Starting Slow With Hotwife Games

We live in a world of instant gratification. Patience isn’t a trait all people have. When considering hotwife games many spend a lot of time talking about it and then when decided decide to just jump right in. That will work for some, but most people would do better starting slow with hotwife games. Testing the waters before diving in so to speak.

I’ll cover some ways to start slow and test those waters in a moment, but first let’s look at why starting slow with hotwife games is probably the best idea for a majority of people.

We have a Vixen and Stag dynamic ourselves. You can learn a bit about that with our Vixen Stag Meaning what a bit more about what Vixen is HERE. Since we focus on the Stag and Vixen dynamic on Vixen Games just click around and you’ll get a good base.

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We are for this post going to talk about hotwifing in general.
There are some differences between starting slow with hotwife games in general vs Vixen games, but those differences are primarily in how things happen rather than what.
Let’s get into why starting slow with hotwife games is usually a good idea.
There are many, but I’m only looking at the two I personally feel most important.
Remember this is about why most people should start slow, not about why you should or shouldn’t do it in the first place. This post is meant for people who are already heading into it. They have decided, but haven’t started, and maybe are unsure about it still.

First of all, once you do some actual hotwifing you can’t undo it. Going from monogamy to nonmonogamy in any fashion can cause chaos in a once tranquil relationship.
Even if both partners have agreed verbally sometimes the hotwife feels guilty and the husband can feel jealous in a bad way. No cheating has occurred because everything was agreed on and boundaries were respected, but with a lifetime of being told by society that sex outside of your primary relationship is cheating, it can feel that way for some. All of the fallout that regularly occurs when infidelity is found out in a monogamous relationship can rear its head.
If it does, you can’t undo it.
It is often even worse than in a monogamous marriage because both the man and woman may blame each other. Instead of a fun extracurricular activity, you end up with a woman who feels guilt for what she did and also anger at her husband for ‘making her do it.’
Rarely did he “make” her do anything, but when domestic fighting is the game blame shifts. The reality is they both chose to do it. If no other reasons existed, that would be a good enough reason for starting slow with hotwife games.

My second big one is the fact that going full bore can straight-up ruin it. Fantasy and reality are two very different things. Sometimes what sounds good in your fantasies isn’t really all it is cracked up to be in real life.
The hotwife life may very well have been a wonderful idea for you, but if you get in too deep, experience situations that are overwhelming, or just simply learn you don’t like a particular thing at all and it’s a full portion instead of a sample you are tasting it could all become a hellish nightmare instead of a pleasant journey.
A few overwhelming experiences that are not pleasurable right out of the gate may sour you both to the whole thing.
For this reason it is best to slowly wade in rather than dive right in when it comes to hotwifing at first.

Let’s wade in… starting slow with hotwife games so you don’t crash and burn… Some ideas and things to play with before you get into the real swing of things.

First of all, before implementing any of these ideas, talk the situation out until it is exhausted. What you would probably like long term, your fantasies, rules you’d wish to have, and worries. Then talk about mini turn-ons, jealousies, and turn-offs. Talk it out until it is tiring. One miscommunication can be the death toll of a relationship when you are changing the dynamic in such a serious way. Figure out those big rules.

Going slow, or just toying with the idea…
Work your way through them until you are at the end and you are there.

