Subtle Vixen Games

The Stag and Vixen dynamic is a dynamic based on trust, closeness, and love amongst other things. It creates an openness between the couple that is rarely achieved in completely monogamous relationships. The sexual shenanigans Stags and Vixens get up to are a part of what causes this, but it is more of a catalyst than the real cause. It allows for playful games other couples can’t usually partake in. Some of these games are in a sense subtle Vixen Games.
In general, when we think of Vixen Games we think of those sexual shenanigans I just mentioned.
We usually think of the wilder stuff even. Things like the Vixen being blindfolded with a stranger for example.
The games Stags and Vixens can play can be pretty exciting.
Most Stags and Vixens aren’t playing every day though. The really active sorts may play once a week. Some only every few months. There is no right or wrong amount of play required. Play frequency can also be affected by everyday life. It usually is. Jobs, kids, illnesses, school, holidays, family events, weather, etc.
The list of things is almost endless.
So no wild sexual shenanigans may be at hand even when we want them.
Does all play stop though?
Not for most Stags and Vixens.
Many are constantly living the Stag and Vixen lifestyle even if it has been a few months since the last big play date.
Being a Vixen changes things. Vixens are usually pretty confident after a while and they like to play Subtle Vixen Games.

If you are wondering what a subtle Vixen Game is, I’ll tell you. It is all the little things she does in her everyday life to tease, taunt, or turn on her husband that other women simply can’t do, or if they can it has a completely different meaning if they are monogamous vanilla wives.

For example, most people unless really closed off and repressed can point out someone they think is attractive to their spouse. Most can’t say they have sex with them though. Of the ones who would be able to say that it is more of an “If I was single I’d…” and they can’t go too far with it or it’d possibly turn nasty.
A Vixen can straight up say “Oh, look honey, that person there is so hot I’d like a night with them.”
The resulting conversation would be more about how hot or not the person would possibly be to do for her and to watch doing her from the Stag’s point of view.
That simple difference makes it a sort of game for the Vixen to point out potentials. If they are good potentials to the Stag he will be turned on.

Subtle Vixen Games go much further though, and they are easily and usually constantly played by many Vixens.
Time for some examples.

subtle Vixen Games Vixen hotwife shirt

Subtle Vixen Games:

  • A Vixen may tend to dress in a manner that attracts attention around the house when certain people come over. It may be casual and revealing or even a bit naughty.
  • A Vixen may enjoy being slightly flirtatious in front of her Stag when in completely vanilla settings such as grocery stores and cafes.
  • A Vixen may comment on a man’s large bulge to her Stag at any time. Possibly speculate on its ability.
  • A Vixen may make comments to others during conversations in front of her Stag that come off as innocent or generic innuendos, but in reality, hint at other activities or can be translated mentally by her Stag into private and naughty messages.
  • A Vixen may bring up conversations in front of her Stag with her vanilla friends who know nothing of their lifestyle about swinging, hotwifing, polyamory, kinks, etc. to tease her Stag.
  • A Vixen may wear hotwife anklets, lifestyle necklaces, and shirts like the ones we design to flaunt her lifestyle in a semi-secret manner when with her Stag. Only those who know will know if wearing something that is not overly obvious. (Example above)
  • A Vixen may shake her booty when walking or bending over in a public setting in a way that makes it appear she was doing it for her Stag, but timing it so that other men will see and get ideas.
  • A Vixen may send a suggestive text to her Stag when they are together, but in company or situations when it is inappropriate.
  • A Vixen may find it fun to turn anything and everything into a sexual innuendo in front of her Stag.
  • A Vixen may have many opportunities to tease her Stag if shopping for or eating food that is phallic in shape.
  • A Vixen may enjoy attempting to cause her Stag to get an erection when out to dinner with vanilla friends. She may also point out she has done so.
  • A Vixen may enjoy playing a highly dominant wife in front of her friends by finding or making situations where she can command her Stag. An example would be dropping something somewhere that would require her husband to get on all fours to retrieve it.
  • A Vixen may enjoy finding opportunities to say “He loves watching” in front of other people and her Stag. She will be referencing other things like for example a TV show or a sport, but will say it in a manner that makes it sound almost like something else.
  • A Vixen may accidentally show a nude or semi-nude image of herself to someone while trying to show them a different G-rated image while in front of her Stag. If she enjoys this activity she will most likely mention that her Stag husband probably has many such photos on his phone.
  • A Vixen may also accidentally let a person or people see she has a condom or two in her purse or clutch while in front of her Stag which will if not raise questions, certainly cause people to contemplate the reason their married female friend has them with her.
  • A Vixen may enjoy answering the door when her Stag is around for food delivery in a robe or something similar that just may accidentally reveal a bit too much if the delivery person happens to be attractive. (I do hope you all have gotten that “accidentally” is meant to be tongue in cheek for these last few Subtle Vixen Games examples.)

The list of examples above could definitely be longer, and a list of things the Stag may do or say throughout the day could easily be made as well, but my point I think was made through this “The Vixen May…” list just fine. Subtle Vixen Games. Almost always a Stag and his Vixen are engaged in such games. Many of the things they do would not even be considered games if not for their being in a Stag and Vixen relationship. A comment about that chair that sits in every hotel room facing the bed can be funny for any couple, but it’s an entirely different thing for a couple who has had a night where the husband has sat in that chair watching his favorite porn star in action.

I always end with a shirt, and since I already showed one above I’ll link to that one. I’m going to show it as a hat though. It is subtle so it works. The word VIXEN, but with a little Vixen Fox as the I.
At the bottom of the design extremely small it says Games.
The Vixen shirts are about as subtle as you can get because they really mean jack-poo to people not in the lifestyle. They are also seen with an “I wonder if” type of attitude for people who are in the lifestyle because there are so many other uses for VIXEN. There are Vixen motorsports, Vixen workout clubs, Vixen running clubs, etc. You can basically say it is anything so you can wear Vixen stuff anywhere. That upside-down pineapple used to be like that, but it has become very well known. It still works because it has so many other uses. Unlike the Vixen though, the upside-down pineapple makes people wonder immediately. Just wonder, not know. That is its power. I hope the Vixen someday makes itself known to that level, but there are more swingers than Vixens and Stags so it’ll be a long time coming if at all. For now… If you know you know.

Vixen Hotwife subtle hat and shirt design from Vixen Games.

The hat shown in the image is from HERE – Vixen Games Little Vixen on Organic Baseball Cap.
You may also find a minimalist embroidered version of this design HERE – Little White Vixen wool-blend snap-back cap, and the same design on a beanie HERE – Little White Vixen beanie.
The interesting thing with the two versions of the design is the minimalist version with it being a white vixen fox came first. I liked it enough to alter it and put it on other sites as you see in the picture above.
The basic T-shirt can be found HERE – Vixen Games Little Vixen T-shirt.
If you like the shirt style you see in the shopping picture you can get that exact one HERE – Vixen Games Little Vixen design.

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