Married To A Succubus

The idea of being Married To A Succubus or a woman who behaves a bit like a succubus is most men’s nightmare.
What if that man likes his wife naughty, devilish, and sexual?
Many Stags view their Vixens with the idea that the naughtier they behave the better.

Married To A Succubus Hotwife Vixen Hotwife and Stag views towards her behavior T Shirt design
Married To A Succubus

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In myth, a succubus is usually considered a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with men. Often the succubus will do this when they are sleeping and give them vivid dreams. Other times she will seduce and gain sexual power over a man. Repeated sexual activity with a succubus will result in a bond being formed between the succubus and the man. She will end up with power over the man she is regularly having intercourse with.
A succubus needs semen to survive so she will always be sexually active.


Middle English, from Medieval Latin, alteration of Latin succuba paramour, from succubare to lie under, from sub- + cubare to lie, recline

The idea of being married to a succubus is as stated before the stuff of nightmares for most men. She would be regularly wanting sex, she’d gain control, she’d be viewed as desirable, but she’d drain you.
She’d also want more than you could give and if you were a monogamous sort wishing a monogamous life she’d temp you to allow nonmonogamy or she’d cheat most likely.
Because she’d gain the upper hand you’d still want her so you’d either ignore it or live in pain.
The only match in mythology for a succubus is an incubus.
In myth, an incubus is the male counterpart of a succubus, and they too seduce, make their partners anxiously desire, and enter dreams to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women.

Neither a succubus nor an incubus is a good match for most people. They both are selfish and lustful beyond what is the norm for most people.

Let’s get back to the idea of being married to a succubus. Let’s look at it from the perspective of being a man who has a liking of hotwives though. Maybe you are a Stag type, wanting to be involved, getting off on her getting off, finding pleasure in watching her. Maybe you are a cuck, wanting to be humiliated, wanting her to run around and rub it in your face, maybe you are even into being locked up. Or let’s say you are something in between, maybe a compersionist, or a swinger male that enjoys seeing his spouse get satisfied. Many dynamics allow for a man to enjoy his wife being insatiable and sexual beyond the norm.

It seems there exists a good match for a succubus besides an incubus after all.
A succubus makes for the perfect hotwife.
Men who love the idea of hotwives in most cases feel the more insatiable their hotwife is the better.
They usually can’t get enough of her playing and desire it as much as she does.
They don’t mind the spells woven over them by their hotwife because it enhances the show. If a hotwife seems gluttonous in her sexual desires it is considered a plus and works to the benefit of all.

I’m one of these types. I’m a Stag type with a hotwife fetish. Hotwives are the best wives in my book.
A vixen can’t be too naughty. It just makes her sexier. It makes her more desirable. It elevates her even higher above others.
I may be a bit of an incubus too though.
My appetites have changed over the years, and though I crave different treats I still crave incessantly.
An Incubus Stag with a Succubus Vixen seems a mighty fine match I’d say.

Don’t forget the design you say above is a T-shirt design. You can get it HERE – Vixen Games Married To A Succubus Hotwife Husband Tee.

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