A guy sent me a message saying if I had some Wittol designs he’d probably get them all.
I’d never heard the word outside of a book and had an idea of its meaning only from the story context.
Had to look this up.
a man who is aware and tolerant of his wife’s infidelity; an acquiescent cuckold.
That acquiescent part is important.
ready to accept something without protest, or to do what someone else wants.

Basically, a Wittol is a guy who knows his wife is running around being unfaithful to him and is accepting of it.
Wittol = from the Old English word “wittol,” which means “knowing” or “cognizant.” Middle English possible wetewold, equivalent to wetewit2 + (coke)woldcuckold A wittol is knowingly being cuckolded and has just decided to live with the situation.
At no point in any old definitions of it that I could find did it mention if the wittol accepted it as a good thing or bad. It could be that a wittol enjoys the idea or hates it. The word was really popular in the 1800s, and slowly died out in the 1900s.
It does appear in literature a good amount so I was a bit surprised I didn’t remember it better. In newer definitions (last century) it seems a wittol is most likely viewing his situation in a fairly good light. He is basically a nonaggressive and complaisant husband who is well aware and even condones his wife’s running around.
Rather than just being tolerant, he is content with the situation. He is digging it. Is he getting off on it? Maybe and maybe not. He definitely could be.
So, that is a wittol.

In my brief message exchange with the man who wanted Wittol shirts, I asked a few questions which led to him explaining why he didn’t like cuckold or cuck as a word.
His view is that a cuckold can be the same thing but often isn’t. A wittol doesn’t have a wife who rubs it in her husband’s nose when she strays. She doesn’t treat him low, nor humiliate him. She simply does her thing. In his case, she does it on her own. He says that isn’t part of it though. He just turns a blind eye.
He also says his wife is not a hotwife. She is “hot,” but not a hotwife is actually what he said.
He also said they have a very normal and fulfilling sex life. She just gets more on the side.
From that, I got that a woman could be having clandestine affairs or bringing men home. It wouldn’t matter. The point is that there is no rubbing it in his face, humiliation, or putting him down.
The word cuckold could describe that as well, but it is more generic in meaning so encompasses more possible scenarios.

This made me think of how the term Vixen has a certain meaning, but a Vixen is a hotwife. Hotwife as a term covers more scenarios. Saying Vixen instead designates that the hotwife does nothing to belittle her husband and also acts with his pleasure in mind as well. The term hotwife doesn’t do that.
A wittol is also not a Stag.
Stags take an active role in the games. They are gatekeepers and orchestrators of the activities their Vixen’s experience. They hold equal, or at least semi-equal positions in their relationships when it comes to their sex lives.
A wittol is not doing any of that. They are not a Stag. No Stag could or would turn a blind eye.
So there you have it.
Here is my Wittol shirt design. I went with a blindfold because of the turning a blind eye statement. I couldn’t think of another way to represent the act so that was it. It is a double wrap, but gapped so the thing can easily be shifted to look through while pretending they can’t see, or actually making it so they can’t see depending on the Wittol’s mood.

Wittol T-shirt design by Vixen Games for Wittols

You can get this design on a soft Tri-blend T with it printed both on the front and the right sleeve HERE – Wittol tri-blend T-shirt.
You can also get this on stickers, phone cases, and hats HERE – The Wittol by Vixen-Games. If you are not into the shirt.
As wittol isn’t a really well-known or used term I don’t know if I’ll make more wittol designs.
If you happen to feel you identify with the term get yourself a shirt. That is basically how I’ll know it is worth doing more. If a dozen or so people get them it is worth it. The Stag and Vixen niche is small. The hotwife niche is small in general. The swinging niche is big, but for the most part, they repeatedly go for generic upside-down pineapple print stuff. Trying to tackle that with originality is a challenge. Those are my people though so I am constantly playing with designs for those niches out of personal interest and from a standpoint of experience and mindset.
One of my goals is to make sure I eventually have something for everyone who lives a monogamish lifestyle. I’ll tackle the smallest niches, but I can’t make ten designs for a group that is so small or so closeted they can’t support the work.
So, if you are identifying as a wittol and want more, get yourself a shirt. If not a shirt buy some stickers or something.
I have a few more micro-niche things in the works I feel I’ll have the same issue with. I want to make them so they exist and so the people have representation, but like when I made this Queen Of Diamonds Black Hotwife design, I expected the number of people who would want it would be so small it doesn’t warrant making a bunch of designs. The guy who requested that Queen of Diamonds hotwife card design made it worth it himself, so more is coming there based on that card which he liked. Besides him though, a couple of stickers went to one other person. So, get yourself a Wittol shirt if you like the theme.

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