Vixen Queen of Pies

Sometimes the topic makes the T-shirt design, and sometimes the T-shirt design makes the topic. In the case of this Vixen Queen of Pies T-shirt and topic, it is a little bit of both. The shirt design is something that if seen by anybody outside of the hotwifing lifestyle it would simply fly right over their heads. They would see a statement about the rich and the poor most likely. The pie would be tied to the phrase “Have their cake and eat it too” or “Let them eat cake.” At least that is my first guess. Inside the world of hotwifing it is humorous, a fantasy for some, and a reality for many. Are you a Stag married to a Vixen Queen of Pies?

Vixen Queen of Pies Creampie denying Vixen Wife T-shirt for Stags

Here it is… Vixen Queen of Pies design. You can get it on a shirt HERE – Vixen Queen of Pies Basic T-shirt.
It is awesome.
The idea is she who is a Queen to her Stag husband has just finished doing her amazingly sexy hotwife thing in front of his eyes. He is worshipful and wanting. He watched hungrily and is dying to reclaim her. He wants to touch, and she is temporarily denying him. She gets off on his need and knows how great it is after she’s been giving him a show.
She feels at these moments sexier and more queenly than usual in his eyes.
He must wait and do as she says. He becomes a supplicant and even a beggar in hopes of getting her to relent and allow him his time. Out of his reach and at her feet sits a slice of cream pie representing that she is withholding his dessert. Note the Vixen brooch and that the throne says VIXEN GAMES on it. These are just games for them. She may even be as wanting as he even though she has just finished climaxing. This game is all about wanting, waiting, needing, and denying. She is the Vixen Queen of Pies so she rules the game.

Denial, creampies, watching, and being a Queen with a begging husband. Quite the list.
Not all play bare and I don’t recommend you do. Not all who play bare do so at all times. I won’t lecture on safe sex here, but if you are monogamish you should be educated on the subject so you can make informed choices. Get Googling.
For the sake of this particular game and to go along with my awesomely fun design I’m going to assume I am addressing Stags with hotwives that at least occasionally play bare. I’m also going to assume you like the sexy aftermath of that sort of play. I do… and because nobody on the planet besides someone who’s into the hotwife lifestyle would get this design and I wear a lot of hoodies I am going with a zip hoodie. You can see that HERE – Vixen Queen of Pies zippy hoodie.

If You are not a Stag please feel free to read along for entertainment purposes. If you’re a new Stag the same goes for you. This topic and game scenario is for guys who straight-up love watching their wives and have a bit of the Goddess Worship mindset. It is also for people who dare to play bare.

So, you help her get dressed. That is your job. If you aren’t very skilled at such things you may just sit, watch, and hand her items as she calls for them while she does herself up. You watch her transform herself into a version of herself more sultry than she usually carries herself. Makeup, hair, lingerie, everything perfect for a grand event. She aims to be as sexy as she can be. This is for you to see, but not have. By the time you have her, she will have smeared her lipstick, the hair will be a mess, and the lingerie will be off. She no longer smells of perfumes, but instead of sex. Watching her get ready is for your eyes, but not to touch her when she’s done up. She may even command you not to touch at all on these nights when she plays at truly acting like a full-blown queen.

Where you play is up to you, but we enjoy hotels. If you’re playing at home she is the queen so you’d best prepare the bedroom. Not just prepare as in making sure you have a good view and your camera is charged, but make it to her liking and be sure anything she may ask for is readily available.
When the queen’s guest arrives it is your job to make sure that guest has what they need as well. Offer a beverage, and ask if they’d like anything else. Be a good host because your Vixen Queen will be offering other things at her leisure. Don’t make her have to play host otherwise.

