Vixen Hotwife QOS Appeal

Vixens like many other hotwives often play the game of being a Queen of spades.
What is it and why you may wonder?
A Queen of Spades is a woman who is not black, and who specifically makes herself out to be primarily interested in or available to black men. She may exclusively play with black men or simply prioritize them if she is into it to the point of self-identifying as a QOS.
The symbol of a Spade with a Q has become very well known and depending on your location may get you some attention from many black men out in the vanilla world if you are a woman sporting it.
When talking with wives who use this symbol you will often find that in reality it just means “open to black men” or that they have an interest so black men should approach them.
Let’s examine the appeal. The Vixen Hotwife QOS Appeal that is.

Vixen Hotwife QOS queen of spades card queen rules shirt design

This Queen’s Rules Vixen QOS card design can be had HERE – Vixen QOS Queen’s Rules by Vixen-Games.
The Queen’s rules always rule the game, and a Vixen is the ultimate queen.

What creates the desire to be a QOS will vary from person to person and usually, there are multiple factors involved, so I’m just hitting the big ones here and I am focusing on the Vixen Stag dynamic. If I focused on Cuckolding for example you’d have a very different post than what you’re getting here.
This is about the Vixen Hotwife QOS Appeal only. The information given is my take and is based on my personal experiences and interactions with other people. No scientific data or good usable papers have ever been written on the topic to reference.

The number one most common driving force for a Vixen to get into the QOS play in the first place is simply novelty. Most people stay within their social groups and often that includes ethnicity. This is not something based on skin color, but on how a person interacts with others. How they were raised, the music they listened to, and the extracurricular activities they were involved in all shape them and make it so they flock to like individuals as adults. In the end, we have most white women having predominantly close white friends and most black women having predominantly close black friends. They usually marry within those same groups for the same reasons. Culturally they mesh. Note that I said “close” when talking about these friends. We aren’t talking about work buddies or people who we may hang out with because we are both members of the same hobby club. Where you find the largest amounts of exceptions to that is within small communities that are semi-isolated and are not racially diverse. The more racially diverse an area the more apt people are to have their closest friends be within their own ethnicities. For example, if you are a Hispanic woman living in an area that is predominantly white you are more apt to have a larger amount of close white friends.
As a Vixen wife, they are securely set with their Stag husband. To play Vixen games they must usually step outside of their normal social circles.
Often their Vixen life is very clandestine. It is also not something that must fall within whatever normal social rules they cling to in their daily life. The people they will meet and have sex with are not part of their daily world and most likely not going to be part of it ever.
Why not step out then?
If you are a Hispanic woman living with a Hispanic husband and both your families and a majority of your close friends are Hispanic as well then you may find black men a bit exotic, and if not possibly a novelty.
As a woman you may have primarily dated Hispanic men, then married the same, but now as a Vixen, you can step into something different for a moment easily.
The appeal of novelty and the exotic drives many Vixens in this way. It is similar to the drive that makes people living on a Micronesian island want to vacation in the Pacific Northwest of the USA while the people living in the Pacific Northwest of the USA are heading down to Mexican Beaches or the Maldives.
If you visit Cabo for the novely and love it you’ll want to go back, but you may also wish to stay living where you are.
The Vixen may seek novelty, and then if the Vixen likes it she will wish to go back. A Queen of Spades may be born simply by this experience.
This same drive for novelty and the exotic is also what originally led many to hotwifing or swinging in general. There was a desire to try it, then they did, and if they liked it they stuck with it.

The next big driving force when it comes to Vixens is visual contrast. Most Vixens are when playing also giving their Stag a show. It is part of their play. Color contrast can make for a better show.
The Stag husband may be so into this aspect that it is his desires making it so his Vixen plays as a QOS.
In such a situation the Vixen may have zero preferences ethnically outside the aspect of how it will affect the show visually.
He loves the visuals, and she loves him to love watching her and thinking about her as his Vixen.
The better the show the more lust is induced, and if a bit of color contrast is all it takes to up the show then that is where time will be spent.
This contrast thing plays out in many ways. Some wives prefer watching their husbands with people of contrasting skin tones as well.
If you only can play a couple of times a month and that skin color contrast makes the event more enjoyable, then you will focus your efforts on play times with people who contrast visually.
The Stag is there to watch his Vixen.
That is how and where he is getting his enjoyment. If his wife is black and he finds contrast exciting visually, she’s most likely targeting whites.
In America, the majority of Vixens are White, Asian, and Hispanic. This makes playing a QOS a very common thing amongst Vixens.
Luckily for them, there are a lot of black men who love being a “Bull” for a hotwife.

The third big one is that many Vixens just plain love playing the game. They like being naughty, and the more naughty little descriptors they can apply to themselves the better. Being a Hotwife is naughty. Being a swinger is naughty. Being a Vixen is Naughty. Each little descriptor makes them feel naughtier and increases their fun. It also increases how naughty the Stag views her, which she very much wants. So, some will become a Queen Of Spades simply to add on that descriptor. That QOS label adds to the Vixen Hotwife QOS Appeal in general.
In many a Stags eyes, his Vixen can never be too naughty. The Vixen loves her Stag and therefore she adds naughty atop naughty and makes everything better.

So, those are the big three Vixen specific that I have noted, There are a lot of other factors that add to Vixen Hotwife QOS Appeal, and a huge amount of factors that could be talked about if we were to include other types of hotwives.
All of these various factors are controversial and in some cases considered problematic in different ways by people who are not involved depending on their brand of social tribalism and actual knowledge of how Vixen Games are played vs their imagination or what they learned from porn or podcaster who has little or no connection to hotwifing or Stags and Vixens.
I plan on eventually posting on that topic specifically.
These topics dealing with race and other preferences are touchy subjects.
Covering all points of view in a nonbiased manner is complicated so that post will be a while in the making.
Luckily through this project (Vixen – Games) I come into contact with all sorts of nonmonogamous and monogamish people with a variety of views. Hence, I get a lot of different types of input. As a designer of shirt designs, I try not to judge anybody’s style of play or preferences as long as everything is consensual and everyone involved is an adult who is getting something good out of it. In the eyes of the masses, all people involved in nonmonogamous and monogamish behaviors rather than strict monogamy or serial monogamy are morally scandalous, ethically corrupt, and partaking in a problematic lifestyle. They point their fingers at you and call foul. If you are having a finger pointed at you for your lifestyle and not enjoying it or agreeing with it you should not be turning around to do the same thing to other people. Instead, you should chase your joys and allow other people to chase their joys.

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Lastly, the image you saw earlier in the post… T-shirts and stickers.
This Queen’s Rules Vixen QOS card design can be had HERE – Vixen QOS Queen’s Rules RB by Vixen-Games.
Also, we have a back print T-shirt version on an extra soft shirt with the image both on the back and left sleeve that you can get – HERE – Extra Soft Back print T-shirt.

What to remember… The Queen’s rules always rule the game, and a Vixen is the ultimate queen.
and… that is that on Vixen Hotwife QOS Appeal. Be yourself, enjoy what you enjoy, and don’t let other people’s opinions get in your way.