Pineapple Parties

Pineapple Parties can be a lot of different things depending on where you live and what type of people you hang around, but over the last few years saying pineapple party is usually a substitute for saying swingers party. How pineapple parties became a euphemism for swingers parties is a topic unto itself. Basically, people’s senses of humor, lack of knowledge about the swinger cultures, and the rise of internet memes along with fluff piece writers for certain websites catapulted the idea that an upside-down pineapple was associated with swingers. It seeped so hard into the culture that swingers embraced it and started using it for real. Swingers are now the pineapple people. Swinger parties are now pineapple parties.
Are they though?
Sometimes yes, and again depending on the area you are in they can mean a very specific type of swinger party or just any party for swingers.
Pineapple parties are also still just pineapple parties for people who don’t swing as well.

The most common type of pineapple party in my neck of the woods is something like a spodie party. Basically an outdoor party with lots of booze mixed in with fruits and such, but if it is a pineapple party it is usually tropical-themed fruits and if the people throwing it are getting fancy they’ll toss in some foods that aren’t fruit, but still themed to summer fun, tropical islands, etc.
The next most common is basically a party that is tropics-themed and focused on pineapples. You’ll often see Tiki party themes mixed in.
This type of party need not be booze oriented but usually is. You can even have a dry pineapple party. I’ve seen it as a theme for end-of-year parties hosted by schools. I’ve also seen “Pineapple party” as the theme for fundraiser parties aimed at the elderly.
A Pineapple Party can be many things.
It is nowadays usually a euphemism for a swingers party though.
Oddly (to me) it has specific meanings within swinging depending on location and group.

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Just like with non-swingers, the “pineapple party” may mean all sorts of things, but usually from what I have gathered it is either a euphemism for any type of swinger party that can possibly exist, or it is a not-so-discreet code used for small bar takeovers, or it is a now used term for what used to be called swirl parties in my area. Swirl parties, like pineapple parties, always have had multiple meanings depending on location and groups as well.
Going to swirl parties led me personally to some adventurous and sometimes very strange times back when I traveled a lot. A “swirl” can be oh so many things.
In my own area the term “swirl party” meant a party that included many types of people who were not swingers, but many swingers were in attendance as well. Hosts often were not out about their swinging activities, the swingers were supposed to be on the down low in some ways. Over the years I probably attended a couple dozen of these types of parties that even had uptight family around. Basically, it was a vanilla party that had a large mix of both swingers and vanillas.
Now we have this same thing being called “pineapple parties” by some. I have also seen them billed as “pineapple swirls” which makes more sense to me personally. They are meant for networking and meeting people you may wish to get to know for possible other things at a later date. They were also always more fun than a straight vanilla party because swingers who like to mingle are just simply more fun.
Interestingly there is a tiny difference usually with these new swirl parties called pineapple parties. In the case of these events, the vanillas are usually informed of the situation.

Is there a most common type of pineapple party for swingers that spans the country? Yes, there is.
I’m in the USA, so I’m talking about the USA here. No clue about this in other countries.
The most common Pineapple Parties when it comes to the swinger lifestyle are parties that are hosted in a home and by invite only where play is assumed to be the goal, but play not being the only reason for attendance. These are the standard swinger house parties that have always existed in my lifetime that are by invite only, often have a small donation expected, are casual, and you just mingle, but have a couple of rooms or more set aside for play if you like. The hosts usually provide awesome snacks, and sometimes drinks, and are involved in the lifestyle beyond trying to make a buck off of it. They are usually what I call social swingers if they are good at hosting. They avoid clique swingers and try to make sure everyone is comfy and having a fine time.
If I must attend a party, this is the type of party I’ll choose.

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May all the pineapple parties you attend be fun and fruitful.

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