This guest is in all actuality just foreplay for the evening, but that foreplay is best if drawn out.
As most Vixens aren’t usually into telling a stranger “I want you to come to pleasure me as if I were a queen” this will have most likely been your job when setting up the scenario. You should have told him it was a night where he was to pleasure her unselfishly as if she were a queen. You should have told him how she’d like to be pleased, what she enjoys, and in what ways. You were supposed to tell him what she doesn’t like, and what not to do as well. Explain the game and the men who are into it will willingly play along and they will receive their own pleasure in doing so.
Your Vixen should always be the boss when it comes to her actions, but in these situations, it is doubly so.
Your job is to remain silent, enjoy watching, and don’t participate unless she requests you to do something specifically.
Keep your mouth shut. I’m a requester. I want to see specific things, actions, angles, etc. as the mood strikes me.
“Babe get on top for a bit, tease him, do it slow…” That sort of thing. Don’t do that during this one. Just watch, obey, and enjoy. Let her drag it out beyond your patience without complaint and let her enjoy herself.

When she has climaxed as many times as she likes and has left your guest spent it is time for him to leave.
Again, this is something that needed to be explained ahead of time. Either she gets to say something like “I’m done” and he knows to leave immediately or you are to politely usher him out with thanks for pleasing your Vixen.

Once he is out the door you still can’t touch or do anything to your Queen without her permission.
Everyone has different rules, and for games such as these if you like you can make up specific rules that pertain to this game-only type situations, but I’m an impatient sort and we are both pig headed so rule number 11 that you can find on our post about Hotwifing Rules stands with me. It states “I get to reclaim her within 1 hour of the end of any hotwifing or swinging-related event.”
If I didn’t have this rule on my side I might die from anxiety or lust.
Maybe you have a time limit and maybe you don’t, but this is the actual game.

She is your Queen. She just gave you a delicious sexual show. You watched her cum. You watched him cum. She’s sated, but still aroused. She is as my Vixen likes to say “Wet, warm, and stretched.” Basically, she’s stretched out and filled with cum. It is your time and you want her. She as the queen holds all the cards though so you can only ask. You’ll end up begging if she teases you too much. She may because she feels powerful at this moment.
She may ask you for a foot massage while she sits there and you can see she is a bit swollen. She may decide to masturbate while you do this just to make you want.
Maybe she’ll tell you to kiss her all over, but not touch her pussy. Maybe she’ll have you lie down and just make out with you. She could have you finger her while you kiss her neck.
Or maybe she’ll straight up command you to beg her to let you lick her pussy.
She is your Vixen Queen of Pies and you will beg her.
When she finally does let you it will be for however long she likes. She’s going to get off on this hardcore. For many Hotwives having their husbands lick them when they’ve had a creampie from someone else is extremely empowering and a huge turn-on. She will also know that if you make her orgasm like this it will make you feel like you did a good job, and it will give her conversation ammo for the next day. “I came so hard when you were licking my cummy pussy, we should do that again soon.”
My vixen has a bit of a fetish when it comes to cum. She likes the thought before, during, and after when it comes to someone cumming in her. When it is happening it is an instant orgasm for her almost every time. She is a Vixen Queen of Pies and she likes denial games.

If you as the Stag don’t have a reclaiming time limit rule in place this game could be a bit harsh. I’d be begging till morning. I do have a time limit so there is a finally… to reclaim her. To have her after all of that. With such a build-up you’ll both probably be done in minutes, but they are glorious minutes.
Your tomorrow will be lustful as well because you’ll both be thinking about the night before and the fact that you both came inside her.
It is a new day though. No denial games. She is still your Vixen Queen. Vixen Queen of Pies actually, but the game is over so you are now again on more equal footing. Lust and love it up. Life is short.

In case you forgot, the link to the shirt is HERE – Vixen Queen of Pies Basic T-shirt.

The link to the Zippy Hoodie is HERE – Vixen Queen of Pies zippy hoodie.

If you’d just like to get a sticker of this awesome and funny Vixen Games design you can do that HERE – via our RB store – Vixen Hotwife Queen of Cream Sticker.

Vixen Queen Of Pies Vixen Hotwife Creampie T-shirt

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