Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt Roundup for January 2024

Time for our Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt Roundup for January 2024. The first roundup of the new year. January was good and we had a ton of cool posts with great Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-Shirts to go with them. You’ll find larger images of the designs in the original posts, and links to get them as T-shirts. Until you visit the pages the articles you will find are going to be a mystery, but the shirt designs that accompany the article may give a hint. Maybe you can make a game out of guessing what the article subject matter could be by looking at the images.

Vixen Hat for Vixen Hotwives

The Cute Vixen Hat shown here is me mixing it all up by posting a hat in our Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt Roundup for January 2024. A hat rather than a tee. You’ll find it is a T-shirt design too though. A cute Vixen replaces the “I” in the word VIXEN for this one.

Hotwife taxi Service shirt design from Vixen Games because Stags often like driving their Vixens

This Hotwife Taxi Service T-shirt design plays on one of our personal favorite Vixen Games. Note the two in the back seat while the Stag drives. Wanna Ride?

queen of spades vixen wife card t-shirt

The Queen’s Rules always must be paid attention to. Especially if that queen is a Vixen Queen Of Spades. This shirt design plays off of a Queen of Spades card and says Queen’s Rules.

Wittol T-shirt from Vixen Games

The Blindfolded Wittol T-shirt design was in a way the most interesting topic that you’ll find in our Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt Roundup for January 2024. There is a reason for that double wrap easy peek blindfold. Maybe it was just interesting for me though.

cock cage pun shirt hot dog in a cage cuckold T-shirt

This Hotdog in a Cage T-shirt design gets the award (in my mind) for the oddest T-shirt in our Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt Roundup for January 2024. Cumming up with the punniest text we could to go with it was a stiff order as well. It took us both banging our heads together to finally do it.

cuck hotel T shirt design from Vixen Games because every hotel room has the chair

This Hotel Chair Tee design says the straight-up truth. Every hotel has the chair.

Stag and Vixen Colorfest Tee

The Vixen Games Colerfest Stag and Vixen Tee design was cool to make, but it also grew on me after. I’ll end up with this one myself. Probably the Zippy Hoodie with the back print and the smaller designs on the sleeves. I’m 90% sure in Dark Heather. If you want to see what I’m talking about you can go HERE – Colorfest Vixen Games Stag and Vixen back print zip-up hoodie. I could sport that in style. One of the problems with designing these shirts, hoodies, hats, etc. is that I can’t have every single one that appeals to me for myself. I usually do more than one a day if you average it all out. I’d need 3 closets just for T-shirts. Picking is hard.

Vixen Games Fresh designs Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt Roundup for January 2024

Almost didn’t include this post because it isn’t a post about Vixens, Stags, swinging, Cucks, Poly, Hotwives, or any other topics related to consensual nonmonogamy of any sort. Nor is there a T-shirt design attached. It is just a post talking about our Vixen Games Designs Store. You can read it (HERE)if you like, but it doesn’t fit within our Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt Roundup for January 2024. It is just a post from January 2024.

Jealous Hotwife Vixen Games

Our Hotwife Jealousy Games T-shirt is Fun with a capital F. Note the Upside-down pineapple earring. See that her tattoo sleeve says VIXEN in it? The text says “I like to make my husband jealous.” This design got two thumbs up from my Vixen inspiration.

Free Use Peach Shirt

This Free Use Peaches and Cream T-shirt design turned out so far to be more popular as a sticker than a T-shirt so I am going to link you directly to the sticker HERE. It is a new design so it could just be a random chance that stickers were more popular. I assumed it would be a fun ladies’ design for shirts because peaches and cream is one of the most common desserts and breakfasts in America so it makes it easy to wear. Having it say “Free Use” has no meaning at all to people outside of the free use kink. Who knows… I like people getting our stickers as well as our shirts though so keep on doing sticker fans.

Not Vanilla shirt

Our Not Vanilla Three cone shirt was one I assumed would go through the roof. It didn’t. It also didn’t flop, but it didn’t get the love I was hoping for. It generically fits with so many types of people is why I thought it’d zoom I suppose. Kinksters, swingers, hotwives, and stags alike could get this for a design. My Vixen inspiration/muse mentioned it being loud basically as well. The idea is that it is cool, but needs to be more mellow. I will attempt that in the future for those who are not flamboyantly out there. Many of my designs had extra pop to them this month. Going to go more subtle with it again for February.

Vixen definition words meaning vixen wife definition

The Vixen Definition design is our last one for January, but certainly not the least. I liked it and a lot of you liked it as well. Thank you for supporting us. Had to have been my cute little Fox that did it. I just majorly wanted to make a definition shirt that fit with the Vixen and Stag lifestyle dynamics. I thought it was needed. Knew it was needed. There are so many people in other types of monogamish lifestyles that just don’t understand Vixens. I guess you could say I made it to educate. Had no clue people would enjoy it so much. Again, thanks.

That wraps up our Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt Roundup for January 2024. Hopefully, you found a design or article you enjoyed.
Feel free to link us up and share our articles, but also please remember that they are just opinion pieces. There are no “experts” when it comes to this stuff.
Hotwifing is a way of life that is experienced differently by all who do it. No Vixen is the same as another, and one Stag will have completely different reasons for being a Stag than another. Nonmogamy is just now starting to gain a bit of acceptance in America. Culture is rapidly changing. Nobody can be an “expert.” Do what is good for you.