Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from February 2024

Had a ton of great designs and topics in our Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt Roundup for January 2024. Now it is time for the Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt Roundup for February 2024. Re-Titling it the Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from February 2024 though. I still don’t like it, but I must call it something.

We had some great topics in January with some fun Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-Shirts to go with them. Personally, I think this roundup from February is even better. You’ll find larger images of the designs in the original posts, and links to get them as T-shirts at the end of the articles/posts.

husband likes to watch hotwife shirts to start off the Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from February 2024

First up is this shirt design with two cocks (roosters) in a heart on the front of the T-shirt and the words “Follow Me” which are suggestive, but still leave a viewer pretty clueless until the back of the T-shirt is shown and you see that it says “My husband likes to watch!” The topic this shirt design went with was Why I decided to become a hotwife. Basically one person’s answer to the question. It is “Why I decided to become a hotwife is because____?”

vixen wives club T-shirt cool vixen

Next on our list is this Vixen Wives Club T-shirt design, Talk about an artistic and awesome Vixen, and we’ve made many a Vixen tee design now. This one blends both simplicity and detailed designs for an interesting look. The topic it went with was What turned her on about hotwifing before becoming a real Vixen. This goes along with the first topic mentioned above. Rather than why she decided to become a hotwife, as in actually taking the leap, this one is more about how the idea of it and what aspects of potentially hotwifing turned her on.

consent required sexual consent t-shirt for nonmonogamy swingers and hotwives

Consent Required is what it says on these lips. Hot lips. It almost said “Consent is sexy,” but to many T-shirts out there with that one already and many people just say “mandatory” when they see it. Consent Required seemed to say it all. The post topic is Sexual consent and hotwife activities. Not a sexy topic because it is mostly about the record of consent with hotwife activities for the possibility of life taking some bad turns and needing that record of consent. Not fun, but something people should consider when stepping outside of what the masses consider normal and proper with their relationships.

horny lil devil Vixen wife t-shirt

This one is just a horny lil devil. She’s lil, but those are some big horns. The lil devil also has a tiny lil choker of a Vixen head. The pitchfork is a cock. Yes, I was being creative with this T-shirt design for Vixens who are horny lil devils. The post topic is about being not as confident as this lil devil looks on the T though. The post topic is titled Just a horny lil devil that’s a bit shy. Hotwife at home, but shy in public? Hot ideas, but too shy to carry them out?

life is to short to be vanilla T-shirt design for swinger  hotwives vixens and stags

Life’s too short for just Vanilla. That was the idea behind this Life’s Too Short Pineapple Ice-cream Cone T-shirt design. That is the topic of the post as well, Life’s too short for just Vanilla. That, and me learning about something called a dole whip after I had already made the design. I was so excited about my creativity. I was thinking how people in the swinger lifestyle would especially like this shirt. If my “I’m so creative” bubble hadn’t been burst I’d have probably listed this one first on this Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from February 2024.

Vixen Queen of Pies T-shirt hotwife cuckold T-shirts

Making this Vixen Queen of Pies shirt design was extremely fun. I won’t go off about the theme here because I did so in the post Vixen Queen of Pies pretty thoroughly.

The cute little Vixen T-shirt for Vixen wives ends our Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from February 2024

This cute little Vixen T-shirt design is the final design in our Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from February 2024. It is cute, it is for a Vixen Wife. You can wear it daily anywhere. What more could you ask? The topic of the post we used it with is Starting Slow With Hotwife Games. Testing the waters before diving in so to speak. Vixen Games aren’t for everyone. It’d be a more fun world if they were I think, but not all people are cut out for monogamish lifestyles in general, and even amongst those that are, not all are meant to be Vixens. It is a one-way street. You can toss away your monogamy, but you can’t bring it back the way it once was if you do it. If you are on the edge, and you’re thinking of becoming a hotwife and haven’t taken the plunge I think this is a great topic for you. Also, the two listed at the beginning of our Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from February 2024 would be a good idea. Those are someone’s reasons and turn-ons, but not necessarily anything like yours maybe if you decide to become a Vixen.

That ends our Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from February 2024. We hope you found some articles you enjoyed or at the very least got you thinking. Feel free to share them all over the place as it helps us a lot when you do, and it also helps spread ideas to people who maybe don’t have much of a clue about monogamish lifestyles in general, and especially the Vixen and Stag dynamic.

We make all sorts of T-shirts and sticker designs for the monogamish crowd with a heavy nod towards Vixen Hotwives and Stags because we identify that way ourselves and play Vixen Games most often. This post titled Where To Get Our Vixen Hotwife & Stag Shirts lists all the places where we have our designs.

Also, be sure to check out the Vixen Games Design Store Hoodie Collection which is my personal favorite and rapidly growing collection. It is my favorite because I wear a lot of hoodies. Zippy hoodies usually so I like pushing the zippy hoodies. It’s just my way. I am a hotwife and monogamish lifestyle advocate because I like such things. I guess I’m a zippy hoodie advocate for the same reason, just not at the same level.