  1. Attire. Easy as pie this is, but important. Go out together in revealing and inviting attire. Do this as often as possible. This will allow you as a potential hotwife to find out if you truly enjoy such attention, and if you enjoy the effects of that attention on your husband. The attention will be primarily just people looking. This will also allow your husband to gauge his feelings about having other people look at you with obvious sexual interest.
  2. Random innocent flirting. When with your husband give random innocent comments to attractive males. Things like “Oh, I love that shirt” or “You have such nice hair.” Legitimate, realistic compliments coupled with a nice smile will be sometimes immediately taken as flirtatious, but sometimes not. You can again see how you enjoy the interactions in front of your husband. Your husband can see how he responds to your interactions. 1 and 2 together will give your husband a great idea of how jealous he does or doesn’t get, and how that jealousy if it exists makes him feel.
  3. Take it to the bar or lounge. You can even take it to a coffee shop if you like, but it won’t work as well. Play the first half of a common Hotwife game. Go in separately, sit away from each other without interacting. Wait and watch. If you are single and picked the right type of venue you’ll have an opportunity to be hit on in front of your husband. Sitting at the bar near where people order works well if the place isn’t overly busy. The reality of the situation is that most men who will approach you with the intention of flirting if you are placed near where you order drinks will not be the most desirable type, but your husband won’t know this from afar. He is just going to see guys trying to sweet-talk you. If one becomes aggressive or unruly in some other way you can just end your game and go sit with your husband. A word of warning… don’t say you are there by yourself when these men approach you. Don’t say you are or are not with anybody to them. If you directly lie in such a way it could lead to anger. Drunk fools and anger aren’t a recipe for fun.
  4. Get flirty online. I recommend joint accounts with services that cater to monogamish people. There are many. They all are a bit different and most are better for some areas than others. Make a profile that states you are a newbie, just thinking about it, looking to chat, etc. Don’t lie because you may find some really good prospects for later. This will allow you to learn the ins and outs of the sites without angering people and also give you a feel for who is a time waster or not. There are a ton of fakes and phonies on such sites just looking to collect pictures or have chat sex while stating otherwise. Don’t be one of those. You will also get a ton of liars about their relationship status if you mention being into the idea of hotwifing. You and your husband should state you both read messages and you should both read them no matter who is communicating. You’ll learn about each other’s likes and dislikes. Your husband will also get to see how he feels about you talking sexually with others.
  5. Everything is golden so far. No big hurdles. Time to dip your feet into the water a bit more. Lifestyle clubs. Even if you are not into the idea of swinging, and only interested in hotwifing, this is a great way to see a few things. You can go to these clubs as a couple. You can dress extremely provocatively. Clubs are just fine with couples who just want to watch or are considering nonmonogamy. Clubs, like those sites mentioned in the last one, are all very different. Visit a few with the rule of not actually participating in anything. You will find clubs with mostly younger folks and clubs with mostly older ones. Some will be trashy and some semi-upscale. Big clubs, small clubs, etc. The one thing you’ll get from them that you can’t get anywhere else is that you can dress for sex, people will approach you with intention while not worrying about your husband, and you will see people getting sexual with each other who are not their own spouses. You can vicariously experience the idea better. Your husband will be able to think “That could be my wife doing that” without it actually being so. It brings a dose of reality to the fantasy.
    Off-premise bar takeovers are also awesome for this. It is hard to get an invite to the good ones if you aren’t already in the scene though. House parties I don’t recommend for this because no matter what the hosts say there is a huge possibility you and your husband would be the only ones not playing after a couple of hours.
    I’ve witnessed the discomfort in new couples as the whole party gets down except them. The host said “Play isn’t expected,” but they as the newbies just wanting to peek find it kinda was. It isn’t required, but you’re the odd ones.
  6. If you’ve made it this far you’re heading to hotwifing. This is about starting slow with hotwife games. It is time to start. You have those sites and you’ve been chatting. Time to change up the profile. Time to give oral a few times. Yes, a few. The reason a few instead of just once is because different people and scenarios can change everything. This is a situation where you are having a sexual encounter with a person, but you are not having intercourse so it is usually easier to backtrack if either you or your husband ends up having an issue over it that is not beneficial to your relationship. Some husbands want to watch, some want to listen, some want their wives to go off separately and then have their wives tell them the story. You may want to watch it, or maybe not. This is something that can differ greatly in hotwifing relationships. Is your husband more of a Stag or does he have cuck fantasies? Do you wish to tease him? Give him a show? Just tell him? No matter the desire of each of you long term I recommend TOGETHER for these first few oral adventures. Even if you don’t want to watch and he is into the idea of you giving him a verbal play-by-play rather than seeing it, I’d say together. You can just go into the next room if you need to do so to make it fit your mutual desires. The reason I say together is so that either of you at any point can say “Alrighty, I think I am not into it.” This is your big tester. You both need to have the ability to say “no” or maybe just “not yet.”
    If this all goes well you are now in a place to both know all seems good.
    As an added note for this one, do talk about how the oral play will end. If you are a woman who doesn’t like it in the mouth just aim for the chest. If you don’t take it in the mouth for your husband don’t for anyone else without your husband expressly telling you he’d like that to happen. It is little things like these that can turn into big things. Discuss.

If you go through all those little steps and have fun while doing it you are most likely good to go.

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Starting Slow With Hotwife Games is pretty much what I recommend for most people thinking about getting into the lifestyle. Once in the lifestyle, I don’t think going slow is important at all. The more the better is how I think of it once you know it is a great addition to your life and primary relationship.

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