy to have left after round two. You as the Vixen asking for more will control the show. If your Stag asks “Ready for me?” or some such thing you will say just once more. He can wait. The result will be frustration and jealousy coupled with being extremely turned on. Bonus points for claiming you are too tired and came too many times to cum again possibly. I’ll toss a warning on that bonus point… matches in a barn full of dry straw for some guys. Know your man.
  • The spent Stag. The trick here is to tell your Stag you want him masturbating while you’re doing your thing. The other way is to get him to join. Your goal is to “accidentally” make him cum. You know how many times he can rise, so “accidentally” make him cum as many times as possible before he gets to reclaim you. The level of frustration and jealousy he’ll have will be through the roof. He may even attempt to get it going when it isn’t possible. If you’re able to achieve it “accidently” make him cum again. Bonus points if you are a non-condom Vixen and the guy came inside you at some point. Extra cruel bonus points if in the morning you can “accidentally” make your Stag cum once more before penetration, then sadly say you wanted his cum inside you too. You’ll have your husband’s head swimming all day from that sweet remark.
  • The infrequently offered. Here we have the simple scenario of you as a Vixen giving to a man you hardly know a sexual act or behavior that is seldom done with your husband. Not something that is usually reserved for extremely special occasions, nor something against your agreed-on lifestyle rules, but something your husband enjoys that rarely, but does happen. Again a warning about playing with matches… be sure this thing is not something your husband thinks is excluselvly his domain. Again I will point out that Stags are usually very possessive of their Vixens and if you as a Vixen move from what the Stag is good with to the realm where he claims sole dominion he will not be jealous, he will most like be furious.
  • Day after day dreaming. I wanted to stick to just during the play-type scenarios, but I’m adding just one at the end which is for the day after. The simplicity of this one is that you the Vixen, after having a very good encounter the night before can’t shut up about how good it was, how good you feel, and how you’d like him back as soon as your husband will agree. When not going on about it purposely act a bit spacey and when your Stag asks you what you’re spacing out about or what your doing you replay that you were thinking about the night before.

That my Stags and Vixens is more than enough ideas for a primer on Vixen Wife Jealousy Games I think. Maybe I’ll do a part two someday, or an advanced Vixen Wife Jealousy Games version. Unless you are long-time players, I’d guess I offered up at least one new idea.

It is a long scroll back up to that awesome shirt design I showed you so I’m putting the link to it down here as well. You can get that design HERE – I like to make my husband jealous by Vixen-Games as a shirt, hoodie, phone case, sticker, and more.

You can find the post on where to get all our stuff HERE.