Wanna ride?

Do you wanna ride? Such a fun Vixen Game.

hotwife taxi wanna ride?

Many Vixens and Stags love this game as a fantasy, and some play it out in reality.

I already covered this topic with MY HUSBAND WILL DRIVE, but it seems some people wanted/needed a bit more as far as how to get it to actually happen instead of just dreaming about it part goes. I’ll be getting more in-depth here. If you are an experienced and super successful Stag and Vixen couple I’d say skip this one. It’ll be a bit long. Much more in-depth than just walking up to an attractive guy and saying “wanna ride?” This post is also meant for both the Stag and Vixen in a relationship to read.

Multiple variations of this game exist, but here we will discuss how to go about playing my favorite. It is also the hardest to accomplish, but it is worth it if you’re really into it.

The random happening when out on the town. (bar, nightclub, open bar music venue, etc.)
By far my favorite way for this scenario to play out is when it is random and unplanned. Basically, a lightning bolt of luck mixed with boldness is required for this to happen, but it does. The boldness must come from at least one of the three people involved, but if the couple (Stag and Vixen) are both playing bold and brave it is easiest. The lightning luck part is seeing a potential playmate who is available and into it, or having a potential playmate who is attractive and witty enough to make a move.
How it plays out in real life vs fantasy may not be exactly the same awesomeness as the fantasy version, but we are focusing on the real-life scenario because what good is fantasy without the possibility of reality? First of all, attire is important. This is where probably 90% of all people fail in attracting other people’s advances both when it comes to naughty shenanigans and in just regular ole’ vanilla world life. In hotwifing and swinging I have noted it is worse than the vanilla world. How you dress for a swingers event doesn’t carry over to outside an event. A person’s attire sets the scene for how others think of you and what they assume you are like and into. If you stand at the front of a grocery store and watch people go in and out you can probably guess what foods they are buying just from how they are dressed. You assume a lot from attire, and that makes you behave differently towards the person you have made assumptions about by way of their outward appearance. So… unless you are approached multiple times per week by people you wish to attract, you are not putting out the right vibe. If you are approached multiple times a week, but by people you don’t want to attract you are still putting off the wrong vibe. Now then, let us talk about attire. Attire specific for picking up vanillas when out as a couple. You can’t even ask the question “Wanna ride?” if you haven’t gotten a guy on the hook.
Stag first because his look is easier, yet also often the destroyer of the scenario if he doesn’t have the look. As a Stag, your job is easy visually. You must be well dressed in a casual manner or semi-casual manner that is inviting rather than intimidating, but also not something that will make people have snap judgments about you being weak or unworthy of your Vixen. You do not want to be wearing anything that directly ages you to a specific age unless you are as a couple targeting that particular age group. People are most comfortable talking with people they feel they have commonalities with. Dress as the people you wish your Vixen to attract would be dressed. To get an understanding of what approachability in such situations are I’ll give you an exercise.
When you are out at a bar with your Vixen have her point out three men she finds attractive and would be interested in. Now you need to look at those three men and decide which one you will approach and ask if they have four quarters for a dollar. Once you ask the question, and whether they had 4 quarters or not, ask them if they have ten dimes for a dollar. The second question is purposely asked separately and after the first to make it seem a bit weird. You’ve been sent on a very simple and easy slightly weird mission. You must do this within 15 minutes of your wife pointing them out. Do it even if they look busy. You most likely picked the one who appeared most approachable. Now when you are back at your table contemplate why they seemed approachable to you over the other two. Repeat this exercise each time you go out and you’ll learn a lot about approachability.

As the Vixen you don’t want to be dressed in a way that makes potential playmates stay away. That means you must be inviting and not intimidating. Swanky, elegant, and sophisticated are not terms that should be describing you at this moment. That look intimidates many people. You are either going to be dressing up in a way that makes you look a bit naughty, available, and looking for action, or you are going to be dressing casually. Casual as in approachable, easygoing, relaxed, and not easily offended. If you are going with the sexy dress and heels type look it must emanate that you are looking for sexual attention. You must make sure you are playing on the prurient interest of those around you. This is not a time for seeking just eyes and thoughts like “She is gorgeous, I love her dress, well put together, very attractive, her husband is a lucky man” You want eyes on you, but with the thoughts of “She looks sexy, she’s hot, I’d like to get with her, but she’s with a man, but she’s dressed kinda slutty, and he seems pretty chill, and I wonder if…” You are your own bait, you are hinting at being available rather than just trying to look pretty for this. There is a fine line. You do NOT want to push this look to the point of appearing in a way that a majority of potential suiters would see as cheap, trashy, or skanky. A cup full of slutty with a spoonful of class mixed in is about where you want to be metaphorically. If going with casual, you still want to look nice, but in a way that says you could just as easily be at a barbeque or walking a dog on a Sunday afternoon. Shorts, skirts, jeans, etc. must be casual. Your top should be casual and playful.
If you are really into this scenario use visual signals. Playful and fun over serious. As an example, if you peruse our T-shirt collections you will find everything from obviously flirty and often goofy to very serious and more of a statement of beliefs or pride than flirty and inviting. Go with goofy or in-your-face obvious if unsure. It puts people at ease. Besides things like our T-shirts, you can also add on lifestyle-specific jewelry like the always-talked-about anklet if wearing shorts or a skirt. Bracelets and necklaces can be used. You’ll note in the aforementioned My Husband Will Drive post I talked about my newfound love of phone cases for this purpose. They have surprisingly been magically noticed and bring about just the right type of attention. Plus they swap out in seconds and phones have the ability to be flipped over depending on who is around. Win! So… those anklets. Hotwifing is a huge thing in adult media and both men and women watch it. The anklet may give a signal, but with millions of people knowing what it is, and more not, chances are slim. Also unless it is lifestyle-specific and straight up says HOTWIFE, a person who knows will still most likely not take the bait because vanilla women wear them as well. My advice here is to do it anyway because they are cute and sexy.

