T-shirt Roundup from March 2024

It is time for the Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from March 2024.
I think variety is the theme for this shirt roundup. Both when it comes to shirt designs and article subject matter we have a lot of variety happening here. Variety is the spice of life so even though the T-shirt Roundup from March 2024 isn’t the biggest, I’m unofficially calling it the spice roundup.

For those who are not regulars here, the links lead to March articles, and you’ll find larger images of the designs in the original posts, and links to get them as T-shirts at the end of the articles/posts.

Pineapple Parties swinger parties article and shirt design

First, on this month’s roundup, we have Pineapple Parties. Diane Toluvia’s Pineapple Parties. World Famous Pineapple parties no less. She’s the hostess with the mostest!
Want to know all about pineapple parties? In this article, we talk about what a pineapple party is. Vanilla, swinger lifestyle, and swirls included.

Running a train hotwife article in the Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from March 2024

Next up we have The Little Vixen That Could. I’m guessing if you have found your way to Vixen Games you are familiar with the terms running a train and pulling a train when it comes to slang. The shirt design is simply meant to be funny, but the article is not so much meant as that. We explore the slang, the actions, the logistics, the outcomes, and more in this one.

Ethical/Consensual nonmonogamy umbrella. The ENM Umbrella and Hotwife acceptance in modern culture. Be allies with each other

Because everyone needs a cause nowadays our next topic is Hotwife acceptance in modern culture. The shirt design is of the Ethical/Consensual nonmonogamy umbrella. (ENM Umbrella)
In this one, we are exploring how acceptable hotwifing and other forms of nonmonogamy are within our society, and talk a bit about what you can do to help it along in becoming more acceptable and getting people who are dedicated to pure monogamy to become less judgmental toward those that aren’t.

Everyone needs a hobby and swinging your way into being a hotwife is the best way for most people to enter hotwifing

Next, we look at Swinging your way into being a hotwife. Swinging your way into being a hotwife seems to be the most common way hotwifing comes about for those couples who consider themselves to be Stags and Vixens. It isn’t necessarily the best or worst direction to take when exploring nonmonogamy, but it seems to be a common way people who find success go about it. The design we have for a shirt is a bunch of pineapples flipping over from right-side up to upside down, along with text that reads “Everyone needs a hobby.”

Vixen Games designs Hotwife Logo shirt company for hotwife vixens sharing the hotwife secret

Yeah, that is one of our Vixen Games Designs shirt logos. We didn’t post a shirt design with this article. Sharing the hotwife secret is the topic. Thematically you could attach it to the aforementioned article on acceptance and the Ethical/Consensual nonmonogamy umbrella. In essence, what we are exploring are ways people who are into hotwifing can safely share their lifestyle with people in conversation. Often those who walk a different path than the masses find themselves with nobody to talk to about their lives. Humans have a need to share and when your lifestyle is a secret and you are in the closet alternative methods often need to be employed.

Married to a succubus hotwife with description of what a succubus and incubus is last entry in our T-shirt Roundup from March 2024

Last, but not least in our T-shirt Roundup from March 2024 we bring you a fun post and T-shirt both titled Married To A Succubus. What is a succubus? Are you maybe an incubus? Is it a curse to be married to a succubus if you are a lover of hotwives?

Short and sweet this month, but that ends our Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from March 2024. Diverse and full of variety I think. Share them around if you like. Sharing is caring and it also helps spread knowledge and ideas to people who maybe don’t have much of a clue about monogamish lifestyles in general.

We also added a ton of stuff over on our Vixen games Design Board this month. Check it out.