Every hotel room has the chair

It is true that every hotel room has the chair. It is a funny joke to a lot of people. Not just people in monogamish relationships, but vanillas as well. So many names for it. The seat with a view, the stag chair, the sneako chair, the cuck chair, the VIP seating, the hotwife chair, etc. All different, but the same. Every hotel room has the chair.

Every hotel room has the chair hoodie design of the hotel cuck chair or hotwife chair

This design is both fun and funny. You can get it HERE – Every hotel room as a hoodie, or HERE – Every hotel room as a T-shirt, or HERE – Every hotel room as an embroidered cap in what is nowadays referred to as a dad hat style, which means low profile cap.

My vicious Vixen was the inspiration for this design. I say vicious because she’s sometimes a bit cruel seeming and almost merciless when she’s in certain moods. Her turn-ons and mine sometimes clash a tad. She thinks denial and stressing me out are fun things. She also found it humorous when memes started popping up about every hotel room having the chair. She’d send them to me or show me if just sitting there. If we entered a hotel room for completely innocent reasons she’d say “There is your chair” and talk about its placement, angle, and distance from the bed. It was too close, but the height of the bed was just right compared to the height of the bed for example.

We (as all Stag and Vixen couples should) have rules.
Rules change over time, but not all. Some stay pretty much the same without any changes. From the very start of talking about hotwifing and swinging we had a slight disagreement on the when and how of reclaiming. This created a situation that called for a compromise and rule we both could accept and still have our fun.
In our post about Hotwifing rules, you will find how we originally came up with our first rules and a finalized list. On the finalized list you will see that rule eleven was that I get to reclaim her within 1 hour of the end of any hotwifing or swinging-related event. This rule will most likely stand until the end of time. Neither of us will budge I think on it.
I want immediately and she wants the ability to make me wait until whenever she decides because she enjoys me suffering with the unfulfilled desire.
The power dynamics between us are almost comical. We both want what we want. We both are bossy and stubborn.
She’s the apple of my eye though so she usually gets things to sway in her way and enjoys the idea of pushing the limits on the rules to the very point of almost breaking, but not.
For that hour… she is the boss of me, can deny and tease as she wishes. If she’s in a giving mood it may be no time at all, or just a few minutes. Once she releases that power by saying I can reclaim her I am golden. Until that moment I am expected to abide by her wishes, whatever they may be until the hour passes or she says otherwise.

Every hotel room has the chair. That is my chair she says.
Story time.
Imagine if you will a hotel room. In this room are three people. Everything is casual and the scene is flirtatious and sexy until she (the vixen) says “Sit in the chair.” She also says “You aren’t allowed to get up from that chair unless I tell you.”
This is her mood, and this shall therefore be the game of the night. The Vixen’s husband who in this case would be me, but pretend it isn’t for the sake of your imagination. Pretend it is you if you’re a Stag. Pretend it is your husband if you’re a Vixen. Paint yourself into the scene because every hotel room has a chair, this could easily be you.
The Stag sits. He likes to watch. His wife is sexy and seeing her play is a huge turn-on.
The Vixen is now involved in something beyond flirtation. She and this other man are more in the stages of pre-sex. Foreplay is happening as clothes are being removed.
The stag watches from his chair.
Heavy petting disintegrates as the Vixen goes down on the man. It is happening while the Stag watches.
He is extremely turned on from watching and she is extremely turned on both by what she is doing and knowing her Stag is mesmerized by her.
They have sex. She makes a show out of it and tries to drag it out to make him wait.
The Stag has kept his pants on and buttoned the whole time because if he didn’t he assumes she’d have called him over and made him cum. He’d then not have the immediate ability to take her. Being spent already is not on his wish list. He wants the power of a quick and easy erection when his time comes. They finish. The man doesn’t hurry in leaving, and she teases her Stag about making him wait through a second round of watching.
Small talk between them and a little in his direction as well drives him nuts because she still hasn’t said he could get out of the chair. He is watching time though… she’s wasted nearly twenty minutes of her hour.
The man finally exits the hotel room.
The Stag is in the chair. Every hotel room has the chair. Is it for this?
The Vixen is on the bed. She tells her Stag he can get up, but not get on the bed.
She tells him he can stand there and finger her.
He can have her when she says, and that will be after she comes again. He must make her orgasm with his fingers.
She played raw. She is wet and slippery. This drives him insane with the need to reclaim her. It makes him want to hurry up, but that isn’t how it works. You can’t just hurry it up. Instead, he must concentrate on her pleasure above all other things if he wants to reclaim her before his hour of waiting is up. He can give her pleasure and have her in a few minutes or wait nearly another thirty.
He focuses only on her.
When finally he gets to reclaim her he feels lucky he didn’t have to wait that full hour.

Yep, Every hotel room has the chair. Whether you call it the seat with a view, the stag chair, the sneako chair, the cuck chair, the VIP seating, the hotwife chair, or whatever else you have heard it is the same thing. It sits there in a corner facing the bed.

I think (just a guess) that the hotel chair has probably created hotwives. If not many in the past it must have now in the days of the internet. After the viral memes and videos about it, it certainly must have placed some ideas in people’s heads.
A nice monogamous vanilla couple checks into a room and makes some jokes about the “cuck chair” because they’ve seen those memes.
One partner says “That’d be kinda cool.”
We now have the conversation started. That conversation can lead to Never, or let’s try it.
Heck, if on vacation it may be a try it the very next day type thing.

Anyways, back to the T-shirt design. Since the hotel chair is a funny thing people comment on in general, and not always as the chair for a man to watch his wife from, it makes for a generally fun and funny shirt no matter if you are a Stag and Vixen couple or not.

Hotel Hotwife chair shirt design

You can get it HERE – Every hotel room as a hoodie, or HERE – Every hotel room as a T-shirt, or HERE – Every hotel room as an embroidered cap.

Lastly, I must say that this is a funny gift idea for a man who has sat in that chair while watching his wife. It’d be a gift most appropriately given by the wife to the husband, but with how varied relationships can be nowadays I can’t say that would be the only appropriate gift giver in the situation.