You’ve both dressed to not scare people away. You’ve got a visual signal or two in place, and you’re sitting at a table together with a couple of drinks. Now what?

Look around, spot a hot guy, and walk up and say “Hi, I’m with the Hotwife Taxi Service, wanna ride?”
I’m kidding, don’t do that. Well, actually you never know. I’m not giving a game plan for shotgun approach bar hookups here though, so let’s stick with I’m kidding.

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You’re sitting at a table together with a couple of drinks.
You’re in the mood, or just playfully playing like you are which will make it true after a bit.
You scan your surroundings looking for men who are your type. Single and by themselves are best, but most people aren’t hitting up a bar by themselves. You will note some of these men are less engaged with their friends though. You’ll also note there may be a guy out with a friend who has his wife or girlfriend along. He’s driving himself home most likely. He can also disappear for a while from his friend because his friend is going to be paying attention to a wife or girlfriend. These are things to watch for.
Make lots of eye contact with the guy or guys you’ve designated as potentials. It may take a while for them to notice you if you’re sitting, and they won’t usually keep eyes lingering on you at first if your husband is sitting next to you.
If you’re watching him though eventually, he’ll notice. It is best if your husband is not watching him. If he makes eye contact with your husband immediately he’s most likely going to shorten his look and focus elsewhere. If he sees just you, and you smile, he’ll get interested.
At this early juncture in the game, it is best if your husband is the one to get up and head to the bar for drinks. It gives you moments alone which could in turn lead to a guy you’ve been smiling at approaching. If however, you see the man head up to the bar you should take it as a sign for you as a Vixen to head up there too. You wish to get next to the man. You don’t wish to make first contact though. You can’t just say “Wanna ride?” Instead, you want to get him to notice you again, and again you give a nice smile. You act interested but don’t chase. You’ll get some guys with a direct approach at this point, but most will turn chicken or get suspicious. If he talks first you are in. Just be polite, chit-chat a bit, and tell him he should come to have his drink with you.
He’ll ask about your husband, you tell him it’s all good and that your husband is super nice and never gets jealous or anything of the sort. Super chill. You are talking him into just sitting down with you.
Your husband must put a nice and happy-to-see-the-guy vibe out when you arrive back. Give it a minute. Don’t dive right into flirting. Let the man get comfortable. Once he is relaxed you may flirt. Your husband will need to be humorous and seemingly amused by your behavior. This will make the man question things. Eventually, he’ll most likely ask if you are swingers or something. If he does you just scored a point in this game and may talk a bit about being a Vixen and a Stag. He’ll either bite or not at this time. If he doesn’t bite at the bait but isn’t scared away, then it is time to tell him of your car ride fantasy. Depending on his personality it may be best if your Stag tells of it as your (The Vixen’s) fantasy, and mentions how he (the stag) thinks it would be pretty hot too. A deal will be struck, or not. If he seems super excited you can simply ask “Wanna ride?” It’ll come off as playful and can be laughed off, but also be taken seriously if asked correctly. If he doesn’t wanna ride, and it is a fail, get the guy to get the heck away from you because he’s going to keep any other potentials from joining.
As a failure, he’s almost 100% sure to immediately go tell his friends about the situation. There is a 50/50 chance he’ll be back within 10 minutes because he wanted to do it but was scared, and his friends said he was stupid not to go for it. There is also a chance one of his friend groups will come hit on you, or that they’ll gossip going and ruin everything. It is a bit of a crap shoot.

Backing up to where the guy asked if you were swingers or something in that scenario. He may not ask. He may suspect, may even be hoping, or maybe dense and not have a clue. You’re just a hot woman who is flirty and your husband is just really relaxed and confident. If it is going in that direction the husband should broach the topic. He should do so casually and funnily. The best way is to bring up a subject similar, but not exactly like what you are going for. Pointing out someone in the room and saying something like “That guy reminds me of that guy who drank too much at so and so’s party.” Then put out some sort of humorous anecdote about the fictional character losing his clothes completely and people trying to help find them. Now you are back to the “Are you swingers or something?” type of questioning. The whole point in all of this is that it is best if your potential playmate does most, or at least some of the chasing. If he doesn’t he’ll be more apt to be anxious about it, chicken out, or with that heightened anxiety not be able to perform while driving around anyway. Guys who are anxious and worried don’t always perform their best. If the guy does the chasing or feels he is at least, he’ll be more excited and lucky feeling than anxious. That is how you want him. If possible get him to ask about being involved before asking wanna ride.

As my intention isn’t to write a novel on the subject of bar pick-ups for couples I will end it with that one scenario to play out. It works. I’ll revisit vanilla catching in bars again I’m sure many times here on Vixen-Games. It is my thing and I know many people don’t know how to do it. Not everyone wants to either though. It comes with risks besides striking out. It can get you outed, it can start fights, and it can get weird.
It also can bring you some really fun adventures if it is your thing, and obviously, vanilla hunting gets you a wider variety of playmates to choose from than sticking with lifestyles.

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