Why I decided to become a hotwife

If you are a hotwife have you ever looked back and considered your reasons for taking the plunge?
Have you ever started a sentence with “Why I decided to become a hotwife is because____?”
Becoming a hotwife is a big decision.
Just giving it a try and stepping back from it if you find it isn’t for you is a big thing. You’ve changed the dynamics of your relationship and broke away from monogamy. There is no going back from that even if you stop.
So here we have one person’s reasons for becoming a hotwife.
A Vixen hotwife to be specific.
We are all different and have different desires and motivations.
Communication is one of the most important aspects of hotwifing and we as a couple have made sure to overdo it rather than underdo it throughout our relationship. Before she took the plunge we had countless discussions. Some were written down.
The decision was made, but the questions must be asked. Why did you decide to become a hotwife? What are your reasons?
She answered, I wrote.
Why I decided to become a hotwife:

  • We talked about it for a long time and it became a huge turn-on for her. So the number one reason is that the idea of it and the various things she/we could do turned her on a lot.
    Talking about it when not having sex turned her on, and when we were having sex made the sex even better for us.
  • She knew it turned me on. Basically the same thing as number one, but in reverse. She likes the idea of me watching her. I watch her doing everyday mundane things and enjoy it. I’m visual. She knew I’d love it.
  • She had a desire for multiple penises and different sexual styles. The reality is a lot of people, if not most would like a little something different now and again. It’s just most can’t have it. If they do they are cheating and risking everything. It hurts your self-worth if nothing else. With a Stag and Vixen relationship, the Vixen gets to eat her cake and have it too. No guilt, no shame, no lowered self-worth or betrayal.
  • Additional spice to life. New adventures, new experiences, fast heartbeats, etc. She wanted those.
  • Even the idea of being my Vixen Hotwife gave her a confidence before unknown to her. She’s told me for many years that I in general have constantly boosted her confidence. The way I look at her, talk to her, want her, etc. The idea of being my Vixen Hotwife added even more confidence on top of that. As a side note, I will say that her telling me that I have given her extra confidence and made her see herself as more is the best compliment she has ever given me when it comes to our relationship. I’m pretty worshipful of her, and to know I gave her something like that makes me feel like I did a great thing. The strangest part is that I didn’t know it for years. I’d never thought of it or tried. It is just me loving her.
  • Increased her sexuality. I’m not sure exactly what this one means. It is a bit of a mishmash of her feeling sexy, sexual, and wanting sex. It encompasses her ways of thoughts, desires, and fantasies.
  • Safety in the fear of the unknown. This is a normal thing for Vixens. Being a Vixen allows for sexual experimentation and activities to be experienced that otherwise would be too scary, and maybe even straight-up dangerous. As a Vixen you have a Stag who is your watcher, partner, and protector. He is your rock.
  • For this one, I’m just quoting her exactly.
    My husband is a very confident man. He takes, doesn’t ask permission and always gets what he wants…until me. Only one person has ever said no to him, and that bugs him to this day. His teasing consisted of telling females how to tease him, down to the specifics…until me. The power that I felt over him and seeing his desire is intoxicating. Watching his want for me increase and knowing I am the one person on the planet who can do that to him is indescribable
    I will say that how she describes me here is pretty much the case. I was very sex addicted and over-saturated myself for many years until I pushed everyone’s envelope as far as it would go just to get a rise. Then I met her. First time I was good with vanilla sex more than two or three times with an individual in many years. She’s kinda like magic to me.
  • We have a very deep and special connection. It is as if we were meant to be each other’s. She says that even talking about these things… hotwifing, Stags and Vixens, swinging, etc. added to that connection.
  • The silent conversations that we had were enhanced by the topic becoming real as well. She liked that. The shifting of eyes, the humor, and the knowing smiles that we could share because of exploring the idea of hotwifing added to the silent communication we already experienced.
  • The last reason she gave was humorous to me. It was short and sweet and funny. Again I will just quote her. “No shame, fuck it, we both weird.” Yes, that is exactly how she said it.

So, there you have it. One beautiful woman’s reasons for deciding to go from wife to Vixen Hotwife.
Her big Why I Decided To Become A Hotwife list is now documented for all time on these pages.
Or until the internet becomes obsolete. Who knows?
I imagine that some of these reasons are pretty similar to other people’s reasons, but some not. Why a person would make the decision to go from monogamous wife to Vixen Hotwife would be different for everyone.
The Why I decided to become a hotwife story I’d guess would be almost never the same.
I don’t know. It isn’t like I could get a thousand vetted hotwives together to answer that in full detail and with perfect honesty.

The shirt I’m pitching here doesn’t exactly match the post. Usually, I go with a design that fits the topic. In this case, I’m matching up with how the post was created. The Vixen gave the info for this post and the Stag wrote it all out. For the shirt… The Vixen described it and the Stag (Who is the designer) created it. This design was conceptually hers, and I made it happen.

Follow me my husband likes to watch two cocks T-shirt design for hotwives

On the front of the T-shirt, we have two cocks in a heart. It says “Follow me.” Fun in itself as an innuendo, but… on the back it says “My husband likes to Watch!” That pretty much pulls it all together and she thought herself mighty clever. (The rhyme was on purpose)

My husband likes to watch Vixen Games Hotwife T-shirt design that partly explains Why I decided to become a hotwife

There is also an alternative version with the same image of the two cocks in a heart that says “Follow me,” but with the “My husband likes to watch” part printed on both sleeves instead of the back.

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Maybe the shirt designs do match the post. Her design idea may be a partial answer to the question. Why I decided to become a hotwife… or follow me, my husband likes to watch. It goes hand in hand with that last answer she gave and the quote “No shame, fuck it, we both weird.
To be with her is to be bathed in luck.
She is amazing.

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